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Meek Mill’s Final ‘Dreamchasers’ Tape Will be Dropped As an NFT

Meek Mill NFT Drop

The Philadelphia hitmaker announced that the fifth and final installment of the
“Dreamchasers” series will be available as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The “On My Soul” rapper recently shared this with his fans via Instagram with the caption,
How can they relate I’m too real n#%gas fake. #DCPOUNDCAKE LAST DREAMCHASER
MIXTAPE A NFT …. LOYALTY CLUB STARTS JANUARY.1st 2022 you can invest in merch
albums and shows and get marketed.”

In this post, fans got to hear another unreleased track from Meek Mill.

In it, it’s noticeable that the words “About to get ownership of the music they actually make
and create” flicker across the screen, as Meek recently expressed his dissatisfaction with his
current contract.

So it looks like Meek Mill wants to gain more control over his finances and income, and
continues to raise questions about where all the money is going. And maybe the blockchain
space is supposed to be his liberation move to more control and more revenue?

That Meek Mill has interest in cryptocurrencies shows his first investment in Dogecoin, as
well as his desire to get paid in Bitcoins.

Meek released the last mixtape in the Dreamchasers series in 2014 with “Dreamchasers 4.”

The announcement of a new installment came about a month ago after the release of his
fifth LP Expensive Pain, which was the first album since Championships 2018.
This is definitely something fans can look forward to. Early next year, the upcoming mixtape
“Dreamchasers 5” should be available as NFT

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