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Hooded Eggs NFTs Created by a 14-year-old Australian Graphic Designer to Help Save Endangered Animals

To aid endangered creatures and conserve environment, Hooded Egg NFTs have been assembled from 7,777 distinct Egg NFTs! A concerned adolescent created and produced these one-of-a-kind non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon blockchain. As a bonus, you’ll be able to help save endangered creatures and the natural world, as well as engage in a variety of enjoyable activities, such as community voting and raffles.

The story of Hooded Eggs is one of creativity, innovation, and determination. A 14-year-old graphic designer from Australia, envisioned the idea for Hooded Eggs after reading about animal extinction in her local newspaper.

Story of The Creator

When Isabella was only 12 years old, she developed a love for graphic design and digital marketing. As a result of her distinctive designs, she was able to start a print-on-demand sticker business. Her father simply checks her spelling and punctuation, but she learned a lot on her own in the NFT environment.

She’s 14 years old now, and she’s totally immersed in the NFT realm, learning how she may use her graphic design abilities to a larger good. She has spent the last six months coding and assembling her hooded egg collection. Isabella’s ultimate goal is to build a network of people who are united in their desire to preserve the natural world and lessen the dangers it faces from poachers and other predators.

Isabella reasoned that because most life begins with an egg, this would be an amusing approach to focus attention on a larger issue in her society. One of her aims is to make this the first NFT initiative that compels adult participation. I believe that we can achieve this goal together.

The Hooded Eggs NFT Details

Owning a Hooded Egg will help us raise $50,000 for the World Wildlife Fund. When just half of the Hooded Eggs have been minted, this donation will be made. Being an Egg Holder will not only provide you access to the Hooded Egg Club, but it will also grant you access to a great profile picture.

You’ll be recognised for your dedication to protecting the environment and rescuing endangered animals! As a member, you’ll get access to weekly giveaways, VIP chatting sessions, merch raffles, and more.

Pricing and Launch Dates

 The cost of a Hooded Egg is 70 MATIC. Eth may be simply transformed into MATIC. When acquiring the Hooded Eggs NFT, you’ll need to connect to the Polygon network through a bridge.

You’ll be able to mint Hooded Egg NFTs without gas wars when the pre-sale begins on April 24th, 2022! The first one hundred people who sign up for Mint will get a free hat. In addition, on April 26, 2022, the public mint will be opened to the public.

In the future, Egg Holders may vote for their favourite charities and non-profit groups to benefit from fundraising efforts. The Hooded Egg team intends to expand their fundraising efforts. As a long-term project supported by the blockchain and enthusiastic members, it will never end!

Interested to know more about the amazing NFT project? Check out the official discord channel at: today!


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