NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden NFT Just Sold For $5.4M

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An NFT of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden sells for $5.44 million, or 2,224 ETH in an auction held in the Foundation NFT Platform. The NFT was bought by a OpenSea user that goes by the name, @PleasrDAO.

The proceeds from the sale are all going towards the Freedom of the Press Foundation says Snowden.

The Auction “Stay Free,” although behind the $69 million magnum opus by Beeple and two Crypton Punks, is still one of the most costly NFTs up for Auction. While many musicians and athletes have emerged with millions of dollars from NFT craze, few have managed to reach such level  with one piece.

Snowden has announced that Freedom of the Press Foundation will  receive all the money from the auction as a donation. 

The piece, based on a portrait by artist Platon, that shows a shadowed pattern of his face against court documents. Through his Hancock pen-to-paper, he “signed” the visual portrait. The work was considered to be his only NFT, but future plans remain uncertain.


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