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Grumpy Pandaz NFT | 8,888 Grumpy Pandaz’s Living On the Pandaverse

Grumpy Pandaz NFT

Grumpy Pandaz is a collection of 8,888 Unique Panda NFT’s all born in this huge Metaverse. They are of-course Grumpy, and just distressed by the Real World, yet they are some of the most adorable creatures who are powerful at the same time.

With a massive community, that’s growing at a spectacularly fast rate, Grumpy Pandaz is one of the most interesting NFT Projects that you should get excited about right now!.

Grumpy Pandaz NFT has a strong vision for the future, with plans such as investing $150,000 USD + to build Schools and Water Wells in Africa, to support the less fortunate.

With a dream of changing the world and making it a better place, there is no doubt, Grumpy Pandaz is one of the most inspiring projects in the NFT community.

What are Grumpy Pandaz NFT’s? | The Story

Grumpy Pandaz is a collection of 8,888 adorable Panda creatures, with a grumpy facial expression, each having its own unique style, personality, and appearance.

They came into existence because they got bored of the Physical world. In utter distress, they decided to migrate their consciousness to the Metaverse to experience a better world that makes them less Grumpy.

As the main reason why they are Grumpy is because the Real World made them Grumpy. However, some of the Pandas are now changing as their transition from the physical world to the Metaverse has positively affected their emotional state. They really love the Metaverse and it’s there where they feel fulfilled.

Then comes the GrumpyPandaz World.

Its called the Metatarsus!, the place where Pandaz are truly alive and at their best. The creators of Metatarsus have also optimized everything to create a place where Pandaz owners can meet to play, have fun, discover new people, and talk about business and investment.

Money is the core Boon of the Pandaverse and several communities are present in the Grumpy Pandaz world, where players compete with each other to dominate and win money. While, there are the investors, who Meditate in silence, and hold on to their investment assets as they grow.

Grumpy Pandaz Official Roadmap

0% – Join the Grumpy Pandaz Community !

Welcoming @everyone into the Pandaz Community. You can join the Grumpy Pandaz Community by joining their Discord Server.

Here, you can Grab your Bamboo!, Follow the Guidelines! to be in the Presales. Guidelines are mentioned in the community server. Good news! is that, if you are in the pre-sales, you are already Whitelisted, meaning you will receive a better price, than the public sales.

I invite you to check this Channel to know more about the Presales #GuidePresales.

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15% – Grow the Grumpy Pandaz community !

If you are one of the first to follow Grumpy Pandaz, then consider yourself Lucky!, because the team has worked on preparing a unique plan and strategy to grow the community and reach even more people.

30% – Create a private circle of entrepreneurs and investors !

Here they will allow entrepreneurs and investors to exchange information within a private club through different workshops (mastermind, zoom conferences, parties, meetings, and other workshops that will take place in the physical world as well as in the metaverse.)

40% – Making GrumpyPandaz an upheaval in the nft community !

The panda 🐼 is not only one of the most adorable creatures on the planet, but also one of the most powerful.

And these are the values we embody the Grumpy Pandaz community. Yes we are powerful, we are strong and have power, god knows how money gives power, but because we have power and because we are strong we want to do good and spread our values.

50% – Making grumpy pandaz a great investment !

The foundations of the project (the concept) build on GrumpyPandaz on a solid base here are their foundations:

  • -Private circle of businessman/investors
  • -A unique art with deep values
  • -An investment that increases in value
  • -A game allow the most determined to climb the ladder and make money
  • -The creation of our metaverse “Pandaverse” in which we plan some surprises 😉
  • -The creation of our cryptocurrency to support our ecosystem

A project carried by a solid team of impeccable talent and experience!.

65% – A game that disrupts the codes of investment !

The Team has created a game that will be available on their website – after the mint.

In addition to offering an opportunity to the most motivated members of the community to get big winnings (cash), the game will have the impact of increasing the transaction volume and the floor price.

70% – Creation of the “Pandaverse” is the GrumpyPandaz metaverse

Metaverses are coming, first we will join the existing metaverse then we will create our own metaverse. To allow the community to interact and enjoy the games we make.

85% – The creation of our cryptocurreccy

A unique Cryptocurrency based on Grumpy Pandaz will be created which will have its main use in the Metaverse.

100% – Make grumpy pandaz a reference of NFT !

🏠Grumpypandaz CHARITY

Everyone has once dreamt of changing the WORLD.
We will be able to accomplish it with our PROJECT.

We are going to invest $150,000 USD + a part of the royalties to build Schools and Water Wells in Africa, in order to give others the education and needs that we are fortunate to have.

💰Grumpypandaz Investment

Every 3 months, we will be investing $50,000 to $500,000 USD each in 2 of our HOLDERS’ projects.
Our members will choose the projects we are going to invest in (DAO).
Our members will also have the possibility to invest.

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To establish itself as a project with an international reputation. Grumpy Pandaz aims to become a reference. By continuing to grow the community and spread its values around the world.

Official-Links 🔗:

Here’s how you can reach Grumpy Pandaz NFT and Join their Amazing Community!.

Instagram 📷 :
Twitter 🐦 :
Website 🌐:

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