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NFL Draft NFTs launch on Polygon

The NFL doesn’t fall back and has long become a part of NFTs. The NFL has released its NFT collection in celebration of the April 28th to 30th NFL Draft.

Sports is an ideal space where NFTs are becoming prominent day by day. More and more sports associations are getting into NFTs and creating ingenious ways to interact with fans. With NFTs, considerable development is occurring in the sports industry. The NBA or National Basketball Association, MLB or Major League Baseball, and more prominent sports associations have included themselves in the NFT space.

The NFL or National Football Association doesn’t fall back and has long become a part of NFTs. The NFL has released its NFT collection in celebration of the April 28th to 30th NFL Draft. These are NFT Draft NFTs and the collection consists of 52 NFT collectibles on its Polygon NFT marketplace.

NFL is going strong with NFTs

NFL is giving it all including NFTs with them. They have previously released NFT collections such as “Regular Season Clubs”. The NFL has also launched an NFT collection that comprises 52 card-themed NFTs. All the NFTs have the same price tag of $52. These NFTs are to celebrate the NFT draft that took place from April 28th to 30th and is live on the league’s Polygon-based NFT marketplace. The league used this to promote playoff game ticketing as well. All this shows that the NFL is serious with NFTs and is in for considerable developments in the future.

Although, NFL stated that their NFT platform is still under development and tests are going on. Subsequently, the NFT marketplace since its release in November of 2021 has undergone positive development and is showing extremely good results.

NFL also partnered with Dapper Labs, which previously developed NBA Top Shot. With Dapper Labs, NFL created the NFL All Day which is built on the Flow Blockchain similar to the NBA Top Shot. The league’s blockchain cooperation strategy is still clear and evolving, although there have been significant developments in fan tokens and cryptocurrency endorsements.

The league’s players association (NFLPA) has also experimented with a few agreements involving cryptocurrencies. This includes a collaboration with Upland, a metaverse game, and the NFT tie-up with the major sports betting company DraftKings.

NFL Draft-themed NFT collection

The NFL Draft NFT collection comprises 52 NFT collectibles which are card-themed. The NFTs of the collection is based on each team that played in the league. The NFTs are influenced by the 32 teams of the league and as mentioned before NFT Draft NFTs were released to celebrate the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft took place from April 29th to 30th.

The NFL Draft NFTs were released on the league’s Polygon-based NFT marketplace. Although, the Draft-themed NFTs were produced on the Flow Blockchain instead of the Polygon Blockchain. The 52 NFTs from the collection cost $52 each and live in the league’s Polygon-based NFT marketplace.

Members of this year’s “Inner Circle” club, including the supporters chosen to represent each team on draught night, received NFTs in the collectibles.

Despite the league’s description of the NFT as a “virtual commemorative ticket” for the NFL draft, it did not provide open access to the live events in Las Vegas. Alternatively, the NFL offers some of its virtual tickets to the general public for purchase.

NFL NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace is a space where the NFT enthusiast can buy and sell NFT collectibles. The NFL with its own NFT marketplace has made it easier for its fans to buy and collect digital collectibles of the NFL. With their NFT marketplace NFL All Day, NFL has made considerable development and success in the NFT space. The NFTs NFL’s first NFT collection “Regular Season Clubs” at one point in time were being traded for thousands of dollars. Although the values have gone down, the popular team’s NFTs from the collection now has gone down to the range of $300 to $600.


The National Football League is another sports association that has got into NFTs and has amassed great achievements with it. Their NFT collections are a treat for the fans. They also have their NFT marketplace. The NFL Draft NFT collection shows that they are enthusiastic about including NFTs in their domain. It seems that the NFL has a bright future with NFTs and they will come up with more innovative ways to interact with their fans.

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