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NOT ANOTHER NFT CONFERENCE by Women of WAGMI | NFT Event Starting January 29, 2022

January 29, 2022, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm PST
Tickets ( selling out fast

This is Not Another NFT Conference by Women of Wagmi, a very special NFT event that’s about to start in January 29th this month from 2:00pm PST – 6:00pm PST.

Celebrating the role women are playing in the growing crypto space, the Women of WAGMI are holding a special event in the metaverse called Not Another NFT Conference. Held completely virtually, the event will be a unique opportunity to get involved in all things crypto, with the chance to network and engage with some of the NFT scene’s biggest personalities and upcoming stars.

The event is being put together by the online collective known as The Women of WAGMI ( With the “We’re All Going to Make It” (WAGMI) rallying cry, the group is aiming to create an event that “bridges the gap between the known and unknown while providing a place at the table for everyone.” Recognizing the efforts of some amazing projects, the Women of WAGMI want to give exciting projects the support they deserve.


NFT’s have taken the world by storm and in 2022, NFT’s are no more just an alien crypto term that we all were confused about.

Most of us today, know what NFT’s are and for those who don’t know what NFT’s are, you should probably go to YouTube, and check out what the term means. But NFT’s made a serious impact to the world, especially the art and creative world where, today, millions of artists and creators have found a new way, path and direction to explore the opportunities and monetary gains provided by the technology of NFT’s.

For those who have been in the NFT industry for quite some time, we all know the power and the potential of NFT’s and it’s clearly a game changer. As Gary Vee, one of the top businessmen in America, is the biggest supporter and investor in NFT’s.

NOT ANOTHER NFT CONFERENCE... is an NFT Event hosted for those NFT enthusiasts who want to learn, network, grow, educate, and communicate about the NFT culture and hype that’s currently happening.

This is one big opportunity that you cannot miss. As several NFT industry pioneers, industry alphas and influential NFT artists and creators will be speaking and hosting the event.

Some of them are:


And so many more influential NFT people in the industry are going to speak in this event.

So, this is going to be an extremely exciting event and there’s going to be lots of things to learn and know about the NFT industry.

This is the first time in the history of NFT’s where at one place, so many influential people in the NFT industry are meeting at the same time in the same place.

What is happening at the conference?

  • An international gathering of renowned speakers and the NFT community.
  • Talks and presentations by women involved in the crypto industry.
  • Expert panel discussions, with Q&A opportunities.
  • A 100% virtual, intimate event.
  • Live virtual performances from US music artists and DJs
  • Fun and games, including a metaverse beach party and boat race.
  • Giveaways and other rewarding activities.
  • Exclusive access to upcoming MMORPG Destoria’s NFT drop and 1 Land Plot in-game.

Where is the event being held?

Aimed at both the NFT enthusiast and the crypto-curious, the event is an entirely digital affair, hosted virtually on the Degy World ( platform.

Degy World provides a virtual space for events, including grand music stages, vast expo halls, speaking auditoriums, networking spaces, as well as multi-purpose rooms. Using customizable, digital avatars, visitors of the Not Another NFT Conference event will be able to communicate and interact freely using their avatar, text chat, and via voice communication.

Leveraging the multiverse allows visitors from the entire globe to attend the event. With the NFT crowd already excited for all things virtual, the choice to host the event on Degy World’s platform allows artists, influencers, performers, and the community to get together like never before.

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Who is speaking at the event?

The Women of WAGMI have gathered together a fantastic group of 18 speakers for the event, representing all facets of the NFT scene.

For those who want to understand what goes into founding and launching an NFT project and representing female entrepreneurs are the event’s co-founders, Taylor Baker and Bre Donofrio. With a wealth of experience investing, planning, and marketing, in tech and NFT projects, they will be discussing how being women affect them in the space, as well as sharing valuable insights.

Also representing women in crypto is the host of the Royal Pick podcast, Princess NFT (, senior community manager of SuperRare, Ashni Christenson, and Leslie Wheeler the Senior Account Manager at VaynerNFT.

Giving talks and answering questions are other key members of the NFT crowd, including Brian Porter, a blockchain game developer and founder of Destoria Studios ( He will be sharing his experiences and views on the direction of the industry and sharing some tidbits on his upcoming MMORPG.

Demonstrating the event is truly inclusive, there will also be speaking opportunities for the up-and-coming new digital generation of creators and collectors, including 13-year-old Nick Smoll, the creator of the Ranchy Rednecks NFT collection.


Meet the must-know movers and shakers in the industry who will be taking the stage at Not Another NFT Conference. After all, it’s all about who you know…

  • TAYLOR BAKER – CO-FOUNDER, NANC (Tech Investor, Art Curator, Marketing & Communications Specialist )- Follow on Twitter
  • BRE DONOFRIO – CO-FOUNDER, NANC( NFT Addict, Metaverse & IRL Events Planner, Serial Entrepreneur) Follow on Twitter
  • DAVID CASHNFT & WEB3 EVANGELIST (Founder of Cash Labs, Editor in Chief of NFTS.WTF, Lead Curator of Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week) Follow on Twitter
  • PRINCESS NFT – PODCAST HOST ( Community Builder, Photographer, Founder of SpaceSchedule) Follow on Twitter
  • MOOSE – NFT INFLUENCER Follow on Twitter
  • DYL – MULTI-PLATINUM RECORDING ARTIST (Multi-Platinum Selling Recording Artist, Crypto Investor, & NFT Creator) Follow on Twitter
  • SMOKEYDABEAR – NFT ADDICT, MODERATOR, & COMMUNITY BUILDER (Alien Frens and Battle Growlies NFT Collections) Follow on Twitter
  • NICK SMOLL – 13-YEAR-OLD NFT CREATOR (Founder of the Ranchy Rednecks NFT Collection) Follow on Twitter
  • YOUNG CRYPTO – 12-YEAR-OLD CRYPTO & NFT INVESTOR (Co-Founder of The Crypto Baby Collective) Follow on Twitter
  • RYDER – 16-YEAR-OLD NFT CREATOR (Co-Founder of The Crypto Baby Collective) Follow on Twitter
  • SAGEALINAMUSIC ARTIST – Details to come… Follow on Twitter
  • LESLIE WHEELER – SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER, VAYNERNFT (Senior Account Manager at VaynerNFT & Host of the “Make Shyft Happen Podcast: The Crypto Series”) Follow on Twitter
  • LILLY HAN – FOUNDER, HYPHENOVA (HYP.TV) (Entrepreneur and Thought Leader) Follow on Twitter
  • ASHNI CHRISTENSON – COMMUNITY STRATEGIST & ADVISOR (Senior CM @ SuperRare, & Founder @ Mod3) Follow on Twitter
  • RAJIV SANKARLALL – CEO & FOUNDER, REKTFI STUDIOS (Crypto Gaming, NFTs, & Blockchain Development) Follow on Twitter
  • BRIAN PORTER – FOUNDER, DESTORIA STUDIOS (Blockchain Gaming & Metaverse Development) Follow on Twitter

What can I look forward to seeing?

Attending the event will be several artists, including a live performance by the singer Dylan Rhodes (, better known as Dyl. Finding fame in 2015 with his multi-platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort,” Dyl is an avid NFT and crypto investor has now launched his debut album “Crypto Rich.” With more than 50 live performances under his belt, Dyl will now be giving his first in the metaverse for the conference’s audience.

Also in virtual attendance is the performance artist Foodmasku (, a physical medium artist that creates elaborate masks out of food. As a well-respected artist and active member of the NFT community, Foodmasku will be available to talk about his experiences and insights.

Other featured industry insiders include:

  • Jen Fassino, pixel artist, and comedy podcaster
  • Spymilk, NFT artist.
  • Rachel Cumpton, a visual development artist.
  • Take Action 24/7, the artist behind the BeautifulMindz NFT collection.
  • Hellow Breasties, the team behind the Solana collection of chest-inspired tokens.
  • Kanteltect, a 3D visual artist leveraging the blockchain.
  • Rektfi Studios a visual effects studio leveraging blockchain and the metaverse.
  • Monster Buds, a cannabis-themed NFT game.
  • Thatz Tuft, a company that makes rugs out of your NFTs.
  • Wisher Vodka a women-owned company that is pioneering a way to sell vodka through the metaverse.

What is the conference schedule?

The conference is packed with events, so knowing what’s happening when is vital to getting the most out of the experience:

  • 1:00 PM Degy World Doors open for check in.
  • 2:00 PM Welcome talk by Taylor Baker and Be Donofrio
  • 2:15 PM – Discussion A: “Marketing Your NFT Project to Sell Out!” David Cash, Foodmasku, Dyl, Smokey
1:00 PMDegy World Doors open for check-in.
2:00 PMWelcome talk by Taylor Baker and Be Donofrio
2:15 PMDiscussion A: “Marketing Your NFT Project to Sell Out!” David Cash, Foodmasku, Dyl, SmokeyDaBear, and Leslie Wheeler
Discussion B: “NFTeens: The Next Generation” Dylan Hattem, Nick Smoll (Ranchy Rednecks), Young Crypto & Ryder (Crypto Baby Collective)
3:00 PMExplore the metaverse! Spend 45 minutes playing soccer or visiting the arcade, practice your boat relay skills, explore the NFT artist gallery and appreciate some crypto art, network with other enthusiasts and industry insiders, or simply relax and listen to the music coming from The Oasis Stage on the beach.
3:45 PMDiscussion C: “Women of WAGMI” Princess NFT, Sagealina, Lilly Han
Discussion D: “Blockchain Gaming: The Next Big Thing” Moose, Ashni Christenson, Rajib Sankarlall, Brain Porter
4:30 PMMore metaverse fun! There’s a free, hidden NFT somewhere for guests to find.
5:15 PMWAGMI after-party and concert ft. Dyl
5:45 PMFireworks and giveaways on the beach!

How do I get access to the conference?

Access to the event is for ticket holders only. To get hold of a ticket for yourself, visit the Not Another Conference ticket ordering page (

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to secure your place for this exciting event.


This event is the perfect opportunity for you to meet, network and learn from some of the most influential people in the NFT industry. A one time moment where all the NFT artists, influencers and creators meet together in the Metaverse!.

Join the #NotAnotherNFT Event!

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