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As I was browsing through the internet and searching for some good ideas for creating or buying NFT’s, I stumbled upon Marble Cards somehow they are honestly, just cards having some patterns of marble designs upon them. However, one can choose a website and add the logo of the website on the marble card, and also they can write some text below the logo.

Honestly, not something that is crazy, or spectacular. However, the NFT community is definitely going crazy over it. As you can see from the above image, people can make Marble cards of any website, from Google, Pinterest, Facebook to CryptoKitties and many more.

Such a simple idea but believe it or not, Marble Cards have really taken off and it has now become one of the top 20 NFT projects on OpenSea.com. With over 36,000 plus cards already minted and there’s still more to come and more to own.


Marble Cards are basically baseball like collectible NFT cards for websites!. Anyone can find a website they want to marble, enter it into the marble card website and if the website domain is available, they can create a marble card out of it and buy it. Once you buy it, you can list it on OpenSea.com and if someone buys it from you, you can get rewarded for a good amount of ETH according to your price.


The reason why Marble cards are becoming so valuable is because as we know, Marble cards are baseball like cards of websites, this means that there can be only one marble card for a particular website. Every website can be marbled only once and only by one person. Once a person claims a website and turns it into a Marble Card NFT, it is claimed forever and that particular website cannot be claimed again.

This is what makes Marble Cards so valuable because if you are able to own Marble cards of highly valued websites like Google.com, Facebook.com or even OpenSea.com, you can sell for a hefty amount of money.

The fact that they are touching rarity and making their cards scarce is probably a big part of their project. With this, we can see Marble cards of celebrities, top companies, and many others having the capacity to bank in a huge load of price value.


Creating a marble card is easy and not like a rocket science or something, nor do you need to know the entire history and technology of blockchain. Its as simple as choosing a website that you want to marble, checking it’s availability and buying it.

Step1: Choose the website that you want to Marble – The first step is to basically choose what and which website you want to marble. It could be Google.com, Facebook.com or even OpenSea.com. If you are lucky, you can find a top level domain name or website and successfully marble it.

Step 2: Check it’s availability – The next step is to check whether the domain name is available or not. You can easily do that on the Marble Cards Website, where you can enter the domain name and check it’s availability.

Step 3: Buy the Marble Card- Once you have found the website and it’s also available on the Marble Card Website, you can create it. Once it is created, it enters the public auction where you can directly buy it. Also, note that the Marble cards design cannot be changed by you, instead it is automatically created depending upon the website content and design.

Where to Buy Marble Cards?

Marble cards are available on both OpenSea.com and Marble cards marketplace. The links for both are given below.

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/marblecards

Marble Cards Marketplace: https://marble.cards/library/1;sortBy=auction_end_time_lower


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