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If you’re wondering how you can create and sell NFT’s on OpenSea, then you have come to the right place. Because today in this article, I will show you exactly how you can do that. Whether, you’re looking for a step by step guide or you’re stuck somewhere, I’ve got you covered.

Firstly, lets familiarize ourselves with some of the important Blockchain and NFT Key terms.

What are NFT’s? – NFT’s so called Non-Fungible Tokens are digital items, assets that can be anything from an original artwork, paintings, collectibles, to trading cards and even music, videos or any other digital assets. They are unique, and cannot be identical to each other. While, the data about NFT’s which include ownership data, description, name and so on, are all stored in the blockchain network. This is the reason why NFT’s cannot be duplicated, replicated and replaced. This makes NFT’s have the ability to be rare and unique.

Ethereum – Ethereum is actually a blockchain network where ETH or Ether is used as the main Cryptocurrency of the network. Today, Ethererum or Ether is widely used in NFT’s due to the possibility of Smart Contracts that allows smooth transactions between the users.

Crypto Wallets Crypto Wallets are essentially a Virtual Wallet in the form of desktop and mobile apps. This wallet allows us to store, receive and send Cryptocurrencies. Today, we can actually directly buy and sell Cryptocurrencies from a Crypto Wallet itself. Crypto Wallets like MetaMask allows us to do this.

Wallet Address – Your wallet address is a unique address that will be used to receive funds into your account in the form of Cryptocurrencies. This means when-ever you wish to receive funds from someone, you’ll have to use this unique address.

Secret Seed Phrase – This is essentially a list of 12 secret words given to you while you are creating your Crypto Wallet. This secret phrase acts as a recovery method incase if you lose your password or access to your Crypto Wallet. Remember to keep this secret phrase hidden in a safe location and should be only used to recover your Crypto Wallet. Not even the Crypto Wallet Company should ever ask you this phrase unless for the purpose of importing your wallet or recovering your wallet.


Before you can start creating and selling NFT’s on OpenSea, you’ll need a Crypto Wallet.

OpenSea allows us to connect with these Wallet Options:

  1. MetaMask
  2. Bitski
  3. Fortmatic
  4. WalletConnect
  5. Coinbase Wallet
  6. OperaTouch
  7. Trust
  8. Arkane
  9. Authereum
  10. Torus
  11. Portis
  12. Dapper
  13. Kaikas

We will be using MetaMask wallet as it is globally used by almost every Crypto and Blockchain companies out there. It’s also very easy to use and create an account on MetaMask. While it is also very safe and secure.

To create an account on MetaMask, follow the steps below as I walk you through each process.

1. Go to the Official Website of MetaMask and Click on “Download”.

2. Then Click on Get MetaMask for Chrome or Firefox.

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Image: Matic

3. Then Install MetaMask on your Browser by Clicking Add to Chrome -> Add Extension. This is essentially Install the MetaMask Chrome Extension Plugin on your Chrome Browser.

Image: Matic

4. MetaMask is now Installed on your browser. The next step is to Create your Wallet on MetaMask.

5. Move to the Top right corner of the screen and you’ll see the MetaMask Icon. Click on That Icon.

6. Then Click on Try it now.

7. Next Set or Create a Password for your MetaMask Wallet. You don’t need an Email.

8. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

9. Next Press Reveal Secret Words.

10. You will receive a 12 word secret seed or recovery phrase that you should write it down on a piece of paper or somewhere safe.

11. Verify your secret phrase by entering it again.

12. Hit Next or Continue.

13. Congrats, you’ve successfully created your MetaMask Wallet.


Creating an account on OpenSea is very simple and easy.

Firstly, you should see a wallet icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click on that Icon and it should open a list of possible wallet options that you can use on OpenSea.

Select MetaMask which is the first option there. (Make sure that your MetaMask account is connected to your browser extension).

Next Click on MetaMask wallet as the option and you should see MetaMask pop up on your screen.

If you haven’t signed in, you can enter your password and login to your MetaMask account.

If you have already logged in, you should see a “SIGN” option there, click on that.

This will allow OpenSea to connect to your MetaMask Wallet.

Next your OpenSea account is finally created, if you wish, you can enter your name, add social accounts and email addresses. You can always fill up your account details later on.

That was it for creating an account on OpenSea. The next step is to create your first NFT on OpenSea.

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Now that you have your Crypto Wallet ready as well as an account on OpenSea, its finally time to create your first NFT.

To Create an NFT on OpenSea, simply click on the “Create Button” which should be right on the top of the your screen.

Once you get there, Click on My Collections and then click on Create an New Collection.

You can fill up the details about your collection such as name, description and also upload your NFT Collection Image. Remember, this is not the actual NFT that you are creating, you are just creating a collection under which you will then create your NFT.

Now once you create your collection, you can then add new NFT items to your collection.

To create an NFT, Click on Add New Item.

You’ll enter a page where you’ll have the option to add image, video, audio files and fill up data such as name and description. Upload your NFT image and fill those details.

Next, you’ll need to add unlockable content.

The Unlockable content is essentially for buyers who once purchase your NFT will get access to a higher resolution version of your NFT or the Original file of you NFT asset. This can include High Resolution Images, Audio Files, Access Keys or even keys to redeeming Physical items and Digital Files.

Once you’ve set up everything, Hit Create and Sign the message in your wallet.

That’s it, your First NFT is successfully created. However, it’s not yet listed on the marketplace. That’s the next step we’ll be covering on.


To list your NFT, go to your collection page and choose the NFT you want to list and sell on the marketplace.

Next Press sell.

Here, you’ll be given two options, A fixed price listing and or a auction type listing.

A fixed price listing is where you’ll be setting a fixed price and the buyer has no other option but to buy your NFT on that fixed price.

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An Auction is where different buyers compete with each other with their prices and the bidder who gets the highest bidding wins the auction, provided you choose the buyer and his price.

Once done, click on Post your Listing and follow the instructions given on your wallet.

Next, you’ll have to pay a gas fee before you can list your NFT. This is only a one time fee and the next time you won’t have to pay anything.

Once you’ve paid the gas fee, the transaction may take some time due to the market being busy.

Normally the transaction time depends upon the amount of gas you’ve paid. The gas fees ranges between $30 to $100 dollars and it may take between 60 mins to 24 hours.

That’s it, if you check after a couple of hours, your NFT should be listed on the OpenSea market place.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if you want to create Multiple NFT’s on OpenSea?

A. Presently, you can only create one NFT at a time on OpenSea, However if you wish to create several versions of the same NFT and sell multiple times, so called “Edition Numbers”, you can do that too.

To do that, add “?enable_supply = true” at the end of the URL at the top of the page while creating your NFT and Press Enter. This should reload the page and a new option called Add Stats should appear.

Here you can set the supply of the NFT.

However, you cannot list all the NFT’s at once. OpenSea only allows you to list one NFT at a time individually. So you have to set the quantity to 1 for each versions of your NFT.

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