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Masterpiece NFT collection by Klaus Guingand | NFT Drops

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On October 21 on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, Klaus Guingand will be making his first foray into NFT art. He will be putting himself up for auction, or rather, to be more specific, a unique Klaus Guingand NFT Title of Ownership”.

The auction also includes two NFT videos, one of ‘Beats of my heart” the other “My first dream”, as well as 37 unique photos of his most recent echocardiogram. These first NFTs are the foundation of a story the artist will create in NFT art.

About the NFT Artist

Klaus Guingand is an artist who has been encouraged by Leo Castelli and supported by art critic Pierre Restany, two legends in the history of art. He is known for his immortalization of the shadows of 200 celebrities, who posed for him and cosigned his works : Leonardo DiCaprio, Jasper Johns, Steven Spielberg, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Helmut Newton, Yayoi Kusama and others. In 1995, he exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and sold 100 of his Ombres paintings at auction to support the fight against AIDS. Since 2015, he’s also known as the artist who created the only global work of art in history, Art Warning the World. The work defends freedom, and features 200 artists living in the 200 countries of the worls.

Links to the Artists NFT Collection

Opensea –

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