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How Women Are Changing The Culture Of Crypto? Featuring Psychedelic Sloths, Women Rise NFT

How Women Are Changing The Culture Of Crypto

January 5th, 2022 marks the first-ever National Women In Crypto Day. This day is a way to acknowledge and celebrate all women who have made their mark in this space, as well as those that are just starting out. The goal of this day is to continue building community and support for female-led crypto initiatives and projects which will hopefully lead to more awareness and opportunities for women in the industry.

This is the day meant for promoting awareness for Female-led Startups within Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, AI/ML/DL technologies.

This year alone, there were over 50 female-led ICOs who raised over $500 Million Dollars.

As it is said that, 95% of the NFT projects, unfortunately, do not sell out. As the NFT space has garnered a lot of attention because of several NFT projects that have gained massive successes, the remainder, however, isn’t really successful.

As the harsh reality is that, what really worked in 2021 in the NFT space, doesn’t work in 2022.

The hype of a cute picture or adorable animal is gone, disintegrated, and has literally evaporated right before our very eyes. Change is on the horizon, and its name is Woman.

So where does that leave women in the crypto space?

It is all about collaboration for survival. Women led projects are shifting their goals from 48hr or even a 30 day sell out timelines, and playing the long game. IRL (in real life) events, merch, brand deals, ambassadorships, and even government lobbying are making appearances in the space in an unprecedented fashion. This is no longer about a particular group dominating (ie Male/female/white/black dominated) a space or industry. This realization is becoming clearer in the mainstreamed twitter spaces; where the NFT industry lives and is accessed.

Although influential NFT twitter hosts have been called out for just bringing up women as show pieces and not engaging with them, several others have taken the opposite approach and are providing bigger platforms for women to speak and be heard. Several NFT Conferences have been scheduled and are already being marketed on social media, with female speakers in the line up.

Why do you ask?

Because the buyers, investors, and stakeholders in the industry rally behind people and brands that are intellectually respected and are actually taking action. Communities are demanding to have AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the entire project team, wanting to understand and know more about the art and
intent behind the project. This is unprecedented consumer behavior in our time. Consumers are calling brands out on any and all false claims, as well as commanding social impact initiatives to be an actionable pillar for all projects.

With accountability being the spearhead for the ushering in of the new age digital era, there is zero-tolerance for toxic exclusive behavior or culture. Everyone is invited and we all hold the door open for the next person behind us. Which is
the reason and purpose of #WomenInCrypto Day! Showcasing the unseen and hidden voices of the industry, and holding the door open for them. Many Projects are joining hand in hand all week long drawing attention to their impact, community, and mission.

Join the world in celebrating the women of crypto and their highly anticipated impact-driven projects. Here are a few women-led Projects still minting that we are keeping our eyes on and why.

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Hello Breasties

Hello Breasties is part of the Hello Universe who, in a playful, light-hearted and engaging way, along with our amazing community, exists to:

  • Encourage girls and women to dream big
  • Accelerate fair and equitable access to women achieving their dreams
  • Celebrate and support purpose-driven art from artists sharing similar values
  • Contribute to overcoming large-scale social issues of global importance – starting with breast cancer awareness, support and research.

Psychedelic Sloths

Led by a team of powerhouse women championing their way through the NFT industry, the fast-growing Psychedelic Sloths community is kicking the Web3 door wide open to ensure everyone has both a seat and a voice at the NFT table. Our mission is to build a community around inclusivity and accessibility in the NFT space, while creating a safe and healthy space for people to grow and put their mental health first.

  • Gifting 2 Ayahuasca Retreats (Spiritual retreat for Mental Health and Clarity)
  • Donating $10,000 to Charities fighting against domestic violence
  • Donating $10,000 to Animal Rescue and Conservation
  • Normalizing Mental health wellness, treatments and spreading awareness on research

WomenRise NFT

Women Rise is a collection created by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi. The collection represents women from around the world and the traits go beyond the diversity of just skin colors. Women activists, artists, scientists, coders and many others are rising to make the world a better place!

Dick Pix

Dick Pix offers unique, hilariously hand-drawn digital collectibles that represent community through ownership and championing safer sex practices. This project blends nostalgic characters inspired by your favorite films, likenesses of people you know and love, and big comedic vibes to create a limited series of collectibles. Portions of our sales are redistributed to charities and organizations that aid in STD/STI testing, family planning, and all-inclusive sexual wellness
safety and education.

Join us directly in support of #WomenInCrypto Day on January 5th on Twitter!

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