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Metaspace dudes NFT | 7777 unique Dudes Floating Along the Ethereum Blockchain

Metaspace dudes

With a blockchain-based economy and growing metaverse, society is on its way to a new kind of digital ownership. The notion of “the metaverse” is usually represented as a virtual environment with real and augmented reality.

Floating throughout the Ethereum blockchain is a collection of 7777 unique Dudes – NFTs- known as Metaspace Dudes. All of them are fantastic – they have their narrative, their own house, and their own set of special powers.

Metaspace Dudes NFT

Created by a team of fantastic dudes, Metaspace dudes in total have 7,777 NFT’s, each dude NFT having its own story, special abilities, and home. With a minting cost of just 0.047 ETH, each dude you will own will be unique and will give you access to the upcoming Metaspace Metaverse with lots of amazing things to do.

As the artist says – “The idea about launching the NFT brand dates all the way back to summer 2021, however, the team wanted the project to be unique and quirky. Therefore we experimented with different ideas, made a few prototypes, and decided on the idea of play-to-earn Metaverse, that will present the base of the project, once we sell out.”

The NFT project is also set to launch their own play-to-earn Metaverse Travian game where players are able to develop their planet where their dudes can live, fight, battle against other players and also earn amazing rewards and perks alongside this Metaverse.

As a matter of fact, only 7,777 Metadudes can only ever exist.

MetaSpace Dudes NFT Roadmap

Talking about MetaSpace Dudes NFT RoadMap, it has 5 phases. Each phase presents new opportunities and updates. These 5 phases of MetaSpace Dudes are described below.

Phase 1 RHEA

  • In this phase, the idea and vision of the team will be incubated, which is; a procedure for bringing concepts to fruition.     
  • Then will be the research phase, where thorough market research will be done to execute the vision and plan better.
  • After that, promotion on social media platforms and website launches will be conducted.
  • Then comes the network building, private sales, and partnerships with different businesses
  • At the end of the RHEA, the phase will launch Initial Index Offering (IDO). Those who don’t know IDO is a foolproof method for projects to bootstrap themselves or generate funding for growth and development. It is also free.

Phase 2 DIONE

  • The most crucial thing of Token listing on major platforms will be made in the next phase. And NFT will be made available on Open Sea.
  • After that, gaming gadgets (anything used in games) will be made ready for sales.
  • Launching of earning features in the game (P2E) and staking feature.

Phase 3 TITAN

  • In phase 3 NFT market will be made live for everyone’s easy access.
  • Also, phase 2 of the game will be launched, where the genuinely magnificent “metaverse” experience will be accessible.


  • The wonderful metaverse gaming world will be made LIVE with the launch of Gaming Phase 3.
  • Launching of new and new NFTs

Phase 5 MOON

  • As the name of the phase is Moon, so will be ongoing game updates, the introduction of new levels, and much more.
  • Yes, we will offer new NFTS for the existing token holders.
  • Complete cross-chain support will be offered. For those who don’t know what cross-chain support is, it is a system that improves the interconnection across blockchain networks by enabling the exchange of information and value.

The Team Behind Metaspace Dudes

  • Jon the Dude (Will take you to the moon.)
  • No Ordinary Alien (Because our designs are special.)
  • ThrowCoder Dude (Here to throw some code around.)
  • MetaHacker Dude (Will hack your meta.)
  • BlockSlayer Dude (Because block in blockchain.)

Official Links

Website –

Instagram –

Discord –

Twitter –

Telegram –

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