Metaverse Virtual Plot of Land Sold for $2.43 Million Dollars

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Metaverse Virtual Plot Of Land Sold For $2.43 Million Dollars

As they say, “The Major fortunes in America Have been made in Land”. This is going to change or has changed already because a Virtual plot of Land in the Decentraland Metaverse has sold for a whooping $2.43 Million dollars.

  • In the popular metaverse environment of Decentraland, one plot just sold for 2.43 million dollars!
  • The property price is higher than the MAnhattan’s home average price and beats out San Francisco’s home average prices.
  • The price of Metaverse coins is on the rise, with Decentraland mana increasing nearly 60% in just one week.

In the metaverse, real estate has been booming. On Tuesday, a plot of digital land sold for a record $2.43 million worth of cryptocurrency, more than double this past high point at Decentraland. Moreover, an online virtual-only environment can be bought and sold within its own ecosystem as if it were physically present elsewhere!

This is interesting! Manhattan homes are, on average, the most expensive in terms of both square footage and price. This data also shows that the above prices are higher than in New York state and San Francisco.

Digital land worth 618K or $2.43M is now the property of Metaverse Group. The purchase is a major milestone for this company because it’s their first-ever acquisition on digital land! This purchase was made in Decentraland ‘s digital space, where users can buy and sell assets with this currency called “Mana.” A spokesperson from Decentraland said: “The Metaverse group bought up some real estate on our platform.” They went on to say that this was part exchange for their cryptocurrency, which users can employ to buy assets within virtual spaces like Decentraland (a blockchain-based marketplace). This is amazing news for the Decentraland project and points to a very healthy and active ecosystem.

The rise in Decentraland mana price coincides with its cryptocurrency, MANA. MANA has appreciated by nearly 60% in the past week, making it one of the top-performing digital assets currently on the market.

The 116 parcel estate in the heart of Fashion Street is now being primed for expansion into an innovative digital-fashion industry, as announced by Tokens.com.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. In particular, homes in the tech capitals and US finance can be much more costly per square foot than those elsewhere.

The value of a single token on the blockchain-based virtual world platform, called Decentraland, is equal to 52.5 square feet or 6091 m2, more than an average home size in San Francisco, which amounts to approximately $400 per sqft versus 1200$.

Metaverse enthusiasts have been speculating on Meta’s properties since Facebook changed its corporate name, and other digital properties are selling for hefty price tags.

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