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Nara Plaza NFT Collection | 15,000 Yoshi Nara’s Ready For Minting!



Nara Plaza NFT

Inspired by the art visions of Yoshitomo Nara, a Japanese Artist who is a world renowned artist, who’s work has be exhibited worldwide, Nara Plaza is one of the most exciting NFT Projects that’s currently trending in the NFT community.

With a collection of upto 15,000 Yoshi Nara’s avatars, this Ethereum based NFT project is live and available for minting.

With the NFT collection segmented into three Tires(Tire I, Tire II and Tire III), an airdrop of 10 NFT’s will be launched, when 10500 of them are sold.

The Story Behind the Nara Plaza NFT Project

Borrowed from the art vision of Yoshitomo Nara, a world renowned Japanese Artist, the project is about Yoshi Nara (よし なら), the main character behind the NFT art.

She is a adolescence, who’s just learnt to walk, although she likes to run but she falls sometimes. She enjoys sitting in top of a high chair, thinking about her own ideas sprouting in her mind.

She walks outside her room, before bed time, and cries to drink milk before she falls asleep. While, her father often helps her drink the milk.


Once in a bright day, she found an interesting branch in the yard, and she played with it for a very long time.

While the first time, when she first saw cows, she was mesmerized and called them “Gaw Gaw”. Funny enough, Gao Gao become her good friends and she often feeds them with grass. She got really surprised to see the big and long tongue of cows, when they started eating the grass.

Sometimes, she just loves to stare at the window and watch the cows and whispers them Gaw Gaw!

This is the story behind the initial character of Nara Plaza NFT’s. Currently, there are 15,000 Yoshi Nara’s avatars NFT and they are segmented into three Tires.

  • Tire I (70%) – 10,500 of them are generic Nara’s with Limited Traits.
  • Tire II (20%) – 3000 of them will have more rare traits like accessories and hardwares.
  • Tire III (10%) – 1500 of them are the rarest of all, and they come with more detailed expressions.

Road Map of Nara Plaza NFT

As promised, Nara Plaza has a loving community and in return for all the love, Unique Air drops are going to happen after the NFT project hits each Milestones.

  • Tier I (#1 – #10500) – After 10500 Nara’s are bought, 10 unique Tire I Yoshi Nara’s will be given randomly to Tire I holders.
  • Tier II (#10501 – #13500) – After the Project hit’s 13,500 NFT’s bought, 10 Unique Tire II Nara NFT’s will be Air dropped randomly to Tire II holders.
  • Tier III (#13501 – #15000) – After the maximum milestone is reached, 10 Unique Tire III Yoshi Nara’s will be Air Dropped to Tire III holders.

Get Involved with Nara Plaza NFT Collection

Minting of Yoshi Nara NFT’s is currently available right now on the Open Sea Marketplace.

With an interesting story and a strong inspiration from Japanese art and culture, get yourself a Yoshi Nara NFT before the entire collection sells out.


You can reach the project through their official website that is –

Or you can also follow them on Twitter –

Own a Yoshi Nara now by purchasing it from Opensea


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