Monkey Ball NFT Game Raises $3 Million

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Monkey ball NFT

MonkeyBall is an NFT soccer game based off of Solana. In consonance with MonkeyBall, the game is portrayed as “an intersection between FIFA Street and Final Fantasy”. Players can win MonkeyBucks($MBS) or tokens by simply playing the game and winning or by watching other players’ matches. Within the game a player controls about a team of 4 monkeys keeping in mind the simple aim of defeating their opponent.

$MBS is can be earned by playing the game, by buying stadiums or by hosting games. With each victory the player wins Solana tokens or $MBS and is distributed among the players, stadium owners and the supporters of the winning team. It puts forward high production value, a high-class gaming experience and is being expanded to desktop and mobile devices through the Unity game engine.

In a seed funding round MonkeyBall amassed $3 million for the completion and execution of the game from several crypto-native and “traditional venture funds, and exchanges. The funding round saw the engagement of and investments of Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, Morningstar Ventures, Ascentive Assets, Node Capital, Metaversal, Banter Capital, iAngels, CMS, Longhash, Youbi, JumpCapital, 6th Man Ventures, MarketAcross, BFF, ZBS Capital, and Collider.

Billionaire, Shalom Mackenzie, who comes in the few of the enormous shareholders in sports-betting firm DraftKings; the co-founder of eToro, Yoni Assia; Nimrod Lehavi, co-founder of Simplex; Shahaf Bar-Geffen belonging to crypto payments startup COTI; Joe Mccan Yewen Feng, Shao Kang Lee, co-founders of Perpetual Protocol; and Noam Lanir founder of Livermore were the angel benefactors that promoted and supported the funding round. Bar-Geffen will carry out the role of MonkeyBall’s Chairman.

According to Gigi Levy-Weiss, an associate of NFX, credits the play-to-earn games. He believes that these will continue to expand. He said “The winners will be those teams that combine the best of blockchain know-how with amazing game-design capabilities, that know how to utilize and untie the best of both Blockchain and ‘traditional’ gaming sectors,”. He also remarked “MonkeyBall is the best one we’ve seen yet!”

“Truly excited to unveil this amazing roster of investors who are supporting MonkeyBall,” said Oren Langberg, Head of Marketing at MonkeyBall “Play-to-earn is an exciting and quickly growing application for blockchain and NFTs, but it’s not easy to find games with great production quality. The first play-to-earn game to truly become mainstream is still in the future, and we are hard at work to realize that future for MonkeyBall.”

Play-to-earn games are a revolution in how gamers interface with the virtual world,” says Shalom Mckenzie, of DraftKings. “Gaming and NFTs will be the first true mass appeal application of blockchain, all that is missing is to actually make a game that would stand tall among AAA titles. I believe the Monkey Ball team has what it takes to get there.” 

The funding and all the investment occurred at the most suitable time for the play-to-earn games. All the investors are trying to set their money on many games with the basis of play-to-earn. By playing these games the gamers can amass NFT collectibles and crypto tokens while playing and trade these to gain profits.

As per the information provided by Bar-Geffen to The Block, the founders of MonkeyBall and the central organization of this game are all Israeli. This venture’s current number of members are 17 and with the fresh funds in their hands they are looking forward to hire more people. “The game is being developed on an engine by Unity Technologies and be available on both desktop and mobile platforms. It is planned to launch around Christmas,” said Bar-Geffen.


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