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Kodai Dragonz NFT | 555 unique Pixel-Dragons on The solana blockchain


Kodai Dragonz is a collection of 555 Unique Pixel Dragonz that Glide across the Solona Blockchain. Each Kodai Dragonz comes with unique traits, characteristics, background, colors that make them unique and valuable.

With a massive community that thriving in the Discord Channel, Kodai Dragonz is one of those NFT projects that has a lot of potential for future growth and ownership.

Kodai Dragonz NFT has lots of plans for the future with one of the prominent one being, developing their own Unique Kodai Dragonz based NFT Token that owners can buy and invest in.

There is no doubt, Kodai Dragonz is one of the most exciting NFT projects providing lots of benefits and rewards for their community, to know more about that, Read on!.

Kodai Dragonz NFT

Kodai Dragonz NFT

Kodai Dragon NFT consist of 555 Unique Pixel Dragon Artworks that lives in the Solona Blockchain. The Kodai Dragonz NFT features cool artworks of Dragons with different colors, styles, appearances and traits.

Each Kodai Dragonz NFT is unique and special having its own personality and style.

Some Dragonz have huge horns, beautiful scenery of the snow peak mountains as the background with unique colors, while some have hellish appearances, and backgrounds that depict pure destruction from hell. There are lots of variations of the NFT with different kinds of Dragonz to choose from.

Created by a 20-year-old Artist from Germany, He started to learn about Greece and Asia at history lessons. For him, the Dragonz are kind of interesting and this is the reason why, he created an NFT project based on Dragons, with ambitious plans to create an entire Token based on Kodai Dragonz in the future.

In total, there are only 555 Dragonz NFT available, with such low limited supply, there are very few owners of the NFT.

With a price of just 0.55 Solona(SOL), there’s lots of value in the current affordable price range.

You can easily own one of the Kodai Dragonz NFT by following them on Discord and Twitter.

Although, the launch dates mint dates are not yet determined, keep an eye on their Discord channel, in fact, go and join their amazing Discord community where you’ll get all the information about the NFT, meet other members and get a chance to join their Giveaway, where there’s a chance to win a FREE Kodai Dragonz NFT plus some amount of SOL coins.

Kodai Dragonz NFT Benefits for the Community

Kodai Dragonz NFT GIVEAWAY

Owners of the Kodai Dragonz NFT will receive numerous benefits by owning one of the NFT’s or more. With an ambitious plan for launching their own unique Kodai Dragonz based NFT Token.

Holders will receive all the rewards and benefits through an Airdrop, details of the airdrop will be posted on their Discord channel.

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Here are the rewards and benefits that holders will receive:

  • Exclusive Kodai Dragonz based NFT Token will be available for holders to invest.
  • Lots of Prize money given to the holders.
  • Exclusive Vacation trips will be available, details will be posted on their Discord.
  • Frequent NFT Giveaways for Holders.
  • Many more interesting things will be given out to holders. Make sure to give Kodai Dragonz a follow on Twitter to stay updated.

Kodai Dragonz NFT Official Links

Kodai Dragonz is a wonderful NFT project with lots of potential for future growth and collectibility. With a strong community and fanbase, it’s soon on the road to becoming one of the most popular NFT project’s in development.

The launch dates for the NFT project is not yet declared, however, you should definitely give them a follow to stay updated.

Here are the Official Links:

Kodai Dragonz Discord –

Kodai Dragonz Twitter

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