Irina Cuteart’s NFTs — ’Cute NFT Cats’ All Set To Leave Its Blueprint On NFT Industry!

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The development of the blockchain industry has witnessed numerous attributes emerging from it, making their very own industry. One such industry which is right now on a roller coaster ride firing up steadily, is the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) industry. In part, the NFT industry ought to be next to the crypto industry.

Amidst all the hypes, the industry is certainly surging up each year like anything, with investors pouring in like anything. Apart from this, each week there comes a brand new NFT into the market. 

In spite of all such competition upon the NFT market, a young artist and entrepreneur proving as an example for woman empowerment, Irina Cuteart now enters the NFT industry with her new collection of NFTs. 

The Cute NFT Cats 

Website: https://cuteartnft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/irina_cuteart

Contact Person: Irina Cuteart

Company Name: Cute NFT Art

Email: cute.pet.art@gmail.com

Irina Cuteart announces officially regarding the launch of her very own collection of NFTs, the Cute NFT Cats. The Cute NFT Cats will be a collection of 100 unique different absolutely hand-drawn art images of cats. All cats are unique.

Moreover, all the 100 unique art NFTs will be drawn personally by Irina Cuteart herself. In addition, these NFTs will be launched upon the OpenSea NFT marketplace. These 100 unique NFTs of cat arts will be available for sale upon the OpenSea platform from 31st October, 2021. 

These NFTs will start from a price of 0.1 ETH.

To be even more specific, none of these 100 NFT arts of cats will be of the same type, breed or even share certain parts with each other. On the contrary no one art will be from a bot or AI derived. All will be unique , distinguishably hand-drawn by Irina digitally upon her ipad. 

Furthermore, these NFTs are being built upon the Polygon blockchain which itself is a Ethereum Layer 2 protocol. Being minted on the Polygon platform enables extremely faster transactions for the NFTs. Also, the gas fees are in fact absolutely zero, making the buying of Cute NFT Cats even easier. 

Irina Cuteart

Irina is obviously an artist when it comes to the arts. The young painter has been actively into sketching pets, basically dogs and cats, uniquely for the past 4 years profusely. 

During these 4 years, all of her arts are transferred and imprinted upon various merchandisers like mugs, sweatshirts and much more. All of these are sold by her actively for the past years on Etsy marketplace. 

Irina is quite popular and famous owing to her unique illustrations on all her social media platforms. In addition, so far she has more than 700 customers all giving her absolute 5-star ratings. 

Cute NFT Cats — A Golden Goose

Irina Cuteart is surely an influencer with completely no doubts. Her complete record so far upon all her media platforms and Etsy shows how trustworthy her works are. Besides, it’s also evident that her artworks are surely one of a kind, each and every one. 

Being a young woman entrepreneur making her way up is surely admirable. In all such terms, the way of her growth and her work over the past few years is quite remarkable. These alone prove to be sole and vital reasons for her NFTs to accelerate into the future. 

With such remarkable products from such an aspiring young woman surely ought to make the Cute NFT Cats a big hit.

Accordingly, talking in terms of the NFT market, the prices of these NFTs are extremely low, with just 0.1 ETH each. Evidently it’s a quick grab. Apart from just being a quick grab it is surely valuable over the long run. With the evident growth of the young female artist, it is proven that these Cute NFT Cats prices will surge with time. 

Starting from such low prices will evidently be a wise investment for all over the long run.

Views of Irina

With the launch of her very first NFTs, the young female artist is quite on cloud nine. Irina says that she’s extremely excited about the launch. Also, she believes these NFTs will surely be a big hit, owing to her works as before. 

Irina says that the sales revenue of these NFTs will be put back as investments for creating more artwork NFTs. Also, she promises that she will be also helping other fellow artists in creating NFTs from their artworks, empowering them too. 

Apart from all this, she declares that the first 100 buyers will be rewarded surprisingly with many additions. Accordingly, all these first 100 buyers will be receiving a parcel personally sent to them consisting of mugs, tees, sweatshirts, laptop cover sleeves, wall mount canvas and much more. 

In addition, she promises a direct face-to-face meetup in Romania, all free of cost for the first 100 buyers. 

Furthermore, she declares the more and earlier one gets involved into her NFTs, the more they will be rewarded. Also, anyone can contact her directly on the social media platform Discord, for any questions to be put out to her.

Cute NFT Cats Details and Links

Website: https://cuteartnft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/irina_cuteart

Contact Person: Irina Cuteart

Company Name: Cute NFT Art

Email: cute.pet.art@gmail.com

Source: https://www.cuteartnft.com/post/first-ever-nft-collection-of-cats-launching-on-polygon

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Discord: https://discord.gg/Tm29RYkpDX


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