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Nike NFT With RTFKT – CryptoKicks Digital Sneakers

NFTs have penetrated the fashion world as well. A world-renowned brand Nike has released its own set of NFTs. Nike announced their procurement of the digital NFT creation company known as RTFKT on December 2021. Then followed the launch of sneaker NFTs from Nike on April 2022. The Sneaker NFT collection is known as the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks.

The release of the NFT collection found a positive response and attracted a lot of enthusiasts. This is a unique scheme taken upon by Nike and RTFKT. Now let’s see what these virtual sneakers are about and what impact will it bring in the NFT space.

Is there a Nike NFT? – Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks and Skin Vials

Prior to the NFT collection, RTFKT put out a trailer that showed the world that RTFKT X Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks are the ideal option in the Metaverse. The virtual Sneaker NFTs came all together with Skin Vials. With the Skin Vials, the users or the owners can customize their virtual sneaker NFTs however they wish. With the Skins Vials, the users can change the color theme of the Nike Cryptokicks. There are a total of 20,000 CryptoKicks. 

What is required to claim Nike Cryptokicks?

There are certain requirements for one to get their hands on Nike Cryptokicks NFTs.

  • You need RTFKT’s MNLTH Ethereum NFTs.
  • If you owned the CloneX NFT from the same company, you might receive free Airdrops for the MNLTH Ethereum NFT. You may still get the free Airdrop even if you have other NFTs from the same brand.
  • After receiving the AirDrop, a series of puzzles and quests will come up. You will need to solve these, and it will unlock an NFT vault.
  • As soon as it was unlocked, every user will get a pair of Nike Cryptokicks along with a Skin Vial and another MNLTH vault.

The MNLTH vault the users received from the first one will allow the holders to solve more quests or puzzles. With this quest, we can expect a huge change in the NFT world. This quest might be the required evolution the users are expecting from the Nike digital sneakers. The Nike Cyrptokicks might just become the most prominent NFT collection that exists.

What is an NFT Sneaker?

NFT sneakers can simply be described as digital sneakers that exist on the blockchain. Nike’s introductory customizable NFT sneakers embody the brand’s phenomenal logo and have an extraordinary design. The Nike Cryptokicks has become a fashion magnate in the digital world with its captivating designs and premium-grade skins.

RTFKT may have introduced these digital sneakers earlier. Another company that offers digital sneaker NFTs is StockX. But Nike has already filed a lawsuit against them, claiming full ownership of the digital sneakers.

How much do the Nike Cryptokicks NFT Sneakers cost?

Nike launched the Cryptokicks NFTs along with RTFKT. The initial release did not feature any price. Although, the first generation of Nike’s Cryptokicks NFTs is on sale in marketplaces like OpenSea. The price of these NFTs is generally around 1 ETH to 3 ETH. But some can go as high as 5 ETH. There are even some Nike Cryptokicks NFTs that have got the privilege to be sold for thousands of dollars.

How to buy Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptpkicks NFTs?

If you want to get your hands on Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks NFTs, the only place you can purchase them are on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. If you want to know about new releases you can follow the RTFKT team and keep checking them. This way you will get updated with every new release.

As the collaboration has announced that the MNLTH second Vault will prove to be a captivating evolution for the Nike CryptoKicks NFT collection. So this suggests that the RTFKT is working a lot to add huge changes in the NFTs.

What does the future hold for Digital Sneakers with Nike and RTFKT?

With the Skin Vial, the owners can customize their sneakers. They are free to use their creativity and customize the sneakers the way they want and generate the best designs. RTFKT has also launched the skins collection in collaboration with EVO X. The skins are the Clone X skins for the digital sneakers and dunks you own.

Evolution of Nike Cryptokicks

As the Nike Cryptokicks evolve, there will be a lot of progressive changes. The future beholds Drip Upgrades and exceptional powers. The digital can be used by the owners in the metaverse. They can flaunt their Cryptokicks sneakers to other people in various settings and a variety of games in the Metaverse.

Also, the lawsuit against Stock X hints towards a real-world exchange. It is a huge hint toward the evolution of Nike Cryptokicks. Nike, in the lawsuit, suggested that Stock X doesn’t offer users a way to trade the sneaker NFTs they hold for anything in the real world. We can anticipate Nike’s first attempt to introduce NFTs with RTFKT that you can trade for actual pairs of sneakers if this is what they are disputing.


The Nike CrypoKicks NFTs that were released along with RTFKT might just be the milestone for fashion in the NFT world. Creative ways of owning these NFTs and letting the owners customize the Sneakers with Skin Vials are extremely catchy. The users also received a second vault with the NFT sneakers which might just come up with a leap of evolution for the Nike NFTs. There is also a hint toward real-life exchanges. Important people from Nike and RTFKT such as Benoit Pagotto, Chris Lee, and Steven Vasilev are giving their efforts to include Nike in the digital world. They know the potential that the blockchain, NFTs, and the crypto industry hold, and they will be significant in the future is no lie. There is more to come in the NFT world from prominent brands such as Nike.

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