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Matrix NFT – A New Era For Movie Industry And Franchise

Every day the world is experiencing new events, phenomena, and activities. The NFT world is also no short of it. Each day the NFT world dawns with new NFT projects. The new NFT projects are coming with new and exciting things. There are games, music, art, and many more things. Although, people are trying to add more features to it and make it more engaging and captivating. All things considered, Warner Bros has made its entry into the NFT space with the Matrix Avatar NFT project. Let’s move on to what the Matrix NFT is and what it offers.

What is Matrix NFT?

The Matrix NFT project is a result of the amalgamated efforts of Warner Bros and Nifty. Warner Bros collaborated with Nifty for the Matrix NFT project. The project contains 100,000 Matrix avatar NFTs on the Palm blockchain. The avatars were developed by the Metahuman creator from Epic Games. As the NFTs were released on the Palm blockchain, minting it will have the least effect on the environment giving it a hint of eco-friendliness. 

The initiative also represents the first entry of a major motion picture IP into the NFT avatar world. Peculiarly, the Matrix NFT avatars don’t resemble the characters of the Matrix world. Although, this is a great incentive as all of it will be unique and the owners of the NFT avatars will be able to call it their own. The owners can also explore the Matrix world with their unique avatars.

The NFT avatars had a fixed price when it was released. The avatars cost $50 and the enthusiasts were met with several options upon purchasing the NFT avatars. They could be purchased with cryptocurrency supported by DAI and Palm blockchain, Credit cards, Debit cards, and Fiat currency.

The project was released on 30th November 2021. The launch of the NFT project took place in two stages. Let’s go over the launch process of the NFT avatars.

Launch of the project

Phase 1

The project released the first series of Matrix Avatar NFTs on 30th November 2021. These NFT avatars were randomly generated. The first set that was released was simple and portrayed normal people confined to the Matrix World. These avatars are available on Nifty’s marketplace and people can buy and sell them. The traits of these avatars are random and are a mixture of several features and in various arrangements.

Phase 2

The second phase of the launch took place on 16th December 2021. This phase included two options for the owners of the NFT avatars. The owners could either take a Red Pill or a Blue Pill.

If the choice is the Blue Pill, the owner’s avatar will be confined in the Matrix.

If the choice is the Red Pill, the owner’s avatar will be converted to a resistance fighter. The resistance fighter will have all similar attributes but they will get enhanced over time as a resistance fighter.

By taking the blue pill you will be stuck in the Matrix world. Therefore, you can explore the metaverse to the fullest. By taking the Red Pill you can turn your avatar into a fighter.

The way the project works is close to the functionality of a game NFT project. The project offers missions by which the owners can obtain free NFTs along with upgrading their avatars. The project also offers challenges and with it, the NFT avatar holders can upgrade their avatars and new NFTs as rewards. The project is also equipped with an active online community.


Warner Bros with the Matrix NFT project is allowing the general populace to experience the Matrix efficiently. The project will get acquainted with developments in the future which will make it more interesting and worthwhile. The project swarms with great potential and is expected to do great in the future.

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