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KAMI TRIBE NFT COLLECTION | Minting February 18th

Kami Tribe is minting on the 18th of February, 2022. Get ready with your Wallet, as each Kami NFT will cost you only 0.0699 ETH with a maximum of 3 mints per wallet.



  • Anime/manga style NFT project
  • Ethereum-based
  • 6,999 unique NFTs of varying rarity
  • Exclusive access, DAO, MMORPG plans
  • 0.06999 ETH
  • Minting February 18, 2022

Kami Tribe NFT

Taking inspiration from the artwork of Japan’s anime and manga, KAMI Tribe is an NFT collection featuring 6,999 randomly generated warrior portraits, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Each KAMI features an iconic hero designed in a two-tone style reminiscent of manga artwork. Amongst the NFT space, the project stands out for its choice to swerve the 8-Bit and 3D-rendered trend choosing instead to use a hand-drawn ink and line style, chiming well with fans.

The project is drawing a lot of attention, with a busy Discord that already has over 30,000 active community members, despite the project not yet being launched. In purchasing a KAMI NFT, you not only acquire a valuable digital collectible but you also become a Tribe member, granting access to the Dojo. This exclusive area of the KAMI website will reward holders with benefits that increase over time.

With long-term goals, the NFT project is just the beginning, with holders rewarded continuously throughout development, ticking all the right boxes for anime fans.

The story behind Kami Tribe

Before time came the divine spirits. After observing how empty the world was, the spirits gave rise to two deities, Kuragari and  Hikari, a divine couple tasked with filling the world with creation.

Drawing his sword from the primordial waters, Kuragari proceeded to create the Ethereum World as the drops of water fell from his sword. After this initial act of creation, Kuragari and Hikari performed the union ritual, giving rise to a new generation of divinities.

Despite being acts of divine creation, these human-like beings fought relentlessly amongst themselves in tribal warfare, vying for more power, more land, and more control.

Observing the corruption, Kuragari cut himself, forming the KamiTribe, a collection of 6,999 divinities.

It is these divinities that make up the KAMI collection, ready to be released into the Ethereum World and cleanse the land.

Kami Tribe rankings

The collection can be sub-divided into 3 ranks that vary in rarity: Saburo, Isamu, and Akihiro.

Each token can be further broken down into 4 attributes:

  • Common traits
  • Rare traits
  • Backgrounds
  • Accessories

With an almost unlimited amount of combinations, each and every KAMI is entirely unique.

Common: Saburo

The most common of KAMI NFTs, the Saburo are still formidable warriors, renowned for their strength and battle perseverance. Saburo tribe members are usually the first to dive into combat and can be recognized in the collection by the black and white color scheme.

Uncommon: Isamu

Isamu NFTs are classed as uncommon and semi-rare, identifiable by their red and black artwork. These heroes are known for their agility and guile. Particularly useful in battle, Isamu are experts at ambushing their opponent.

Rare: Akihiro

The rarest tokens in the collection, Akihiro are considered the leaders of the Kamitribe and feature a yellow and black color scheme. With just a few Akihiro in existence, these warriors command the battlefield, known for their high intelligence and combat awareness. As sovereign divinities, Isamu and Saburo are subordinate to Akihiro.

KAMI Hideout, KAMI DAO and KAMI Online

The project has some big plans with the first being the establishment of a DAO and a VIP club, known as the Hideout. This decentralized-autonomous organization will be used to vote on the direction of the project and give the community of NFT holders a voice through a utility token.

The Hideout will effectively be a VIP-only club where holders will be rewarded with perks such as discounts, merch, insider info, and Discord rights.

Later in the project’s life, the team also has big plans for the KAMI universe with the creation of an MMORPG called KAMI-Online. While details on this are still scarce, the project’s lore and artwork have certainly captured the imagination of plenty within the community already.

Kami Tribe roadmap

As with any good NFT project, a well-planned roadmap is the key to keeping a community together. With plenty of ambitious goals and rewards along the way, the KAMI roadmap is both realistic and ambitious, with plenty of giveaways and perks along the way for long-time holders.

25% – airdrops & merch

  • A quarter of the way through the minting process, the team intends on airdropping 5 KAMI NFTs to some of the community’s most active and highest-ranking members. To be considered, collectors will need to get noticed on the project’s Discord.
  • At this point, the official Merch Store plans will be announced. Currently, the community is voting on what they would like to see available in this store.
  • We can also expect more information on the KAMI DAO token.

50% – ETH giveaway

  • Halfway through minting and holders may find some ETH randomly dropped into their wallets. 10 lucky holders of a KAMI NFT will find 0.1 ETH ($320 currently) added to their funds.
  • The team will also drop 5 ETH ($16,000 currently) to the project’s community wallet. DAO token holders will later be able to vote on how such funds will be spent.
  • The project’s VIP-only club will also be established for only the most dedicated Discord members. These VIPs will be rewarded with various perks and discounts.

75% – 3D-printed KAMI + ETH giveaway, merch, DAO

  • Now three-quarters through minting, the team is going to randomly choose 1 NFT holder with a fully 3D-printed piece of KAMI artwork.
  • The team will also be adding another 5 ETH to the community wallet and the Merch Store will officially open.
  • The KAMI DAO will also be up and running with 30% of all fees added to the community vault.

100% – Manga, new roadmap, MMORPG plans, next generation

  • Once all the NFTs are minted, the project will reward some of the most significant holders in the community with their own 3D-printed KAMI artwork.
  • Details on the KAMI manga will also be released as well as information on the development of the MMORPG, known as KAMI Online (KO). All holders of KAMI NFTs and DAO token holders will be granted access to the alpha of KO upon launch.
  • We can also look forward to a new roadmap for the future of the project, including details on the next generation of tokens that will implement the Harakiri process.


Where can I mint a KAMI NFT?

KAMI NFTs can be minted on the official website (

Upon selling out, the NFTs can be obtained from third-party NFT marketplaces.

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When can I mint?

Minting will commence on February 18, 2022

How much will KAMI cost to mint?

Each KAMI NFT will cost 0.06999 ETH to mint, which is around $220 at the time of writing.

Of course, being an Ethereum-based project, collectors should ensure their crypto-wallet also has enough funds to cover any gas fees as well.

How many KAMI NFTs are there?

There are 6,999 NFTs in the collection.

What ownership rights do holders have?

Holders retain all rights including commercial freedoms.

Join the Kamitribe

Reaching our final conclusion, you must step into the Kamiverse and help the divine deities to cleanse the world of pain and sorrow.

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