Kami Genesis NFT | Kamitribe Main Collection: Everything you need to know about the Latest update on Kami Fam

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Hey guys,

So after initial mint of the Kamitribe collection on 18th February, 2022, a small mistake was made in the smart contract due to which, the pre-launch minting of Kamitribe got severely affected.

We were all excited and after minting and we couldn’t wait for the collection to get to the reveal date. However, unfortunately, due to the bug, the Kamitribe team had to pause the minting and further discuss about how to handle this critical situation.

However, I must say, the Kamitribe team handled the situation really well and infact, I believe that the project has now become even better and stronger. Things like, Female Kami’s were never thought of introducing in the collection and we do know that, there are lots of Female supporters in the Kamitribe fam who’d love to mint one of them.

At the same time, this was the moment when we saw how strong the Kamitribe community really was. We saw lots of support from the community, everyone was supporting them team and many Kami members also gave really good suggestions to the team on how they can handle the situation.

While, there’s still confirmation needed on what exactly will be the roadmap changes and when will the next minting happen, here’s a quick summary on what has happen, what are the changes that are going to take place, and what will be the future of Kamitribe.

February 18th, 2022, the Opensea Bug and Smart Contract Mistake on Kamitribe Collection

This Opensea bug was crazy and I call it a bug because I am not a developer, however, in actuality, a hacker found a exploit in the Smart contract which allowed him to steal NFT’s or buy them at a cheaper price. This was essentially a Phishing attack that actually did not originate from Opensea but rather, hackers trying to lure people into clicking on links to sign a contract.

We don’t exactly know how this works but essentially, Bored Ape #9991 was one of those NFT’s that got affected by the bug. The owner got devasted when it sold for just 0.77 ETH which is about $1700.

During the initial Pre-sale of Kamitribe NFT, things were fine until 30 mins to 1 hour later, we started to see some weird patterns in the prices. Luckily, I minted for the full price for three but after I was searching through the collection, I noticed and people did notice too that many members were able to mint 3 Kami NFT’s for the price of 1 which was 0.06999 ETH.

This was essentially, due to a mistake made in the Smart Contact by the team. At the same time, Opensea was also in a critical situation as a hacker found a way to exploit NFT’s and were stealing them for a lower price.

I saw this after I was trying check the floor price and see where it is going to land. While, many members couldn’t mint any NFT’s at all after this.

Due to this, the Kamitribe Team had to pause the minting and discuss on how they would handle this situation.

Clearly, this was one of the most critical moments to experience in an NFT project, if I were in their shoes, it would be a very stressful situation. After more than 7 hours of in team discussions and hearing what the community has to say, initially, the team came up with a good solution, but stakes were high because, currently, the blame was all upon team.

So, during the Pre-sale, people could mint 3 NFT’s at max per wallet and only those who were Whitelisted were allowed to mint.

Initially, they thought of relaunching the NFT project and allowing 1 mint per wallet which wasn’t fair for many. This meant that, people who worked so hard to get into the Whitelist now had to face a huge loss. This would be unfair for those Whitelisted members who didn’t get a chance to mint.

While, the team had already incurred huge amounts of losses and they were willing to take the loss for the sake of the community, while compromising the MMORPG Game.

So, the team revamped the changes and in their 2nd announcement, they made a big change to the project. Now the collection was going to get divided into two collections.

Kami Genesis and the Main collection where, the Kami Genesis will consist of 2898 KAMI NFT’s which will so be called OG KAMI’s with the colors white, red and gold and a rarity distribution of 64% common, 32% uncommon and 4% rare.

While the main collection will have a max supply of 4101 NFT’s retaining the original total number 6999 KAMI’s which will never change. The main collection will contain Purple, Green and Orange Kami’s.

However, the confusion is still there with which KAMI collection is more valuable, or whether the Genesis Collection holders will get more priority or the Main collection holders will have more benefits. This is indeed a tuff question to answer for the community as well as the team.

The team has actually mentioned that both collection holders will not be deprived of any benefits, however as I heard in the Kamitribe VC recordings, there has to be made some kind of distinction between the two collection, now that they are separate. But in terms of benefits like staking, both collection holders will have equal benefits.

I guess, the final conformation on what will be the core difference is still yet to be confirmed.

Kami Genesis, Main Collection, Genesis KAMI Reveal Dates and Main Collection Mint

So, here’s what the team has decided up until now.

Firstly, the Genesis KAMI’s will be revealed on 24th of February, 2022 at 3:30 PM CEST. This will be very exciting and this is the first major step that the team will take. At the same time, the team will be introducing Collab Land which is essentially for holder verification which will allow members to verify their Genesis Kami NFT’s and get the role of Genesis KAMI holder.

Next, the Main Collection Mint is going to happen very soon, probably in the next 3 weeks. The Main Collection will contain 4101 KAMI NFT’s with Purple, Green and Orange Kami’s. The price of minting will be the same at 0.06999 ETH.

However, there are some changes on who can mint, and who will be allowed to mint first.

So, the main collection will prioritize members who were Whitelisted and had the role of Whitelist Verified, but due to the bug, they could not mint the Genesis Collection. They will be categorized as Priority 1.

Whitelisted members who could mint just 1 will be given Priority 2.

While, the Whitelisted KAMI’s who were not able to submit their wallet will be given a second chance at minting the Main Collection as Priority 2.

In terms of how many can they mint, Priority 1 members can mint 2 KAMI’s and Priority 2 can Mint 1 KAMI NFT.

Moreover, the team has generously allocation 50 additional Whitelist spots to hand-picked community members and 250 spots for marketing and collaboration purposes.

Any Kami’s that are left after the Main collection minting will be available for minting on the Public Sale.


Currently, the KAMI Genesis Collection is on the wait to the reveal on 24th February. Lots of good stuffs coming soon. So we are hoping for the best and additionally, the team is also giving another 50 WL spots to the community members so for those who didn’t get a chance to get on the Whitelist, here’s your chance!.


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