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How Rarity Tools Determine NFT Value

The digital world is blessed with the best of the best NFTs. NFTs already come with authenticity and uniqueness, but more things add to the value of the NFTs. Every NFT project adds various traits to an NFT that makes an NFT rare and skyrocket its value.

If you are an enthusiast who seeks the value of NFT collectibles, then there are Rarity Tools that cuts off a whole chunk of work for you to find the most valuable NFTs. With Rarity Tools, you can find out the rarity of the NFTs and find out the best one to invest in.

Let’s move ahead and see what Rarity Tools have in store for you.

What is “Rarity Tools”?

Currently, there is a large number of impressive NFT projects that exist on NFT marketplaces. If you are of the lot whose hands are itching to get an NFT, then be comprehensive in the aspect of the rarity of NFTs. Well, there is Rarity Tools which will do all the work for you. Rarity Tools calculates the rarity of NFTs, therefore, making it easy for you to know about the rarity of your NFT.

Rarity Tools is an effortless way of finding the category of your NFT based on its rarity. Rarity Tools is a website that ranks generative art and valuable NFTs according to their rarity. So with it, you can get acquainted with the real value of NFTs, and this will come in handy while investing in NFTs.

The rarer the NFTs are, the higher their value is. Getting hands on a rare NFT is a big deal and if the NFT project is a hit then it’s a jackpot. The rare NFT you own will go up in terms of value by leaps and bounds on the secondary market. So getting your head around the rarity of the NFT is extremely useful.

What is “Rarity” of an NFT?

Every NFT collection features traits and attributes, and their amalgamation completes an NFT. Although, among all the traits and characteristics some are rare while others are common. Let’s take CryptoPunks as an example. CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. All the CryptoPunk NFTs are unique, although some NFTs might be rarer than others because of the traits they possess. As mentioned above, some traits and attributes are rare, and only some NFTs have them. So the characteristics which the CryptoPunks possess have various levels of rarity. So, not all CryptoPunks share the same value.

There are traits such as Facial Hair, Ears, Eyes, and many more in the CryptoPunk collection. These properties share various kinds of rarity, and every NFT is a mixture of these traits. The rarity of the traits will determine the rarity of the NFT as a whole.

How do Rarity Tools determine NFT value?

Rarity Tools makes use of the traits to determine the rarity of an NFT. Rarity Tools combines the rarity of all the traits and attributes an NFT possesses and calculates the overall rarity score of the NFT. The calculation which goes into determining the rarity of an NFT by Rarity Tool is:

[Rarity Score of a Trait] = 1 / ({Number of NFTs with that Trait] / [Total Number of NFTs in Collection})

Then by adding the Rarity score of all the traits of the NFT we get the result of the total Rarity score of the particular NFT.

So, Rarity Tools considers all the traits of an NFT while determining the Rarity of an NFT. It combines all the rarity scores of all the traits of the NFT and then gives the true rarity of the NFT. Well, Rarity Tools has the smoothest and easiest way of determining rarity.

NFT Tools

In conclusion, Rarity Tools is an efficient website for all NFT enthusiasts to check the rarities of NFTs. With Rarity Tools, you can see the real rarity of NFTs from various NFT projects, whether they be new or existing projects. So with the true rarity of the NFT, you can see what you are investing in and this saves a lot of time. Rarity Sniper is also another tool that determines the rarity of an NFT. So with such tools, your life has become a lot easier within the NFT space.

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There are also various tools other than Rarity Tools with other functionalities making a user’s time easy and smooth in the NFT and blockchain space. All the tools contribute to your decision-making regarding investing in NFTs.

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