TOP 10 Most Expensive Sports NFT You Need to Own For Sure!

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Non-Fungible Tokens or AKA NFT’s has taken the world by storm and the NFT Craze isn’t going to stop any sooner either.

NFT’s are essentially Crypto Currency tokens that are somewhat like a Digital Ownership certificates for Digital Assets. They can be anything from an original artwork to Trading cards, collectibles or even Twitter Tweets, Music and Videos. NFT’s are no less than an actual Crypto Token but the thing that differentiates them from the rest is Non-Fungibility. Meaning, unlike other Crypto Tokens, they cannot be mutually exchanged, replaced or replicated. Hence, today, NFT’s are used as a Digital certificate that Verifies the Ownership of a Digital Asset to prove it originality.

While, the world and the Art Industry is already amazed by NFT’s, the sports industry has also taken off too. From Football to Basketball to Baseball, many of the biggest names in the world of Sports have already experiment and got their hands dirty in the game of NFT’s. Many have found huge successes.

Today, in this article, we’ll be looking at the top 10 Most Expensive Sports NFT’s in the World.

10. AC Milan No.1s – 5 Pack

NFT Worth – $1.08 Million USD

Even AC Milan has joined the NFT Hype, in Partnership with Sorare, a digital NFT platform for the sale and exchange of Digital Cards. The AC Milan No. 1s Pack is now worth over $1.08 Million Dollars USD, and it includes players like Rafael Leao, Alexis Saelemaekers, Brahim Diaz, Rade Krunic and Sandro Tanali.

9. Kobe Bryant’s Last Tweet

NFT Worth – $1.9 Million USD

We all love Kobe Bryant who is one of the most loved Basketball players of all time. With his entire 20 years of dedication with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, he was a personality who was indeed very important in the world of Sports.

His last tweet was posted on the 26th of January, 2020 and it said, “Continuing to Move the game forward @kingjames. Must respect my brother“. The Tweet is worth over $1.9 Million USD.

8. Action Jackson’s Sports Card

NFT Worth – $2.08 Million USD

Reggie Jackson is a famous American Baseball player who was an American League Baseball All Start for 14 Seasons. He is one of the most respected players and the fact that he has led his teams to the first place10 times over the course of his career.

The Sports Memorabilia Card of Reggie Jackson is now currently sitting at $2.08 Million.

7. Alex Morgan Legendary

NFT Worth – $2.129 Million USD

Alex Morgan is a female soccer player who plays for the Orlando Pride of National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). As a matter of fact, she is the only female sports player on the list of top most expensive sports NFT.

Her NFT is currently worth over $2.129 Million.

6. LeBron James NBA Dunk

NFT Worth – $1,000,000 USD

The iconic dunk on Lebron James when he drives the lane to dunk on a Kings Defender is one of the most iconic plays of LeBron James in the history of the NBA. This NFT which is listed on the NBA TopShop NFT platform is worth $1,000,000 Dollars. This NFT is also likely to increase a lot in the future.

5. Derrick Rose Reverse Layup

NFT Worth – $1,000,000

Derrick Rose NFT, which includes a special moment clip in the NBA game where he drives hard to the hoop, before closing with an iconic reverse Layup against the Phoenix Suns.

This NFT is listed on the NBA TopShot Marketplace and it’s currently sitting at $1,000,000 Dollars.

4. Rare Diego Maradona

After his death, many of his fans were heart broken while he was indeed one of the most memorable players in the sports industry.

It was seen that many of his cards saw a immense rise in value after his death, and one of this cards where he was coaching for the Gimnasia de la Plata was worth $4.3 Million Dollars.

3. Jermall Charlo Lions Only GOLD ULTIMATE

NFT Worth – $19.1 Million USD

This NFT is a signed card of the WBC World Middle Weight Champion from Houston.

This was the time when he got two knockdowns to Dennis Hogan during the 2019 fight. The NFT is worth $19.1 Million Dollars.

2. MLB Champions Brett Gardner

NFT Worth – $21.28 Million USD

This NFT of Brett Gardner is a very valuable treasure for any Yankee Supporters. This Virtual Figure of Brett Gardner is worth $21.21 Million Dollars USD.

As for anyone who wishes to own this NFT, keep in mind that the better, Brett plays, it is likely that the value of this NFT will further increase in the future.

1. LeBron James Statue

NFT Worth – $21.6 Million USD

Shot by Photographer Kimani Okearak, a picture of LeBron James in a Tomahawk Dunk Pose.

This image alone is worth over $21.6 Million Dollars and the buyer of the NFT is promised with a deal with the four time NBA Champion.


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