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How To Play Plant vs Undead: Complete Guide

How to play plants vs undead

Plant vs Undead ( is one of the biggest titles in the NFT gaming space. In blending classic gameplay mechanics with NFTs and GameFi concepts, it has drawn a lot of attention and new players over recent months. While the game is still in active development, players are eager to earn income both passively and through gameplay.

Playing the game is easy, fun, and rewarding. It is available on both PC through browsers and through mobile apps. To help get you started, below we’ve explained how to play Plant vs Undead with a complete guide on what you need to know to get started farming.

What is Plant vs Undead

Inspired by the classic mobile game Plants vs Zombies, Plant vs Undead uproots the core gameplay mechanics and revolutionizes it as an NFT-based homage. Anyone who’s played the original will understand the basics of Plant vs Undead, which will eventually involve tower defense mechanics where you arrange zombie-fighting plants to prevent them from progressing.

The biggest difference is that Plant vs Undead integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the game to establish true ownership of the assets used to play. In this case, players use their own collection of plants to generate tokens and to protect the Mother Tree from zombies.

While the game has now launched, the PvE aspect of the game is still in development with the farming and gardening aspects currently the main focus for players.

There are several different varieties of plants in the game that are purchasable from the game’s marketplace with more plans for the future. As it stands, the basic gameplay loop involves planting a farm and maximizing its productivity, with these tokens eventually used to withstand attacks from the undead zombies in the PvE mode.

Types of tokens in Plant vs Undead

In order to properly understand Plant vs Undead, it’s important to get acquainted with the different types of tokens involved. These are used throughout the game’s ecosystem which is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

PVU token

Plant vs Undead’s PVU token is the game’s main currency. As the game uses the Binance Smart Chain, PVU is a BEP20 token, which is the blockchain’s equivalent of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. It is used throughout the game’s economy.

Being the game’s native token, PVU is used for everything from purchasing plants to mother trees, land plots, and even Undead tokens.

There is a maximum cap of 300 million PVU tokens in the ecosystem and they can be earned through winning battles and other in and out of game events.

To acquire PVU you need to do the following:

  1. Purchase USDT from Binance ( or other crypto exchange
  2. Use Binance to convert USDT to BNB
  3. Connect MetaMask ( to your Binance account
  4. Withdraw your BNB to MetaMask
  5. Visit PancakeSwap ( and connect your MetaMask wallet
  6. Convert your BNB tokens to PVU

Light Energy (LE)

Light Energy (LE) is another key game resource. It is used to buy specific tools necessary to play the game such as plant pots and water. You can acquire LE through converting PVU or by planting sunflowers that yield LE at regular intervals. However, sunflowers themselves require watering, for example, so some LE collected will need to be reinvested to ensure future LE rewards.

The game ultimately allows players to visit other players’ gardens and perform quests to earn more LE through cooperation.

This is a semi-passive way to generate income as LE can be converted back to PVU which has a real-world cash value that can be withdrawn through several decentralized exchanges.

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How to play farming mode in Plant vs Undead

The main way to play Plant vs Undead is to become a farmer. This involves buying assets

from the marketplace that you then plant into one of the 6 farming spaces that you are given for free.

  1. Visit Plant vs Undead website/open the app
  2. Choose “Farm” to claim a plot
  3. Purchase plants from the marketplace
  4. Convert PVU to LE to acquire pots and tools
  5. Use water, pots, scarecrows, and greenhouses to maintain your plants and maximize LE productivity
  6. Place your plants into your plot slots
  7. Water, maintain, upgrade your plots and other people’s

First up, visit the Plant vs Undead website( and click “Farm” on the top ribbon. This will open up the game and prompts you to connect your MetaMask wallet if you haven’t already.

Upon loading, the game will ask you if you want to choose between two modes, “Farm” and “PVE”. For beginners, stick with the former until you’re comfortable with the basics.

To get players started, everyone starts with a free plot of land, 5 plant slots, and a mother tree that it is your goal to protect.

To proceed you will then want to head to the game’s marketplace and purchase some plants that will cost you PVU. Each plant has a preferred season and a “type.” These affect the amount of light energy it produces per hour when planted.

To place your plant you’ll need a pot. Small pots have a duration of 10 days, big ones have a duration of 30 days. These can be bought in the game using LE and require the conversion of PVU to LE.

There are 25 weather events that happen in the game from winter storms, and sunny spells to volcano eruptions, magnetic reconnections, and solar flares. Each can increase, decrease, or have no effect at all on your plants’ LE production.

Plant vs Undead Tools

Other assets can be used to counteract or boost this LE yield such as greenhouses that can cancel out negative weather effects and maximize productivity. In addition to greenhouses, there are also different sized pots for housing your plants and scarecrows for scaring off crows on your plot and other people’s.

Most importantly, you will want to also purchase a water tool that has a limited amount of uses. Upon watering a plant, it will stay hydrated for 1 day. Watering your plants and other people’s results in a random reward being given. The most common is a 10 LE reward but anything up to 500 LE can be earned.

Note: you can only water 15 times per day.

PvE Mode

The PvE section of the game is still in development and upon full release will allow players to use their plants to tackle hordes of zombies aiming to take down your mother tree. In the meantime, players are busy generating PVU and LE to ensure they’re in good stead for the launch.

Upon full release, PvE mode will integrate into the farming aspect of Plant vs Undead and still use the Binance Smart Chain.

PvP Mode

Player versus player mode is available on mobile or through emulators on PC.

It is still being actively developed and as such is sometimes unavailable while the team refines and perfects the experience. The mode offers players the chance to battle their plants and earn income and rewards as they do so.

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PVP is separate from the Farm and PVE mode and uses Factory Chain as opposed to Binance Smart Chain. This means it has its own tokenomics but, assets owned in Farming mode will be cloned to feature in PvP mode meaning your efforts there will also provide a benefit.


Still early in its development, it’s still a great time to get into Plant vs Undead. With plenty of opportunities to earn real cash and have genuinely good fun in doing so, the game is taking root in the GameFi play-as-you-earn space.

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