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Kia America’s New Ad Introduces Dead Army Skeleton NFT’s


Recently, Kia America aired a new commercial that featured Dead Army Skeleton Klub NFTs. The ad spotlights the company’s newest car, the Kia Soul, with animated characters from Dead Army Skeleton driving around town.

Kia has partnered with Dead Army Skeleton Klub in order to create 10,100 Kia-themed NFTs. By scanning QR codes featured in the commercial, users will be able to download these NFTs.

This Isn’t the First Time NFTs Have Been Used in Commercials

NFTs have become a popular addition to television commercials over the past year. This is because many brands have realized how impactful NFT characters can be, largely due to their impressive retention rates. For example, Adidas caused quite a stir when they featured several NFTs in one of their ads after teaming up with Bored Ape Yacht Club.

In the past, Kia has used NFTs for promotional purposes. For example, the mega brand linked its highly successful Super Bowl campaign to NFTs by issuing 10,000 Robo Dog NFTs to promote its new line of electric vehicles.

The New TV Commercial: Get to Know It Better

The new advertisement is designed to show off the features of their 2023 Kia Soul model. The TV commercial features three animated Dead Army NFT characters driving around in the vehicle and pulling into a fast food restaurant called, “Built For Whoever You Are.”

By featuring these diverse characters, Kia is trying to appeal to as many viewers as possible and show that their car can be enjoyed by anyone.

The new commercial offers viewers the chance to win a Kia NFT by scanning a QR code on-screen. The winners will receive an NFT based on the original Dead Army Skeleton Klub collection.

Each of the three characters in the ad has distinguishable features, such as clothing, accessories, and physical traits. For example, one wears a bandana while another carries a football helmet; additionally, one of the figures is made entirely of gold.

The Dead Army Skeleton Klub

The Dead Army Skeleton Klub can be found on OpenSea, which is one of the most expansive marketplaces for NFTs. There are a total of 6969 computer-generated NFTs in the collection, and each one has several unique qualities.

According to the website, “DASK holders own 100% of the copyright of the NFTS. Klub’s members receive access to exclusive drops, merch, experiences, and more.”

In addition, owners can stake their Dead Army Skeleton NFTs to earn $Klub tokens and buy utilities like ‘Tombs’ and ‘Serums.’ There are currently over 4000 true owners, with more than 70% having staked their NFTs. The floor price on OpenSea is 0.03 Eth.


Kia America is one of the first large companies to get involved with different NFT projects and the Metaverse. They are hoping to find new ways to connect with potential customers in the future.

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Kia, like other companies, has noticed that the engaged and loyal members of the NFT and Web3 projects have a strong sense of community spirit. Kia believes that this same spirit can be channeled into long-term loyalty to its brand.

We thoroughly enjoyed the ad and are looking forward to seeing more national advertising campaigns that feature NFTs.

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