Leyens Art NFT Collection | Disruptive Art Developed with the use of Mathematics and Computer Programming.

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In the NFT environment, art is approached in a whole new manner. NFTs have developed a cultural movement that appeals to a growing audience with a blockchain-enabled environment. The NFT scene, unlike other scenes, is driven by a highly involved, scattered community that plays a significant role in providing energy to the artists.

Even if you don’t know where to start because of the pillars, you’ll be more prepared to understand NFTs and what motivates their community if you get to know its base (that is, the artists).

Introducing The Leyens (Lines) NFT Collection

As a constant reminder of the beauty of simplicity in art, the Leyens (Lines) Collection was envisioned. Many NFT efforts try to generate tens of thousands of “original” art pieces, but they fail to recognize that art is about invoking feelings and emotions, not about making as many variations as possible of the same thing.

What Makes Leyens Art Collection So Interesting?

Future gallery displays and pre-sale events for upcoming collections will be accessible only via the usage of Leyens, which will serve as a token. Holders will be granted early access to our future virtual reality experience, which is scheduled to launch in February 2022.

Leyens is a collection of disruptive art that was developed with the use of mathematics and computer programming.

The Leyen Experiment

In the collection, each Leyen is distinct in that it has its own feel and set of features. While keeping things basic, this collection conveys a far deeper significance than the average collection.

Leyens VR In A Virtual Reality Game

Engage the senses while engaging with Leyens in a virtual environment. Leyens will blow your head open in a mind-blowingly realistic environment. The exhibit will open in the near future.

Why Leyens Art NFT is Worth To Invest?

The bulk of NFTs are built on top of the Ethereum network. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin, Ethereum also has the ability to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that may behave differently from an Ethereum coin, for example. It’s worth noting that some other blockchain networks can develop their respective NFT variations as well.

It is the commencement of the Leyens dynamic installation that the Leyens Vertical Collection is a part of. Each Leyen has been built using just pure mathematics in order to produce art that is filled with emotion and conviction at its heart. Leyens may seem straightforward on the surface, yet they conceal a wealth of symbolic significance.

Each Leyen has the characteristics listed below, and these characteristics will be carried through to all subsequent collections.

  • Background
  • Colour
  • Direction
  • Disposition
  • Length
  • Leyen Number
  • Resolution
  • Width

Leyens intends to offer new collections during the course of the year ahead.

  • 31st Jan 2022 – The Leyens Vertical Collection will be launched and offered for sale.
  • July 2022 – Leyens Horizontal Collection to be featured next on the sale list.
  • November 2022 – The Leyens Diagonal Collection will be the last sale collection of the year 2022.

Interested To Learn More About Leyens?

Follow and become a member of the community and become a part of the rapidly expanding NFT Art Collector. If you would want to learn more about Leyens and the future NFTs, please visit https://leyens.art/ for further information.



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