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Mark Zuckerberg Little League baseball card Turned Into NFT

Mark Zuckerberg Little League baseball card Turned Into NFT

Instagram announced that it will soon allow you to share your NFTs and digital collectibles onto your account by linking your digital wallet. What if I told you that Mark Zuckerberg sold his Little League baseball card in order to promote this new capability?

The physical card will be sold, with a digital version stored on the blockchain.

On Instagram, the company’s founder and CEO took advantage of the opportunity to inform everyone about his hand-crafted 1992 Little League baseball card, which will go on sale soon, including an NFT as part of the bargain.

In 1992, when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was eight years old, he gave his camp counselor a card and asked her to keep it for him. She has kept that item since then and is now selling it.

Although Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will not see a penny of the sale, given the tough times Meta has been experiencing lately — including a stock price drop, a hiring freeze, slowed development, and other belt-tightening measures – it appears that he could benefit from the money (or cryptocurrency).

Users have been critical of Instagram’s recent modifications, which included adding more Reels and suggesting material to people’s feeds.

At a fascinating moment for Meta, its primary source of income, Facebook, just reported its first revenue drop in history for the second quarter. Instagram is already mired in controversy over testing TikTok-like features; as a result, it has rolled them back.

Meta is entering a small market of “digital collectibles” that has been squished since its peak in the winter, albeit somewhat late.

Today’s news from Meta comes that the NFT test is now accessible in 100 more countries, with connections available for Coinbase Wallet, Dapper, and NFTs from the Flow blockchain.

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