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How To Get NFT for FREE? Must Read!

how to get nft's for free

If you are an NFT enthusiast or maybe you’ve just stumbled upon NFT’s and you were thinking to buy one, but they’re pretty expensive and then you might have, “Hey let me Google search whether if I can get NFT’s for FREE or not?”.

If that is the case then, this article is exactly what it is all about. There are tons of ways to get NFT for absolutely zero cost and in this article I will show the different ways by which you can get NFT’s for FREE.

Before be dive into the article, let’s first explain what NFT’s are for those readers who are brand new in the world of NFTs. I am sure by now, most of you guys know what NFT’s are but there are a few people who don’t know what NFTs are.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens and they are Crypto Tokens just like any other tokens out there like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano….etc. These NFT’s can represent or have a the ability to represent a digital asset which can be anything from an original artwork, paintings, music, videos, and trading cards and collectibles and data or information of the NFT is stored in the blockchain network.

The question is, is NFT a crypto token or a digital asset and the answer is that NFT’s are Actual Crypto Tokens just like any other crypto tokens out there. The only difference is that NFT’s are “Non- Fungible” meaning they cannot be mutually exchanged with each other hence the name “Non fungible tokens”. As with other Crypto Tokens, say Bitcoin for example, you and your friend can have 1 BTC each and when you exchange bitcoins with each other, the value remains the same. This is not the case with NFT’s as each NFT is unique and there can only exist one NFT of each kind. This is why NFT’s are able to hold such great value and uniqueness. Thus, they amplify the value of the Digital asset they are tied to. Therefore, NFT cannot be identical to each other and are irreplaceable, and cannot be duplicated or replicated.

I hope this gives you a general idea about what NFT’s are and yeah, each NFT is a unique Crypto Token.

Now let’s dive straight into the article and find out how you can get NFT’s for FREE!.


If you are thinking to get into NFT’s and if you’re not on Twitter then you are not in the game of NFT’s at all. Because Twitter is where NFT’s are most alive and Discord is where you find the community at it’s deepest level.

If you head to Twitter right now, you’ll find tons of NFT projects out there. There are Crypto Companies, Crypto Artists and all kinds of NFT enthusiasts sharing and promoting their projects on Twitter. Many times, you’ll find lots of new NFT artists and companies giving away NFT for FREE. And yes, this is real, as it’s difficult to gain traction and audience in the NFT community when you first enter as a newbie in the market.

The best strategy for them to get the initial base of customers is to actually give away a portion of their NFT for FREE. A lot of artists and NFT companies hold giveaways on Twitter and they with full kindness will giveaway some amount of NFTs for FREE to users. All that is required is that, you’ll need to support them by following them and their projects.

Here are some examples:

1. Shkary Sharks – Shkary Sharks is a doing a giveaway for their latest NFT drop where they will giveaway 1X Shkary Shark and 10 spots on their whitelist. All you have to do is follow their account, ReTweet and tag 3 friends.

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2. Salamanders NFT – Another NFT project is Salamanders NFT. They are going to giveaway 1X Salamanders NFT to a random user who participates in their giveaway. The only thing they’ll have to do is retweet, follow their page and tag 2 friends.

You’ll find tons of people and artists out there who will give away NFT’s to their users for FREE. They are very generous out there on Twitter and almost everyone out there gives away NFT’s for FREE. So, if you are just stepping in into the world of the NFT’s and you have no clue how to get an NFT, else you don’t want to pay for an NFT, you can try these Giveaways and get NFT’s for FREE.

While, many times, Twitter is mostly used for Giveaways, Discord is also another place where you can find tons of NFT projects and Giveaways. As we know, Discord is the hub for different kinds of communities and in NFT’s, having a community is very important is there is no better place than Discord.

Many times, on Twitter NFT giveaways, you will be also asked to follow their Discord in order to participate in their giveaway.

2. | Hunting New Upcoming NFT Drops

Another great place to get FREE NFT’s is on the website This is honestly one of the best places to hunt for new NFT projects. How Rare Is is essentially a website that shows us the Rarity level of an NFT.

However, How Rare also has the data of all the upcoming NFT Drops that going to happen for the Month or the Week. This is what we are really interested in because to be honest, it is hard to find new and good NFT projects.

If you get to the upcoming drops section of the website, you’ll find all the new upcoming NFT drops that going to happen within an hour, day or week. This is gold or diamond right out there because all the new drops that going to happen are all new NFT projects.

From these NFT projects, many of them will giveaway NFT’s for FREE because all these new NFT projects and drops don’t have a big community and it makes total sense to use giveaways as a method to build a community and initially spark that craze for their NFTs.

How to get NFT’s for FREE using

First go to the website and click on “Upcoming Drops”.

Check out all the upcoming NFT Drops for the day. In our case, for October 18th.

As you can see, there are tons of new NFT drops that are going to be minted very soon. Take for example, Billionaire Whale Club is going to drop their newest NFT in 12 hours and 8 minutes.

Go and check the Twitter and Discord of the NFT project that you feel will most likely giveaway NFT’s for FREE. I go and check “Billionaire Whale Club’s Twitter page.

There you go!, the first pinned Tweet itself is a FREE Giveaway.

You see almost every NFT project that you find are doing giveaways. In fact, lets check out the second one which is Solfighters.

Even Solfighters is giving away NFT’s for FREE.

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The reason why almost every new NFT drop projects giveaway NFT’s for free is because they are not doing it to improve their sales or expect to give away NFT’s for FREE in the hope that you will buy a second one later.

The only reason why they do it is because they are trying to build a community. They are trying to get in more people engaged with their project. They are trying to create brand awareness and the cheapest way to do that is to giveaway NFT’s for FREE.

Because on Twitter, the minimum cost for advertising is $50 and for $50 dollars, you can reach about 4000 to 8000 people at max. Now, if you think about it, everytime, you retweet and share their project with your friends, you are helping their project grow. Why wouldn’t they wanna give NFT’s for FREE.

Final Thoughts

So this was how you can get NFT’s for FREE. I would say, if you’ve just entered the NFT space and you wanna experiment with NFT’s but you don’t want to spend any money, this is a great way to initially own your first NFT. So, definitely try it out and there is actually a very high chance that you will get your first NFT for FREE. The reason is because there are so many projects out there and very few of them have a big community. Which directly means that the competition is low and its more than ever easy to own your first NFT for FREE.

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