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most expensive NFTs

NFT’s has really become the biggest hype of 2021, with some of the most expensive NFTs sold for millions of dollars in the last 6 months. Starting with Beeple, who is now regarded as one of the most richest artist in the world because of NFTs. In January and February alone, over $300 Million Dollars worth of NFT’s were sold. While, NFT platforms such as OpenSea saw a huke spike in their NFT sales from $1.5 million dollars to over $86 Million in just one month, according to

Beeple alone has sold over $102.2 million worth of artworks, while popular NFT artists like CryptoPunk have been able to sell many artworks for more than $6 to $8 million dollars, while still averaging between $30,000 to $70,000 on their Artworks.

It’s clear that NFT’s has taken over the world by storm and we are now seeing many celebrities and artists popping up in the NFT scene creating their own NFT’s to sell them on popular marketplaces like Rarible, OpenSea and Foundation. It’s not just the art industry that have been able to fully utilize the NFT hype, as now even Tweets and Blog articles have the capability of being sold as an NFT. The most notable one is Jack Dorsey who sold his “First Twitter Tweet” as an NFT for over $2.9 Million dollars.

Just like that, even memes are coming into the NFT scene with many Meme stars who are now turning their meme into an NFT and selling them for a lot of money. The popular meme of 2012, that is the “Bad Luck Brian meme”, was just sold for $36,000 while others like the “Disaster Girl” meme sold for $500,000 dollars.

There’s a lot of things happening in the NFT world, and more is still yet to come. It’s only been 6 months now and the NFT hype is not going to get dry any soon. A lot of Crypto Companies like Binance is also trying to create their own NFT marketplace and NFT’s are just going to get more and more interesting.

Today, in this article, we are going to look at the Top 100 MOST EXPENSIVE NFTs EVER SOLD.

36. Bad Luck Brian Meme – $36,000 USD

bad luck brian nft

Do you remember the “Bad Luck Brian” meme from 2012. This meme from 2012 was just sold by the star of the meme for $36,000. Not bad, considering the fact that you can make money out memes. The Story of the meme started when Kyle Craven who is the star of the meme had his yearbook photo posted on the internet by his friend Ian Davies. It was shared on the Reddit Forum and initially, it didn’t attract much attention, however, within a few months, the meme went viral and basically, Kyle Craven photo was all over the internet.

After seeing this NFT hype in 2021, Kyle decided to turn his “Bad Luck Brian” meme into an NFT and sell it for which he got $36,000 dollars which is roughly 20 ETH.

35. CryptoPunk – #5314 – $55,000

CryptoPunk #5314 was sold for around 140 ETH which is approximately $55,000 at the time of purchase. This CryptoPunk is a part of the Ape Punk family from CryptoPunks and they are the rarest of their kinds. Only 24 Ape Punks actually exist out of the 10,000 Crypto Punks released.

34. ‘Hyperion’ (Gods Unchained) – $62,000

Gods Unchained is a trading card game where players can collect, trade and sell game cards. Each card is very unique and comes with special abilities and effects. One of the unqiue cards in the game is called “Hyperion” that has been sold for a whooping 137 ETH which is approximately $62,000 Dollars. Also, in the game, the card has a very special ability that allows players to summon cards at the cost of just 1 mana, while gaining the Frontline.

33. CryptoPunk – #4513 – $64,000

CryptoPunk number 4513 sold for around 185 ETH which is worth around $64,000 dollars at the time of purchase. This CryptoPunk is from the Zombie family which is one of the rarest CryptoPunks in the collection. Out of 10,000 CryptoPunks, there exists only 88 Zombie Punks.

32. CryptoPunk – #2924 – $72,000

CryptoPunk #2924 sold for 150 ETH which is approx $72,000 at the time of purchase. Another Crypto Punk from the ape family which are some of the rarest Crypto Punks. Only 24 Ape Crypto Punks exists out of the 10,000 Crypto Punks.

31. 1-1-1 The First Apex Car from F1 Delta Time – $111,000

The First Apex Car 1-1-1 from F1 Delta Time was sold for over $111,000 dollars by Animoca Brands. The NFT was auction on OpenSea and bought by the user named “Steve321” who had a fierce competition with another collector named “robertwhite”. They both had bidded on the NFT when Steve did his maximum bid of 300 ETH on the NFT. Robert White quickly scaled it up to 360 ETH but he ultimately gave up when Steve321 bid the maximum at 396 ETH.

30. CryptoKitties Founder Cat #18 – $110,000

Founder Cats in Crypto Kitties are some of the rarest cats in the game. They are called Founder cats because they are the core parents or ancestors of all the Crypto Kitties Cats out there. Crypto Kitties Founder cat #18 was sold for $110,000 dollars USD. The Founder Cat was the 18th born cat of the game, pretty freakin rare.

29. Axie Infinity#1046 aka Angel – $130,000

In the Axie Infinity Universe, a crypto game similar to Crypto Kitties have had it’s Triple Mystic Axie named “#1046 aka Angel”, sold for 300 ETH which was approximately $130,000 at the time of purchase. In the game, Triple Axies are exteremely rare and valuable as there are only 17 Triple Axies in the game.

28. CryptoKitty #896775 – Dragon

Crypto Kitties is one of the most popular crypto games in the current NFT scene and it’s a game where we collect and creed different kinds of cats. Kitties come with different kinds of traits which are called “Cattributes” in the game and it is these traits that make Crypto Kitties really interesting. One of the cats in the game was “Dragon” which sold for a whooping 600 ETH which at the time of purchase was worth over $170,000 Dollars USD. It’s probably, one of the most expensive Crypto Kitties ever sold.

27. NBA TopShot LeBron James “Cosmic” Dunk #29 – $208,000

NBA Topshot is one of the most famous NFT marketplaces currently where you will find trading cards and collectibles related to NBA. These Trading cards are special as they are not just collectible trading cards, but they also feature a video of the key moments of the player. In this case, the featured video was about LeBron James scoring an amazing Dunk. This NFT was sold to NBA TopShot collector Jesse for $208,000 dollars USD.

26. “Disaster Girl” Meme – $500,000

“Disaster Girl” is a meme that started back in 2007 when, the girl who is in the meme had her photo taken by her father during a house fire. Her father was trying to capture the house on fire, from which Zoë Roth who is the girl in the meme came into the picture. Her father told her to smile but instead, she gave him a devilishly smirking face. From here, the Disaster Girl was born. Roth, recently announced that she sold her “Disaster Girl” meme for a whopping $500,000 dollars. She said that she needed the money to pay off her student loans and also donate to charity.

25. Euler Beats Genesis LP01 – $500,000

Euler Beats is an NFT project that is aggressively pushing the potential of what can be done with NFT’s. Euler Beats is a collection of 27 unique audio-visual NFTs called “Genesis LPs”. Each of the artworks come with a unique design printed on the Wheel, and with a audio that plays in the background. The Euler Beats Genesis LP01 sold for over $500,000 dollars USD.

24. The Everlasting Beautiful by Fewocious – $550,000

The Everlasting Beautiful By Fewocious is one of the best artworks I’ve ever seen in NFT marketplaces lately. The artwork, depicts a face of a women, that is painted in the unique style of the artist, with big eyes and filled with colors and other elements. The thing that really makes the artwork stand out is the unique message it brings to the audience, which is “You are Beautiful in your own way”. The artwork, no doubt sold for a whooping $550,000 to the art collector by the name @jdubs.

23. Trevor Jones Genesis – $552,603.98

The “Genesis” by Trevor Jones is a striking pencil sketch by artists Trevor Jones and Jose Delbo. The Artwork was sketched by Trevor Jones and inked by Jose Delbo. The artwork basically features Batman and it was sold on Makers Place for 302 ETH. Today, it is worth over $552,000 dollars USD.

22. CryptoPunk #2681 – $556,781

The Crypto Punk numbered #2681 was sold for $556,781 dollars USD. This Crypto Punk is from the family of Zombie punks which is one of the rarest punks in Crypto Punks. As there are only 88 Zombie Punks out of the 10,000 Crypto Punks.

21. New York Times NFT – $560,0000

Bringing the Art of Journalism to NFT’s, the New York Times Magazine is the first newspaper/media company to get into the NFT game. They sold their “the first-ever article in around 170 years of history of The Times to get distributed as a Non-Fungible Token” Article as an NFT for $563,000 Dollars USD. With this, we now have confidence in NFT’s and the fact that anything digital can be turned into an NFT.

20. Chris Torres, Nyan Cat – $561,000 (Correction -$590,000)

The Nyan-Cat by Chris Torres is one of the most famous NFT’s currently trending in 2021. Nyan Cat is actually a meme created by Chris Torres back in 2011 where the meme artwork features a quirky flying space cat with a Pop-Tart releasing trails of Rainbows. To celebrate the meme’s 10th year anniversary, Chris Torres made a remastered version of it and sold it on the Foundation NFT marketplace for $561,000.

19. The Complete MF Collection by Beeple – $777,777.77

Beeple, is probably one of the richest artist in the world and his richness started when he got into NFT’s. He first sold his collection “Every day’s the First 5000 days” for a whooping $69 Million in an auction on Christie’s. Since, then he has created a lot of artworks and one of the collection is called “The Complete MF Collection by Beeple” that sold for $777,777.77 Dollars USD.

18. Pak, Finite – $809,789.40

Pak was basically one of the most reputed Crypto-Artist big name artist in 2020, breaking into NFT market as early as February 2020. Although, his throne has been taken over by Beeple, he still holds 2 slots in the top 10 NFT’s of all time. The “Finite” one of them that sold for a whooping $809,000 dollars USD.

17. Hash Mask 9939 – $844,216

Hash Masks is an art that is a blend of intelligently designed collectibles with a touch of artsitic creativitely. They are bascially Masks and is currently worked on by one of the 70 artists working with Switzerland’s Suum Cuique Labs. Hash Mask #9939, is named “Sex” By its owner and it has sold for $884,216 Dollars.

16. Steve Aoki, Hairy – $888,888.88

“Hairy” is an artwork made by Steve Aoki in partnership with Antonio Tudisco, a well known visual artist for his collection series called the “Dream Catcher”. “Hairy” is a 36-second long video that comes with a mesmerizing electro music playing in the background that harmonizes with the artwork animation perfectly. “Hairy” was sold to John Legere, former CEO of T-Mobile for a price of $888,888.88 Dollars USD.

15. Pak, Meta Rift – $904,413

This was the biggest sale for the Artist Pak, who was also the one who create the “Finite” art animation. These days collectors just love flashy numbers and MetaRift had a bid of $888,888.88 Dollars USD. This was probably Pak’s biggest bids ever. During the end of Auction, the bid went even higher, closing in at $904,413 Dollars USD.

14. Kevin Abosch, Forever Rose – $1 Million Dollars

Kevin Abosch’s Forever Rose was dropped to the public, on Valentines day in 2018. This a beautiful photograph of a Rose taken by Photographer, Kevin Abosch and it’s one of the earliest NFT’s ever dropped. It sold for a staggering $1 Million dollars during that time!.

13. Not Forgotten, But Gone by WHIsBe – $1 Million dollars

Not Forgotten, But Gone is an animated NFT artwork created by artist named WHIsBe which features a clip of spinning gold skeleton gummy bear. WHIsBe is known for featuring different kind of Gummy Bears in a spinning wheel. This Gold Gummy Bear artwork was basically sold for $1 Million Dollars.

12. Crypto Punk #4156 – $1.3 Million (Correction $1.25 Million)

Crypto Punk #4156 is an Ape Punk that was sold for over $1.2 Million Dollars. The Ape punk family from the Crypto Punk is one of the rarest family in the collection. There exists only 24 Ape Punks!. Even Beeple, made a unique artwork, just about Crypto Punk #4156. See the artwork here:

11. Crypto Punk #6487 – $1.3 Million

Crypto Punk #6287 is a very rare Punk from CryptoPunk. It is one of the female punks out of 3840 female punks and it was sold for $1.3 Million Dollars. The female punk #6487 features a female with a bald head with red lipstick.

10. Auction Winner Picks Name – $1.33 Million

“Auction Winner Picks Name” is an NFT created by Electronic Music Artist 3LAU and he made a big sale of $1.33 Million. Essentially, the winner of the auction chooses the song name and receives the music video. The NFT was made in collaboration with SlimeSunday.

9. Crypto Punk #2890 – $1.4 Million

Crypto Punk #2890 is probably one of the most iconic Crypto Punks ever sold. It is also one of the rarest Crypto Punks of all time. The reason being it belongs to the Alien family and there are currently only 9 Alien Punks in the Crypto Punk collection. It was sold for a whooping $1.4 million Dollars.

8. Axie Infinity “Genesis” Estate- $1.5 million

Axie Infinity Genesis Estate was a Virtual Property from the Crypto Game Axie Infinity that sold for $1.5 Million dollars. The game is bascially about building

Axie Infinity Genesis Estate was a Virtual Property from the Crypto Game Axie Infinity that sold for $1.5 Million dollars. The game is basically about building kingdoms and managing vivid creatures in their world which is called Lunacia. One of the most valuable assets in the game is bascially Virtual Real Estate and Land.

7. Crypto Punk #6965 – $1.54 Million

Crypto Punk #6965 is another Ape Punk from the Ape family in Crypto punk. It was sold for over $1.54 million dollars. Ape punks are really rare and out of the 10,000 Crypto Punks out there, there exists only 24 Ape Punks.

6. Rick and Morty, “The Best I could do” – $1.65 Million.

Created by Justin Roiland, the creator of the popular adult animated series Rick and Morty. “The Best I could do” NFT was sold for a whooping $1.65 million dollars. The artwork itself, doesn’t represent Rick & Morty in the most artistic way, but hey, it’s the creator who made it and it’s still going to be worth millions.

5. Jack Dorsey’s “The First Twitter Tweet” – $2.9 Million Dollars

Jack Dorsey who is the CEO and founder of Twitter decided to sell his first tweet as an NFT. It sold for a strastopheric amount of $2.9 million dollars literally breaking the records of NFT’s and proving that NFT’s are a serious business. Anything can be turned into an NFT and basically listed and sold on the marketplaces.

4. Beeple “Crossroads” -$6.6 Million dollars

Beeple’s “Crossroads” is probably one of the most iconic NFT Artworks of all time. The artwork has a very deep message as it depicts the failure of Donald Trump. Initially, the artwork was sold for $60,000 which definitely is a lot of money, for which Beeple was very much satisfied. However, when it went again for resale, the bids on the artwork quickly skyrocketted ultimately settings the auction for $6.6 Million dollars.

3. Crypto Punk #7804 – $7.6 Million

Crypto punk #7804 is a part of the Alien Punk family in the Crypto punk collection, one of the rarest Crypto punks of all time and it sold for a whooping $7.6 Million Dollars. Currently, there exists only 9 Alien Punks.

2. Crypto Punk #3100 – $8 Million

Crypto Punk #3100 is another alien punk member of the Crypto Punk collection. Again, its one of the rarest of it’s kind and Crypto Punk #3100 was sold for $8 Million dollars.

1. Beeple’s, Everydays ” The First 5000 Days” – $69 Million

Beeple’s Everydays, the First 5000 days is basically one of the most iconic NFT sales that ever happened in the history of the NFT world. It not only broke the world record but also made Beeple, one of the richest artists in the world. The artwork was auctioned at NFT platform, Christies on March 11, 2021. Bascially, the Everydays 5000 consists of Beeple’s entire collection of 5000 artworks that he created since May 1, 2007. The bid on this artwork started with $100 but it soon rose to millions ultimately settling for $69 Million dollars.

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