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How NFTs Are Changing Esports

NFTs are becoming prominent in every field possible and bringing significant changes for the better. Whether it be music, art, or games, it is certainly making every field prosper. In terms of esports, NFTs are bringing about noteworthy progress. NFTs can certainly evolve the Esports industry. If the development of the NFT experiences is aimed to be fan-centric from the beginning, we can see a lot of advancement in the Esports arena.

There are a lot of innovative developments going on in integrating NFTs into Esports. Also, to ensure that NFTs improve Esports, there are domain leaders from Esports teams to blockchain platforms that demonstrate how to blend utilities, increase engagement and instruct and guide enthusiasts toward a better future with Esports and NFTs. 

NFTs as Esports collectibles

Essentially, NFTs are collectibles and that is probably the basic understanding of what an NFT is. NFTs with their non-fungibility characteristic make the best collectibles of anything.

In the Esports space, NFTs function as collectibles. There are collectibles of sports events as NFTs on several marketplaces. Fans and enthusiasts can collect various sports events as NFTs. On some platforms, enthusiasts can even mint their customized collectibles. This is a great feature or utility as this broadens and allows the fans to show their capabilities.

One such prominent Esports platform is IKONIC. This platform confirms and demonstrates the significant part NFTs play in the development of Esports. This platform works functions together with influencers and Esports celebrities. This platform offers an exciting feature known as “Trim Clip”. This feature allows gamers to create a video NFT with any in-game moment. This is a notable feature by which gamers can mint their NFT using their in-game moments. In this way, fans can collect the moments of their favorite celebrities on Esports from NFT marketplaces.

There are also NFT royalties that give professional players a chance to create additional revenue from streams. The players can grow their fan base with NFTs by providing special benefits to casual players as well.

Esports NFTs create new ways to engage with fans

With NFTs, there are more ingenious ways to engage with the fans and enthusiasts in the Esports space. Well, NFTs are being used for similar purposes in esports and the fanbase has been increasing significantly.

The most prominent function of NFTs is exclusive experiences in Esports. NFTs can function as access or membership cards to exclusive events and VIP membership access. With such NFTs, the fans can gain access to absolutely exclusive IRL events, get rewards, and might get a chance to meet their favorite teams.

Brands can devise creative ways to engage their audience to create new revenue streams. This will attract the new young population to Esports as this populace is already acquainted with NFTs and have technical knowledge.

A leading platform for fan engagement in Esports is Yesports. This platform gives its utmost attention to fab-to-team experiences which are based on Web3. Yesports has partnered itself with Infinity, BOOM, Fact Revolution, and many more prominent Esports clubs. This platform benefits over 500 million fans. This platform comes with utilities and has its token “YESP”. The platform’s ecosystem allows fans to stake tokens and earn LP rewards. The fans can even participate in stake-to-engage programs.

The project also has an upcoming metaverse under development. In the metaverse, fans can experience VIP team events and live streams. The enthusiasts can even get their customizable avatars and rewards based on engagement programs.

Expanding Esports revenue with NFTs

With the inclusion of NFTs in Esports, there has been a spread of ways of revenue in the Esports space. A good instance of this is custom fan memberships. A good example is once again Yesports. This platform has a feature of “customizable fan memberships” and with this Esports clubs can release suitable rewards and experiences for their fans. There are also other ways of proliferating revenue ways and expanding the existing revenue methods. They are access to behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews which can be accessed by tokens.

NFT Education for fans

As NFTs are recent developments, several Esports players have doubts about NFTs. As the crypto space is full of scams and ill-fated activities, these can be the root cause of all the hesitation going on in the player’s minds regarding NFTs. Although, a study by the National Research Group suggests over 64% of the fans are willing to learn about NFTs and plan to buy NFTs in the future.

So to increase the enthusiasm of the interested fans, a good way is to educate them about NFTs. With this, the fans will drop their indecision about NFTs. Team Vitality, an esports organization along with Tezos launched a mobile application called V.Hive. This app has been developed to educate the community of Team Vitality about Web3. The partners will achieve this by making it simple for fans to sign up and by providing them with the resources they need to construct their digital profile.

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Free NFTs to expand Esports space

By including and giving away free NFTs the Esports space will attract more gamers. As primarily NFT projects are released for revenue and profits. This has been distancing gamers from NFTs. So with free NFTs, gamers will understand that NFTs are not here just to earn money.

For instance, the step taken by 100 thieves, and Esports organization. The organization did a giveaway of 300,000 NFTs to its community without mentioning its name. The organization tagged those NFTs as “commemorative digital collectibles”. With this, the Esports organization was trying to convey the message that the organization is not aiming to earn money with resales and just wanted to give their community rewards.

With this, the negative thoughts about NFTs lessened by heaps and bounds. With the free NFTs, the fans got access to crypto wallets. So, this is a major rendition of the role of NFTs in Esports.


NFTs are equally important in the Esports world as it is in terms of art. NFTs increase a lot of inclusivity in the Esports space through several innovative means. The mixing of Esports with NFTs is also a great step for Esports’ future. NFTs with their great functionality and unique attributes will surely add great new things to Esports and attract more attention and people to it.

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