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Metaguardians NFT Collection | The Guardians of the MetaVerse

mETAGUARDIANS nft Guardians of the Metaverse

Meet the Guardians of the Metaverse, the MetaGuardians. They are 10,000 unique 3D NFT’s depicting unique super heroes that reminds us of the Marvel Superheroes. Each of the guardians come in different superhero costume, colors, background and styles. With unique traits such as clothing, eyes, skin, type, back and much much more!.

The Metaguardians NFT project is currently already sitting at a floor price of 0.045 ETH which is a really good price to enter into a new NFT project.

Welcome to the Guardians of the Metaverse

With 10,000 unique super hero like NFT’s living on the blockchain, the collection features 5000 male and 5000 female guardians who are ready to protect the entire Metaverse. These guardians are programmatically generated from 210 attributes across 11 categories creating guardians with unique traits, appearances and epicness.

Owners of the Metaguardians NFT are able to mint a FREE NFT collectible every season. Each season lasts for 7 weeks. With exciting reward passes, unique mints and game benefits. With the Reward pass, owners are able to power stones and get access to exclusive giveaways, ERC-20 Tokens and much much more.

While, owners are also able to claim free content on open Metaverses like Decentraland, Somnium Space and more! with exclusive access to Metaguardians VIP areas in open metaverses.

Owing a Metaguardian has unqiue benefits to playing their upcoming game which is soon to be released. These guardians will have special abilities, powers and roles in the game.

Metaguardians Membership and Benefits

The Metaguardians NFT project comes in three Membership options. Platinum, Gold and Silver.

  • PlatinumGuardians + Villains
  • GoldSidekicks & Henchmen
  • Silver Agents & Minions

Essentially, if you own a Guardian and a Villian, you get access to the Platimum membership. With the platinum membership, you get FREE NFT Collection Mints, 10% boost in Mints and Reward pass, Exclusive game features and bonuses, Metaverse Properties, and Commercial Rights.

With the Gold Membership, you get a 5% boost in Mints and Rewards Pass, Exclusive game features, Medium game bonuses, Metaverse properties and Commercial rights. While the Silver Membership gives you a 2.5% boost in Mints and Rewards Pass, Small game bonuses, Metaverse property and Commercial rights.

The Team Behind Metaguardians

Metaguardians is created by a team of highly accomplished artists and engineers who have lots of experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of art, design and gaming industry.

  • Alvaro Gasco Concept Art & 3D Art
  • Antubel Moreda – Game Design
  • Bernal MoredaExecutive Production
  • David Campassol Tech & 3D Art
  • James. D Marketing
  • Luan CEngineering

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