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MekaVerse NFT Drop | An Entirely New MetaVerse Inspired by Japanese Mecha Universe

MEkaverse NFT

Inspired by the Japanese, MECHA Universe, Mekaverse is the lastest hot NFT Drop in the world of NFT’s. It’s been a few weeks since Mekaverse dropped and the volume is absolutely going crazy. Between the initial mint and secondary sales, Mekaverse NFT project had already soared to over $60 Million Dollars worth in NFT sales.

Mekaverse NFT Drop and Raffle

Mekaverse is essentially a collection of 8,888 NFT’s that are inspired by the classical Japanese Mecha Anime series called “Mobile Suit Gundam”. They are artworks and images of Mecha Robots that very much reminds us of “Gundam”. How during our high school times, kids were crazy for those toy collections.

Mekaverse is created by French Crypto Artists named Matt Braccini and Mattey. They have been freelance digital artists for several years.

As they have said in an article in Forbes, “We have a strong interest in the Japanese universe and anime. We spent 5 months in Asia and had a great time! We intended to establish a series of collectibles that may have enormous future potential. ” – Mekaverse Team

Each Mekaverse is unique and comprises of unique traits, some of which are rare. While the Mecha figures have their own distinct features, artwork and color palette.

The initial minting raffle reported to have sold 8593 NFT’s of Mekaverse to 172,876 wallet owners. There was a minting fee of 0.2 ETH which is approx $725 Dollars. The rest of the NFT’s were not minted and will be used for future giveaways and promotions.

The secondary sales of the Mekaverse NFT just boomed. In less than 24 hours, over $53.7 Million worth in trading volume was sold. Mekaverse averaged sales of 7.1 ETH but as of today, the floor price currenly sits at 1 ETH.

The top 4 biggest Mekaverse NFT sales include:

  1. Meka #8597 – $442.8k
  2. Meka #3489 – $211.7k
  3. Meka #848 – $179.6k
  4. Meka #7922 – $176.5k

This brought Mekaverse to the 12th rank in all time NFT sales volume.

This makes Mekaverse one of the hottest NFT projects of 2021 and it’s followed the path of CryptoPunks launched back in 2017. Mekaverse is an on-going long-term project that has limitless possibilities. As founders claim that one can grow one’s Meka to Super-Meka or even combine Meka’s and create a completely new one.

While, other aspects like weapons and battle system are also on their mind. As of now, they are hoping that the project will have a bright future ahead and there’s lot more about Mekaverse that the world hasn’t seen yet.

The Mekaverse has a huge Discord community with over 100K users on board. With the fan base being very strong, Mekaverse’s primary objective was to offer quality to the world of collectibles and a freash perspective to the world of NFT as said in an interview in Forbes.

The Mekaverse Scam Controversy

Along with the huge success that Mekaverse has just experience, there has been lots of rumors spreading around the NFT community that the Mekaverse NFT project is a scam. This has slightly affected the reputation of the Metaverse, however, fortunately it has been solved.

As many have alleged that the project is a “rug pull”, citing claimed red flags like an unverified Ethereum contract as said in The Mekaverse team resolved the issue and announced that the contract has been verified (as seen on Etherscan) and the funds has been transferred out of the contract into a private wallet. While the team also announced that they have minimized social media interactions for the sake of mental health.

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