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Axie Infinity

How to Buy Axie Infinity NFT? Complete Guide

How To Buy Axie Infinity NFT? Complete Guide

Axie Infinity has set itself apart from the competition by offering the perfect blend of familiar, monster-battling gameplay with a well-rounded play-to-earn model that rewards players for simply playing the game. Despite the game’s popularity, however, getting started can be a little tricky.

So, before diving into the world of smooth love potions, Axies, plots of land, and bundles, you need to know how to buy Axie Infinity NFT assets. Here then is everything you need to know to get started.

What is Axie Infinity

Released early in the life of the NFT space, Axie Infinity was launched in March 2018 by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis.  The game’s play-to-earn model has rendered it a great success in the NFT community, regularly seeing over 2 million active daily users.

The game is often likened to Pokemon in that the main gameplay hook involves players pitting their prized monsters against each other, using traits and power moves to overcome the opponent.

Unlike Pokemon, however, the game makes use of blockchain technology. This means each individual monster, called an Axie, is unique and owned privately by an individual or group.

The game uses the Ronin network, which is a sidechain of Ethereum made specifically for the Axie Infinity game.

Ronin allows the game to scale dramatically better than the base Ethereum network, meaning faster and cheaper transactions.

What can you buy?

While the game is often described as play-to-earn, it’s better described as pay-to-play-to-earn in that the game does require some initial outlay before you can begin playing and earning.

While there is a multitude of in-game items that can be bought and sold for Axie Infinity, items for sale can be put into three categories:

Axies: These are your monsters. You’ll need a team of at least 3 to begin battling. Each Axie is one of nine classes and is comprised of 6 body parts. These parts vary in rarity and determine the stats and moveset of your Axie.

Land: The Axie Infinity world is called Lunacia and has been turned into tokenized pots of land. These act as a home and base of operations for Axies and be customized and upgraded over time.

Items: The game has a host of in-game items that can heal and boost Axies, give them additional stats, or even debuff and hamper opponents. The game also introduces cosmetic items such as decorative pieces to personalize your plots of Land.

Where to buy Axie Infinity NFTs

The main place to buy, sell, and trade Axie Infinity NFTs is the official marketplace.

Here, you’ll find NFTs split into 4 sections:

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  • Axies
  • Land
  • Items
  • Bundles

The marketplace displays prices in both ETH and USD for convenience. Here, users can also filter results to find specific classes or body parts. Or, if looking for a Land, can choose to only see certain environments, such as Arctic plots. Items are the cosmetics, buffs, and debuffs that can be used throughout the game. Bundles are quite simply collections of NFTs that have been put into a single transaction. These bundles are exclusive to the official marketplace and can result in considerable savings.

The marketplace makes use of the Ronin blockchain, meaning transactions are swift and cheap.

Elsewhere, Axies can be found on Ethereum marketplaces such as OpenSea. With Ethereum as the Layer 1 blockchain behind the game, Axie NFTs can effectively be bought and sold freely outside of the ecosystem. These marketplaces, however, may induce more expensive gas fees.

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Buying an Axie step by step

Getting hold of an Axie, or any other NFT from the official marketplace is relatively simple, involving just a few steps:

1. Create a Ronin wallet

First of all, you’ll need a Ronin wallet, considered the “boarding pass to a new digital nation.” This allows you to not only buy and sell Axie Infinity NFTs but also any other tokens on the Ronin sidechain.

  • Simply first install the Chrome extension.
  • Click on “Install Ronin Wallet for Chrome”.
  • Then Press the “Add to Chrome Button”.
  • After adding the Ronin Chrome Extension, you should see the Ronin Wallet Icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  • After following the on-screen instructions and linking your wallet to your Axie account, making sure to save your recovery phrase safely, you’ll be ready to proceed.
  • Click on that Icon and Press the “Get Started Button” and click “I’m new. Let’s get set up!
  • Create a password and then click on “Reveal Seed Phrase”.
  • The Seed Phrase is essentially a 12 word secret phrase that you will be using to recover your account, incase if you lose your password.
  • This is very important and you should store it somewhere safe.
  • This is the last step, just click on “Confirm seed Phrase” where you rewrite the words in order.
  • After you’ve written down the words in order, click on “Continue”.
  • Congratulations, your Ronin Wallet has been successfully created.

2. Send some ETH to your Ronin wallet

In order to make purchases, you’re going to need some ETH.

There are two main ways to get your Ronin wallet funded.

i.  Send some ETH from another wallet such as MetaMask using Ronin Bridge.

ii. Convert fiat currency straight to ETH in your Ronin wallet using Ramp Network.

Most players opt for the first method, with the Ramp Network not supported in some countries.

You can either purchase Axies using Ronin WETH or Ronin AXS, both coins work and can be used to purchase Axie Infinity monsters.

First, you should definitely browse the marketplace and choose what kind of Axie you want. The game needs atleast 3 Axies for players to be able to play the game.

While, the lowest cost of an Axie can range between $100 – $200 depending upon the market conditions and the prices of Ethereum.

3. Browse the marketplace

Ronin wallet funded, it’s time to start browsing the marketplace.

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The marketplace is divided into three main areas, categories, filters, and results.

Simply choose the category you’re interested in purchasing (such as Axies), use the filter panel to choose any classes and body parts you want, and then view the results on the right. Should you find there not be enough results showing, try widening your search by removing some filters.

4. Proceed to purchase

With your Axie, Land, or item chosen, proceed to purchase.

Simply click the blue “Buy Now” button in the top right of the page.

This will cause your Ronin wallet to pop up where you can view the details of the transaction about to take place. This will include the amount you’re going to pay for the Axie, Land, or Item in wrapped ETH, as well as the gas fee involved.

If everything looks good, click Confirm.

5. Confirm the purchase

After you’ve bought your Axie, Land, or item, you’ll want to make sure everything went smoothly.

Still logged in, head on over to the Activities page.

Here, you’ll be able to see your purchases and check the status of any currently in-process using the Ronin Blockchain Explorer.

In the case of Land or Axies, you can also simply visit the listing page for the NFT and see if the current owner attribute reflects your handle.

And that’s it. You’re now ready to begin playing one of the most exciting NFT games available. Remember though, you’ll need at least 3 Axies to begin playing and earning, so repeat this method until you have a worthy team.

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