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Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto Best Build Guide

Arataki Itto is predetermined to become the favorite of many players and why not? He is awesome!

Arataki Itto Best Build Guide

With the red horns and fascinating ensemble, Arataki Itto holds the distinction of the heftiest character in the world of Tevyat. With a prideful personality, the Oni Warrior is here to engross the players into the game.

Having quite an affection for claymore Arataki Itto has huge potential when it comes to dealing damage. Facilitated with the Geo element, the damage that he deals rests on the amount of defense that he is availed of. He will effortlessly and efficiently play the role of DPS of your party.

Arataki Itto is predetermined to become the favorite of many players and why not? He is awesome!

Before indulging ourselves in the most build for this character, let’s see what skills the Oni Warrior has up his sleeves.

Matatsu Zetsugi – Akaushi Burst

This skill is the elemental skill of Arataki Itto which imparts Geo damage to the enemies. Initiating this skill, Itto will fling his gang member Ushi, who is a young akaushi bull, towards the enemies and deal damage to the enemies. Not just that, Ushi will remain on the battlefield and assist Itto.

His HP depends solely on the Max HP of Itto. Ushi will grab the attention of the enemies towards him by taunting them. As Ushi gets inflicted by damage, Itto will gain 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength. Itto will be provided with this stack every 2 seconds.

Additionally, Ushi will grant a final stack of Superlative Superstrength when the amount of time he can be present in the battlefield gets over and if he is taken down by enemies. Although Itto can only spawn one Ushi at a time for if he was allowed more than that he would’ve been invincible. Finally, don’t forget to adjust the throwing angle by holding down the skill.

Royal Descent – Behold Itto the Evil

This is Arataki Itto’s elemental burst. With this skill, Itto will give rise to his inner Raging Inno King by using his Oni King Kanabou in battle. This raging state of his provides him with extensive buffs in his attacks. His normal, charged, and plunging attacks will have Geo damage that cannot be overridden.

His attack will increase that depending on his defense. All the more, a successful hit of the first and third attack will grant Itto 1 stack of Superlative Superstrength. This state will also result in the weakening of his elemental and physical resistance by 20%.

So, overviewing his skills Itto is no short of a perfect character. Now let’s get on to the perfect build for him.

Best Builds for Arataki Itto

Best Weapons

Redhorn Stonethresher

This five-star claymore is the perfect weapon for Arataki Itto. The Stonethresher will provide boosts that make Itto the perfect DPS and work in perfect harmony with him. The claymore will increase defense by 28%. Not just that, it will also increase the damage of his normal and charged attacks. Itto’s damage will go through the roof with this weapon. So, using other weapons in its place is probably a bad idea that you could be mingling around.


Whiteblind is another claymore which is a good choice if you don’t have the luxury of Redhorn Stonethresher. This weapon also does a considerable job of increasing his defense and attacks. Using this weapon will result in an increase in the attack and defense for 6 seconds that can stack about 4 times.

Best Artifacts

The Husk of Opulent Dreams

This is like the Redhorn Stonethersher of artifacts for Arataki Itto. The Husk of Opulent Dreams is perfect for Itto. A two-piece of this artifact will boost his defense by 30%. Whereas four-piece will give him buffs with the implementation of the Curiosity effect. This can be stacked and heighten the burst of Itto. With every blow that he lands to the enemy with Geo, he will gain 1 stack. Every stack will bestow Itto with a 6% defense and 6% Geo damage bonus. Itto will lose stacks one by one every 6 seconds that pass without gaining any Curiosity stacks.

Retracting Bolide

This is the most suitable artifact when it comes to the alternative of Husk of Opulent Dreams. Two-piece Retracting Bolide will grant Itto with 35% increase in shield strength. Whereas four pieces will grant Itto an increase to the normal and charged attack damage by 40%.

Best Team

Arataki Itto is best suited as a DPS and has the best skills and qualities of one. He is best when teamed up with Gorou, Albedo, and Noelle. Gorou does the best job as support and Albedo as a sub-DPS. As Gorou increases damage and Albedo with his defense works perfectly with Itto. Finally, Noelle for the heal.

You can also opt for Bennett as a sub-DPS and Zhongli for Noelle. Bennett also works well with Itto as with the combination of pyro and geo it will be easier to trigger crystallize.

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