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Kamitribe : Take A Step Into The Kamiverse

Kami Tribe NFT

On the Ethereum blockchain, there is a collection of 6,999 unique digital collectibles called K.A.M.I. NFTs.

When you purchase a KAMI, you are not simply purchasing an avatar or a piece of art that has been proven to be extremely rare. However, the rarity of each avatar or piece of art depends on the Kami you receive, e.g., if it’s a SUBARASHĪ, YORIYOI, ICHIBAN (rarest one).

In addition, to serve as your Tribe’s mark, the KAMI also allows you access to kami-only perks, the first of which is entry to THE HIDEOUT, a part of the website where you can communicate with other kami. Moreover, Kamitribe has a discord where you can interact with other KAMI. You are on your way to becoming a true member of the Tribe.


Kamitribe Hideout

Your KAMI serves as your digital identity in the Hideout, and it will allow you to gain access to certain areas.

The hideout will give kami holders full access to the discord server after it is launched and will also have the opportunity to participate in the alpha version of KamiOnline.

Story Behind Kamitribe


When the divine spirits noticed that the world was empty, they came together and decided to send down two new deities in the world. Those two new deities were Hikari and Kuragari, which were set off on a mission to fill the world with everything that would exist into it.

It all began when Kuragari drew his sword out of the water. In the meantime, when the water drops fell off his sword, a new mysterious world came into existence – The Ethereum World.

After the Ethereum world came into existence, Kuragari did the union ritual with Hikari. Subsequently, this divine couple gave birth to a new generation – more like humanized divinities.

Kuragari then realized that the KamiTribe shall bring an end to it if humans fail to live in harmony with each other. As a result, he decided to cut himself, so they could start it over again.

So, this is how Kuragari created 6999 divinities. With the urge to cleanse the current world and create the new Ethereum world, the Kamitribe is ready to be released.

Kamitribe Rankings

There are 3 ranks within the tribe.



Subrashī is the Most common Kamitribe ranking. They are renowned for their incredible strength and perseverance in battle. They are regarded as the first responders in combat situations. Moreover, Subrashī is recognized for its black and white-themed colors. SUBARASHĪ is no less than the beating heart of the Kamitribe.

YORIYOI (Uncommon)

The Yoriyoi are renowned for their exceptional agility and cunningness, qualities that have earned them their name. They are well-known among the Kamitribe for their skill at setting up ambushes in strategic locations. You won’t find too many people who will tell you the story of the Yoriyoi.

The Yoriyoi are elegantly dressed and have a sleek look. It’s easy to recognize them because of their red and black dress code. Only a few people have seen them, but so many are aware of them.


The Ichiban is the apex of the Kamitribe’s hierarchy. There are only a few of them left in the entire world at this time. They are well-known for their high intelligence and awareness. It is the Ichiban who rule over the Yoriyoi and SubarashĪ, as they are sovereign divinities.

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The tribe’s leaders, as well as those who are in control of the strings. ICHIBAN are the black and yellow themed rulers. They are the blood flowing through the veins of the whole Kamitribe.

Kamitribe Roadmap


Kamitribe is in it for the long haul, and they’re not backing down. They’ve set some goals and established some benchmarks. As soon as they reach a predetermined sell-through percentage, they will begin working toward achieving the stated goal.

So, let’s take a look at those goals!

Upon 25% Sale

  • The highest-ranking members of our community will receive 5 KAMI by airdrop.
  • Make a merchandise store on the website. What kind of merchandise do you think we should bring to our store?
  • The launch date for the K.A.M.I DAO token will be announced.

Upon 50% sale

  • 0.1 ETH giveaway to 10 holders.
  • 5 ETH added to the community wallet. K.A.M.I. DAO token holders will be able to vote on the website on how these funds will be used.
  • VIP CLUB for the most dedicated discord members will be available. VIP members will be rewarded with special perks, such as discounts and special rights in the Discord server.

Upon 75% sale

  • One randomly selected K.A.M.I member will receive an exclusive K.A.M.I piece of artwork (3D-printed).
  • Another 5 ETH will be added to the community wallet. K.A.M.I members will be able to vote in Discord on how these funds will be used.
  • Merch store will be launched. The designs will be shared on Discord and Twitter. Make sure to check it out!
  • Plans to build an MMORPG (KamiOnline) for the community will commence.
  • Every holder of the NFTs will be part of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 30% of all the fees will fill a community vault that will be used by the DAO in various ways.

Upon 100% sale

  • The top K.A.M.I holders will receive a 3D-printed piece of artwork.
  • Manga based on K.A.M.I. will go into the making.
  • Phase 3 will commence, meaning the development of the game KO (KamiOnline).
  • A roadmap for phase 3 will be revealed.
  • K.A.M.I. holders and K.A.M.I DAO token holders will receive access to the alpha of KO.
  • Harakiri implementation details will be announced/shared in the discord with the community.

Join the Kamitribe

Reaching our final conclusion, you must step into the Kamiverse and help the divine deities to cleanse the world of pain and sorrow.

Website :

Discord :

Twitter :

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