Kosmo Alien NFT Collection | Join the Kosmos with Weekly Crypto Puzzles

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Kozmo Aliens NFT

Kosmo Alien is a collection of 8,888 aliens equipped with advanced technology and ultrasonic weapons. Each Alien NFT contains a clue to solving their weekly crypto puzzles hosted in discord!!. Depending on the difficulty of the puzzle , prizes can range from 0.8 ETH to 3 ETH !!

Kosmo Aliens has tons of utility for holders including future 1 to 1 airdrops , staking to earn passive income via $space token and much more !!. Kosmo Aliens is already working on a PvP play to earn game that will be launching its alpha version in early 2022. The game will be a futuristic Sci-Fi space game following a multiplayer strategy.

A grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more. The Metaverse introduces a unique gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core game and blockchain mechanics. Users will Fight for resources, explore the universe , invade other galaxies , and earn more space token.

The 3 galaxies: Milky Way, Andromeda, and Triangulum galaxies are all rivals. Each user can join a side.

Kosmo Alien NFT & What’s Inside!

  • The game will allow players to cooperate with others to make decisions and vote on what to build , when to deploy troops, how many units to send , where to spend $space token on and much more.
  • Each User will be able to upgrade his Alien , purchase weapons , armor and upgrade his space ship for battle.
  • Each Alien will be ranked based on his traits. Users can invade other galaxies and earn $space token by destroying key objects and factories.
  • Space token can be used to purchase resources , weapons , ammo and much more !
  • The leader-board will show the top players in each galaxy, and each galaxies rank based on its resources and weapons.
  • There are a total of 8,888 Kozmo Aliens that are all unique, each having their own unique special abilities, ranks and so much more.

Kosmo Alien NFT Roadmap Activations

Phase 1 – The Galaxy is created

Owners of the Kosmo Alien will be invited to a private discord channel exclusively create for them where they can get a chance to win upto 5 ETH in weekly crypto puzzles.

Phase 2 – $Space Token

Owners will be able to use an ERC20 utility token that allows them to rename and upgrade their Aliens, write their own backstory and this token is freely tradable on Uniswap.

While, in the future, players can also use the $Space Token to invade other galaxies, upgrade spaceships, planets and Kosmo Aliens. Every Kozmo gains 10 $Space per day, which can be claimable by paying gas.

Phase 3 – Merch Drop

Get unique gifts from the universe, with an exclusive selection of Kozmo Alien merch.

Phase 4 – Kosmo SpaceShip

Being a Kosmo Alien owner, you can actually mint your own exclusive 1/1 spaceship. There’s only going to be one kind of it and you can use the spaceship to invade other galaxies in an exclusive PVP play to earn game with community prizes.

Phase 5 – Space Wars Begin

Players will be able to participate in an exclusive play to earn PVP game allowing them to battle and invade other galaxies and earn more space token.

Kosmo Alien NFT Details

Website: https://www.kozmoaliens.com/profile-page

Twitter: @KozmoAliens

Contact Person: Leon,

Company Name: Kozmo Aliens

Source: https://www.kozmoaliens.com/profile-page

Discord Invite : Kozmo Alien


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