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Genshin Impact: All Locations of Onikabuto

A Strange Beetle with immense Electro Energy, Read on to know all the locations of Onikabuto in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: All Onikabuto Locations

Genshin Impact is such a game that doesn’t fail when it comes to catching attention. From its catchy anime-style surroundings to the diverse characters with magical powers it is a game that definitely lives up to everyone’s expectations.

It offers several items with which you can perform specific activities. Onikabuto is such an item in Genshin Impact that was released on the 2.0 version.

What is Onikabuto?

At the first glance at the name Onikabuto, a kind of traditional or indigenous Japanese object may come to your mind. But you will be surprised to know that it is a beetle. To be precise a purple-colored Rhinoceros beetle. It has a light purple colored pattern on its back.

There are several Onikabutos scattered in the world of Tevyat. They spawn in and around areas that have lavish Electro energy and this is a key to finding them. Their favorite spot to linger around is in the branches of trees and on cliffs in secluded areas.

So, be aware of your surroundings as you are traveling. There are sparkles around them so it is not hard to spot them. If you’re worried that they might get startled and fly away as you get close to it, don’t worry they don’t.

Onikabuto Uses

Onikabutos can be used for the ascension of the character Arataki Itto. But for this, you will need to collect all of the 168 Onikabutos. If you don’t have Arataki Itto, don’t worry it has other uses. It can also be used as a crafting material to craft Electro Treasure Compass and for this 30 Onikabuto is needed along with other items.

Where to find them?

As mentioned before they are present in areas with Electro power. Onikabutos can be found mostly on the islands of Narukami, Kannazuka, Seirai, and Yashiori islands.

From Shouta

Go to the northwest waypoint of the Inazuma City and meet Shouta. Just talk to him and he will give you 4 Onikabutos. Although he only gives them to you once.

Narukami Island

All Locations Of Onikabuto
Image Via Genshin Impact Map App Sample

Make the most out of Narukami Island as it has a huge number of Onikabuto. Teleport to the Grand Nakurami Shrine and go towards the northeast direction down the cliff.

Keep an eye out for sparkling purple beetles on the cliffs and the trees. Keep on exploring that area for the Onikabutos.

You will also find them on the right side of the Shrine. Glide down and you will find them. Just keep an eye out for shiny kinds of stuff on trees and cliffs. Keep on going further down towards the beach and you will have to go to the small islands by summoning the boat.

On the first island go forward and down towards the huge cave. You can avail yourself of a lot of Onikbutos there. Teleport to the northwest side of the Shrine and go towards the south there will be one sole Onikabuto there and also in the north side of the domain waypoint of the Shrine on a tree.

You will also find Onikabutos on Mount Yougou crater. In this area, they are specifically on the branches of trees so make sure you leave no tree untouched as you are looking for them in this area. You can also find them in the Konda Village on the trees.

There are also a lot of Onikabotus in Inazuma City. Teleport to the south of Inazuma city and glide down towards the beach and you will be greeted by a huge cave. There is also one Onikabuto on the beach. Go to the cave and you will find a lot of them.

You will also find some on the way to Court of Flowing Sand Domain from the Kamisato Estate teleport waypoint. 

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Kannazuka Island

All Locations Of Onikabuto
Image Via Genshin Impact Map App Sample

On the Kujou Encampment, you can find four of the Onikabutos. Teleport to the south waypoint of the Kujou Encampment and head towards the northeast direction. They are in the Thunder Sakura on the beach and the tree in the forest. There is also one in a rock on the northwest side of the teleport waypoint.

You can also find them in the Tatarasuna area. You will be surprised by the number of Onikanutos there. They are present in the forests and the Thunder Barrier. Head towards the Mikage Furnace and go down the furnace. You will find a lot of it there on the walls as you go down.

Go to the northwest waypoint of Tatarasuna and head south towards the forest. You will obtain a lot of Onikabutos in this area. Also, don’t forget the Thunder Sakura.

Seirai Island

All Locations Of Onikabuto
Image Via Genshin Impact Map App Sample

On this island, you will be able to find Onikabutos in the Amakumo Peak area. Teleport to the south waypoint of the Amakumo Peak and glide towards the southeast up to the beach.

They are present on the trees in this area. Keep going along the beach and you will be able to collect them. There are about six of them there.

Yashiori Island

All Locations Of Onikabuto
Image Via Genshin Impact Map App Sample

On this island, Onikabutos are concentrated in the areas of Serpents Head and Higi Village.

On the Serpent’s Head area from the southeast waypoint go towards east. You will find one in a tree and go down the cliff you will find one at the bottom. Then go towards Serpent’s Head.

The Onikabutos are scattered on the rocks and trees in and around the Serpent’s head. You can also find one on the east side of the northeast domain waypoint of the Serpent’s Head.

Teleport there and go towards the east until you reach an electrogranum. The Onikabuto is on the rock just in front of the electrogranum. In the Higi Village area, you will find Onikabutos on the branches.

Teleport to the Musoujin Gorge south domain waypoint and go towards north. You will find them in the trees and on the extent in the gorge.

There are also Onikabutos in the area of the Higi Village Statue of the Seven. Teleport there and go towards north. Glide towards the gorge and you will find them as you move along the gorge on the protruding branches and trees.

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