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Concept Artist/ Filmmaker/Art Director

Jimmy Duda is one of the most reputed legendary filmmakers, concept artist, Visual Storyteller, and art director of many AAA title films, video games, tv shows, commercials, and print media. His passion for art, creatives, and especially visual storytelling is impeccable. He has worked with some of the biggest giants in the TV, Flim, and Gaming industry like Marvel, Warner Bros, Sony, Netflix, BMW, Porsche, and many many more.

His love for art is basically his first love, and there is no doubt, he has a lot to share with the NFT community, NFT artists, and creative creators in general.





Jimmy Duda

Today, I am with him, as I ask him a series of questions about his life, his love for art and creatives and especially what was the thing that pulled him towards the world of NFTs.

Here are a couple of his works from Art Station

Crested King – concept art sequence
Guardians of The Galaxy 2 – Stakar Spaceship
ghost of tsushima – stylized fanart
Symbiont World – Ocean City Sketch
battle tech angel aria terra


Q: Hi JIMMY, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Pleased to meet you. Your work is amazing, the one I really like is UNSEEN WESTEROS: Giant Spider. It’s just really magical. Of course, your work for Starwars and Spiderman is great. I would like to ask you about yourself, sort of introduction. 

Jimmy: I’m a Berlin-based visual storyteller and concept artist. For the last 15 years, I’ve been creating digital art. During that time I was able to work on Hollywood movies, TV Series, commercials, music videos, architectural visualizations, and live shows. My own art is fueled by storytelling and world-building. The artworks are parts of bigger narratives, whole fantastical universes, ready to explore, ever-expanding. My personal intellectual properties. I release my works as series or collections, digital pictorials so to speak.

Q: What got you into ART, DESIGN, GRAPHICS? What is your Style like if you were to explain it to someone?

Jimmy: As a kid I always drew a lot. but never thought I could make a living out of it. While studying architecture I stumbled into a 3dsmax course. It was love at first sight. It dawned on me that this is how video games and VFX for movies and are made. I could create fantastical imagery, anything I want, with just a computer. Needless to say, after my diploma I never worked as an actual architect. Regarding my style: I create compelling hybrid 2d / 3d imagery, enhanced with additional with every piece I aim for a mix of realism of stylization. How much can I bend the rules of realism while maintaining believability?

Q: What helped you polish this style?

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Jimmy: I learned A LOT from my designer friends and colleagues. Everybody, even if they just start out, has a unique take on art and unique skills and ideas. It also helps to be very passionate about the art that you create. it makes hard work and determination way easier. And for every successful artwork, there are ten failed pieces on my hard drive that will probably never see the light of day Also, I watch Youtube basically all the time while working. 3d, 2d, animation, cinematography, tutorials, art podcasts. You never know what will stick,

Q: How has your style evolved over the years?

Jimmy: That’s a tough one. With each day spent working on my craft, I learn something new and try to add that to my repertoire. Usually, I get phases where I’m fascinated by either color, painting, sculpting, animation, shading, particles, story…. the list goes on and on. the result is my ever-evolving style. But I honestly couldn’t even tell you how to name it.

Q: Okay, NFT’s the world is at it’s biggest hype. What do you think of NFT’s? What got you into NFT’s.

Jimmy: What got me into NFTs? That’s easy: Lambos! 😉 Honestly, this is a paradigm shift.II couldn’t be more excited! A renaissance of personal, beautiful art from so many emerging artists. I worked for clients for over a decade now, and I’m grateful for the opportunities. Nevertheless creating and selling my art directly means total creative and financial independence. With that, I can focus on finishing two animated short films and a children’s book that I have written and illustrated. My latest sold piece “Aztec Blood Prince” is the main character in one of these stories. Nearly all my NFTs are parts of these projects. This way collectors can be sure my art will have tremendous reselling value. A win-win situation.

Q: What is the one piece of NFT art that you had an eye on but missed?

Jimmy: That would be definitely “52Hz” by @zomax that sold for 100ETH recently. I love the image and basically everything the creator does (and he’s a super cool dude) but this one was definitely out of my budget. Maybe next time 😉

Q: What are your other passions besides art?

Jimmy: Besides the usual art-related fields like cinema, photography, playing guitar, it’s my family. Spending time with the kids is the best thing in the world. Family, family, family. And dogs 🙂

Q: Do you have any upcoming drops?

Jimmy: A LOT! But all take time. I carefully curate what Art I release and don’t want to flood the market with mediocre work. I created multiple own IPs that I’m adjusting to fit into collections.

Q: What’s the best advice you can give to youngsters who want to pursue Art and especially make a living through NFT’s.

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Jimmy: Promoting yourself and keeping followers/audiences interested is important. Networking too. But it doesn’t matter AT ALL if your work is not awesome-looking, or worse, uninteresting. Just like traditional art, you need to practice your skills. So put away your PS5 controller and get to work!

Personal Question, when did you first buy Bitcoin or ETH?

Jimmy: I first bought a little bit of bitcoin during the big hype at the end of 2017. and of course, I lost. A lot! Haha. Now things start to look better.

Q: Thanks a ton for your time, Where can Readers Find You?

Jimmy: My work is available on Foundation. Other platforms may follow 🙂 You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter, where I post a lot of art, work in progress, and where I announce my NFT drops.

Meet Jimmy Duda

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