Hippos Del Mar Beach Club NFT | 11,111 Cozy Hippos Living on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Hippos Del Mar Beach Club is the latest NFT project to sweep the crypto world by storm. The Beach Club is a series of 11,111 NFTs held on the Ethereum Blockchain, with various randomly generated hippo designs in different colors and styles.

Starting from 0.01 Ethereum (ETH) which equates to approximately $3960, they are readily available on the Opensea platform for everyone at the moment, although if you’re interested you had better be quick – as buzz increases availability decreases.

Join the Hippos Del Mar Beach Club Community! – https://discord.com/invite/MBpE8T4MAs

The Story Behind the Hippos Del Mar Beach Club NFT

Said to be a group of hippos who spend their time relaxing in the sunshine and living lives of luxury by the sea, with a handful of cocktails to keep them contented and happy. The Beach Club would like to remind everyone that these hippos are not the deadliest animals in the world that kill more than 500 people per year in Africa.

These hippos, the Beach Club would like to remind you, are not anything but the coolest and most laid-back hippos around. With a clear roadmap laid out to keep both the hippos and NFT customers happy, the Beach Club is putting their all into these NFTs, which, given the chatter among the crypto corners of the internet, looks like it is going to pay off.

Hippos Del Mar Beach Club NFT Roadmap

  • 25% of Hippos sold – This chatter largely circulates around the public roadmap – where once 25% of the NFTs are sold the team will buy 500m squared of the rainforest.
  • 75% of Hippos sold – While 75% of NFTs sold will lead to limited apparel being released that is focused on the aesthetics of the characters.
  • 5k ETH Volume traded- Once 5k of Ethereum is traded, $5000 will be donated to a charity of the community’s choice, emphasizing the idea that the Beach Club is determined to put charity forward as part of their business plan, and is important given the backlash that crypto has faced for being environmentally unfriendly.
  • 10k ETH Volume traded – 10k volume of Ethereum traded means that the Beach Club will unveil an interactive riddle that will only be available to those who already hold hippos. It has been confirmed that the first 3 hippo holders who correctly solve the riddle get 2 ETH as a prize from the Beach Club.
  • 15k ETH Volume traded – 15K of ETH traded will result in the release of the creation of 10 special hippo characters, transferred to the holders of the 5 most favored hippos and the 5 most expensive hippos.
  • 20k ETH Volume traded– Meanwhile, if 20k Eth volume is traded, the person who owns the most expensive hippo NFT will be allowed to design and then own a personalized hippo, which will be counted as hippo number 11,111.

Meet the team

  • M4ximus – Project Manager (The Lead Manager in making the Hippo Community come to life!)
  • t0mix – Lead Designer and Creative Director (The Creative brains behind the Hippos NFT)
  • Gu7an – Chief Storytelling Director (The chief behind the entire story Skeleton of the Hippos)
  • F1R3W1N – Website creator (The Chief technical brains behind the project)

Official Links

With such a clear roadmap, bonuses and benefits for holders, as well as the chance to give back to the world and gain even more exclusivity than your average NFT would give you it is very easy to see why the Hippos Del Mar Beach Club is taking off on Opensea and why so many people are excited to get their hands on this particular series of NFTs.


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