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Top 10 Most Popular NFT Artists That Made Millions From Their Art

most popular nft artists

If you don’t know about NFT’s till now, I can say you are technologically lacking behind because NFTs are becoming one of the hottest trends of 2021. NFTs or Non-Funngible-Tokens are digital assets or collectibles that can represent anything from an original artwork, music, videos to even memes or Twitter tweets and can actually be sold on NFT marketplaces like Rarible, OpenSea or Nifty gateway. These NFT’s are unique and very special as they are completely based on the blockchain technology and they cannot be duplicated, replicated or replaced.

From Beeple to Gary Vaynerchuck to even Logan Paul, the famous YouTube Star, almost everyone is talking about NFT’s and some are making big banks from them. In fact, more than 509,000 pieces of NFT artworks had been sold in the month of March 2021. Today, in this article I will be showing you some of the most popular NFT artists and the amount of money they have made from NFTs.

1. Beeple

How can Beeple not be in the Number 1 list?

Beeple is no doubt one of the best and most popular NFT artists in the NFT community. He has made history in the world of NFTs by selling his piece of artwork called “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for a whooping $69 Million Dollars. Now you can call that luck or just the Devil showering his blessings upon him. But one cool fact about Beeple is that he is indeed a Devil Worshiper which clearly reflects in his art which is very disturbing and his style is pretty aggressive. Additionally, he has made over $17 Million dollars from the rest of his artworks that clearly estimates that his Net worth is close to over $100 million dollars.

Beeple started his art career back in 2007 when he was just teaching himself how to create art. He started the “Everyday” project where he decided that he would post his creations everyday online for the next 5000 days. Soon, he started getting a lot of attention online and people loved his work. He also said in one of the interviews that he never missed a day creating art, even in 2021, he still creates one piece of artwork everyday. His idea for Everyday’s Project really became fruitful when, NFTs starting becoming huge and there no doubt, he was the first man in the history to sell an NFT for $69 Million dollars.

2. PAK

PAK is one of the most reputed NFT artists of all time. He is very much respected in the NFT community as he was one of the most successful NFT artists before Beeple. Back in the early 2020’s, if people had to talk about who is the best NFT artist in the NFT, PAK’s name would pop up everywhere and he was indeed very successful at that time. He had sold over $3.5 Million dollars worth of his artworks and he was probably at the top of his game in 2020.

His work basically featured beautiful geometric cubes that never stop rotating. His this style of art was bought for Millions of dollars and he was well-known in the community. One of the best works of PAK is Metarift which sold for $906,000 dollars USD. While most of his other artworks usually sell for between $200,000 to $500,000 dollars. Even though, he may have not sold his art for $69 Million dollars, he still holds a very big reputation in the NFT community and has inspired millions of artist from all over the world the create amazing art.

As they say, I think PAK should be really thinking of selling his soul to the Devil!.


Trevor Jones one of the most famous NFT artists who has shattered multiple records, and topped the list of having some of the most “highest bidded” NFTs in the marketplace. One of his work, Bitcoin Angel had set a new record of $3.2 Million dollars in February 2021. According to Jones, – “It started with being depressed at 30 and deciding to do an art degree,” he says, “to [becoming] an overnight sensation.”

Jones is one of the classically trained NFT artists who at 30 was depressed and who worked 3 to 4 jobs before his success to support his painting career. He is famous for using and infusing augmented reality in his artworks. As he says “In the early days …there really were only a handful of [crypto] artists. We all spoke to each other daily and got excited about who’s doing what,”

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He started becoming really successful when he first collaborated with Alotta Money and the work sold for a whooping $140,000 dollars. From there, he joined hands with PAK and together, their work sold for $1.4 Million dollars. Currently, Jones is now looking forward to collaborate with Ice Cube for a upcoming NFT Drop.


FEWOCiOUS is regarded as in the NFT community as being the NFT Renaissance, affectionately known as “Fewo”. In February alone, FEWOCiOUS sold more than $4 Million Dollars worth of art, one in partnership with a sneaker collab with RTFKT Studios and the other with musician Two Feet. Mind blowing is the fact that she was only 17 years old at the time when she gained immense success in the world of NFTs.

Grown up in Las Vegas, he had a very tuff childhood and had to run away from his home due to abusive household and moved to his grandparents home where they were not really supportive of his art career. “One time my grandma tried to rip up my artwork,” he recalls. His biggest life changing moment was when a New York Art Collector bought one of his artwork for just $90 dollars, but along with that, he gave FEWOCiOUS, the key to the door of the NFT world by introducing him to NFTs.

He then began selling his pieces of artwork on SuperRare and other NFT platforms averaging around $7000 dollars per sale. He then found his star moment when Two Feet Management team contacted him which ironically he ignored as he thought it was fake. The he says – “I ignored it for a day and then replied,” he recalls, laughing. “I got on the phone with him and we were just throwing ideas back and forth. I was like, ‘You send me what’s from your heart, and I’ll do what’s from my heart, and let’s make it mesh.’ And that’s what we did.”

5. Maddogjones (Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones)

Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones is known to be one of the most expensive living Canadian Artists. After Beeple who sold his artwork for $69 Million following PAK who made a total of over $17 Million, Maddogjones, was the next one in line who made $4 Million dollars out of his artwork.

His artwork is mainly about creating futuristic art having that cyberpunk feels to it. He starts with taking photographs or hand drawings of nature and the world and morphs through collage, coloring, and illustrating into a cyberpunk scene.

One of this most notable work is the “REPLICATOR”, has the ability to generate new unique NFTs every 28 days. Bidding rose to $2.4 million in the first 24 hours upon this concept and hiked up again to a final price of $4.14 million.

6. Hackatao

Hackatao is probably one of the most interesting NFT artists out there. Italian born artist whose name itself tells us a lot about her style of creating art and paintings. “Hack” according to her means pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what’s inside and “Tao” represents the duo of the univesrse which is the Ying and the Yang.

Her art is one of the most interesting creations in the NFT world that often represents and touches the topics of environment, humanity, crypto, and the issues of the society. She has topped the list of best selling NFT crypto-artists with over 1,504 artworks sold that generated $12,487,255.50 dollars USD.

One of her best pieces of work is “Kim Jong Un – ‘Dead and Alive’ Edition” that depicts an artwork about the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and this artwork sold for a whooping $321,967 dollars USD.

7. Xcopy

Although, we don’t know much about his identity, Xcopy is a very popular crypto artist in the NFT community whose artworks feature themes of death, dystopia and apathy. His artworks mostly depicts his story or message through distorted visual loops and flashy images.

His artworks are featured on my of the top NFT platforms like SuperRare, OpenSea, KnownOrigin, Async Art, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible. He has sold over 1,907 artworks averaging $5,240.90 per piece. The most expensive record breaking sale he ever made was of the artwork named “Death Dip” that sold for $1,812,660.00 on March 2021.

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8. 3LAU

While most of the artists in the NFT scene are painters and digital art creators, 3LAU is different as he is a musician and made his name in the NFT community creating and selling music. In February 2021, before the massive sale of Beeple’s artwork for $69 Million dollars, 3LAU was actually one of the record holders in the NFT scene as far as sales is concerned. He sold his NFT album for over $11.6 million dollars USD which was also the worlds first music album to be converted into sold as an NFT.

One of his biggest sales was “Gunky’s Uprising,” that was done in collaboration with SlimeSunday and it got sold for whooping amount of $1,333,333.33. Along side selling music as an NFT, he also creates digital art and got some success selling art.

9. Slimesunday (Mike Parisella)

Based in Boston, MA, Slimesunday is one of the most famous artist in the Instagram community where he has over 524K followers. He is known to be one of the best digital collage artist and he has worked for magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, Plastik, and Glamour Magazine.

He is famous for his erotic touches on his artworks for which he had faced many censorship issues upon his work. To cover this, he blended nudity with everyday objects, natural imagery, and textural elements, which helped him avoid Instagram’s censorship algorithm for many years until his work was eventually flagged and banned. However, this didn’t stop him from creating amazing art and achieving success. Due to this, he wrote the book called “Banned from the Internet ” and then he eventually came across NFTs and turned all of his banned artworks into NFTs and listed them on many NFT platforms.

He has sold over 6,508 artworks and generated a revenue of $11.7 million dollars. One of his most successful work is Gunky’s Uprising which he sold for $1.3 Million dollars.


Antoni Tudisco is one of the most reputed and famous NFT artist in the NFT community who is widely known for his amazing collab with Steve Aoki in creating his NFT drop called “Hairy”. “Hairy” was sold for a weird amount of $888,888.88 dollars bought by the former T-Mobile CEO, John Legere.

Tudisco is a very famous artist who is known all over the world and he has worked with famous big brands like Nike, Puma, Versace, Apple, and many other brands.

Upon entering the NFT space, Tudisco found lots of success and he has curretnly sold 1,229 artworks that has generated an average revenue of $3,783.70 dollars. Tudisco’s style of art usually depicts elements of fashion design and scenic mysticism.

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