MUSIX MasterKey NFT | Revolutionizing the Music NFT Ecosystem

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  • Supply: 10,000 
  • Price: 0,0369 
  • Dimension: 3D 
  • Category: ERC – 721 

MUSIX Masterkey NFT is the your entrance to MUSICOLOGY ecosystem and absolute must to have! It’s the number #1 and absolutely essential NFT to have, so there will be always demand for it. As the genesis NFT, there 10,000 units for early Investors of the project on ETH chain. 

MUSIX Masterkey NFT is divided into 5 classes with the highest class having only 5units. The ecosystem Initial NFT Offering (INO) is scheduled for Q2 of 2022. Initial sales begins with a floor price of 0.0369ETH and increase steadily everyday until its 5x value and stop at 0,1537 ETH making it an amazing opportunity for the super early Investors. Refer to the RARITY AND UTILITY CHART for full details of privileges attached to the offering. 

MUSIX MasterKey | Intro, Utility and Features

MUSIX MasterKey is the utility NFT of the Musicology ecosystem and your Master Key to experience the best of Musicology. As the ultimate ecosystem of everything music on the blockchain. We intend to give direct unhindered right to the public through the sales of this utility NFT to anyone interested to be a part of the governing of the ecosystem. 

The first version of our website is up and still in progress. To get more information about the functionalities and innovation we are bringing, visit musicology.io 

MUSIX MasterKey NFT gives holders access and various privileges to the biggest music ecosystem yet on the blockchain and the biggest music space for live concerts, parties and shows in the Metaverse. 

Operational function and access include: 

  • Privileges, discounts and access to new music releases 
  • Voting power in the ecosystem 
  • Governance of the ecosystem 
  • Entrances access to musicology clubs on metaverse 
  • Lottery tickets for clubs entry on metaverse 
  • Live concerts tickets 
  • Proposals creation rights 

Initial NFT Offering (INO) Investment Returns 

To reward our early believers and investors. Our ecosystem brings a whole new growth mechanism into our INO. MUSIX MasterKey NFT on first public mint will have the price of 0.0369ETH and increase by the same starting price of 0.0369 every 24 hours till the end of the offering. 

Hence, the price will rise from 0.0369ETH to up to 0.1537ETH, so that value of the NFTs will rise 5x from the initial mint price, giving a great return opportunity to the early buyers. 

Trends and Our Edge 

Our uniqueness is in our desire to be a striving and successful censorship resistance music ecosystem. Since the rise of NFTs in the crypto industry, we have seen the influx of NFT projects with little to no use-cases and rugging projects on several blockchain, this notwithstanding is an opportunity to standout. 

MUSIX MasterKey NFT of musicology ecosystem is here to stay and is a crucial utility NFT for the MUSICOLOGY ecosystem, being the genesis NFT, holders will be able to mint the second MUSIX ART COLLECTION by award winning pop artist (a limited collection of 1000 NFTs). 

We welcome you to a whole new world of endless possibilities. Please follow our socials and join our Telegram and Twitter for updates. Follow our Instagram and TikTok to join our several music contest. Subscribe to our Youtube, for videos and explainers. 


Whitelist Lottery

With such great project vision and scope, MUSIX MasterKey NFT is bound to bring a huge change in the NFT and Music industry sphere. For those who are interested in joining the community and taking part, there is a chance to gain early access to the NFT and all the wonderful benefits it provides.

With the Whitelist Lottery, you can get a chance to get a Whitelist Access to MUSIX MasterKey NFT through which you will be able to grab the NFT’s early on.

Join the Whitelist Lottery – https://app.viralsweep.com/sweeps/full/f3bb16-113372?framed=1 

Join the MUSIX Masterkey NFT Community


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