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India’s First NFT Marketplace Launched by WAZIRX for Indian Artists

Cryptocurrency, a very hot topic from the past few years and now NFT crypto is the most discussing topic from the past few months, but here you might be wondering what is NFT and benefit of it? NFT stands for non-fungible token in Crypto market. It is unique and at markets and is the emerging platform which is advanced and different platform which helps people to work differently.

NFT Crypto art and Indian artists 

WAZIRX has launched one of the biggest and first Indian non fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Here Indian artists and creators can trade their digitals art such as their audios, videos, programs and even their tweets so that they can earn royalty. Nischal Shetty founder of WAZIRX said that it will not charge its customers for creating NFTs on their platform. As NFT is related to block chain a gas fee is paid to excavators in some currencies but WAZIRX is working on their platform to make it cost effective for creators and artists.

WAZIRX is leading with Canada-based entrepreneur Sandesh B Suvarna with film actor and producer Vishakha Singh as an adviser. According to them this is the best marketplace for creators to monetize their assets again with different buyers and also with dignity because every artists has the right to maintain its copyright intact. NFT is next one of the emerging and logical steps for those who are interested in digital properties.

According to market report, NFT has grown by 299% in 2020 and there are $250 million transactions and these transactions include renting, minting and breeding of NFTs. Recently, twitter founder has sold his tweet for $2.8 million and that`s the purpose off WAZIRX where every artist, distributor or collector can trade digital sales.

Now, there is the question for people like you me, do people like buying my art or tweets or some audio or video files?

Well, yes many people are interested in buying good quality art pieces, good advices, good tweets like if anyone is paying for VAN GOGH art then he could be interested in buying your art also. You might be a collector of someone`s art on NFT like if you want to buy someone`s art and want to trade with it you can, when its value goes up you can sale that art and earn a good profit on NFT platform.


NFT crypto market is for anyone to monetize their assets and just like all other crypto currencies it stores like a digital wallet which you can store into your computer. As NFT market is the emerging market of coming era it holds a great potential for everyone to earn a good amount from digital assets. The major benefit of it that each NFT has its own unique identifier with only one owner and you can earn your royalties when it is sold. Due to its huge popularity and its successful future be a part of it and enter in the world of crypto users.

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