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Generis NFTS – NFT Project “of its own kind”

Generis NFTS tie an NFT to a domain that only carries that one piece of art.  Generis comes from the term sui generis which means “of its own kind “.  A generis domain is a domain name assigned to an individual thing such as a unique piece of artwork, musical composition or anything that exist in singular fashion.  For example, the Mona Lisa painting exist online in multiple forms, but the physical painting exists in one location.  A generis domain would tie the Mona Lisa’s complex hash address to an easily remembered domain like  It can live other places, but this domain is this piece of arts official website where no other artwork lives. 

You go to the domain and you only see the Mona Lisa along with information pertaining to this particular artwork.  The idea for generis domains is to declutter online spaces and make the art more personal where visitors can focus on that individual piece of work rather than be bombarded with multiple links and other information.  Most artists have a website with their entire portfolio, while a generic domain would contain just one nft from their collection.

I created generis domains as an alternative way to display and promote nfts while adding another layer of security through domain ownership.  If you don’t have all pieces of the generis nft you don’t own the artwork. My current collection of Generis NFTs, whether in a series or individually, are sold as one-offs in a package along with the domain, website and physical piece of artwork giving the buyer all facets of the piece for display. will contain a catalog of verified Generis NFTs where collectors and art lovers can enjoy a unique experience while viewing art online.

About the Artist

My work meshes physical paintings with digitally manipulated video to create hybrid pieces of art. I attempt to tell stories through fragmented visual clues. These stories and their subjects are rarely given in their entirety but offer viewers an incomplete narrative through which their own conclusions can be drawn. The layers, although torn, ripped and sometimes almost unintelligible, help to convey a message. That is a message of resilience, defiance and sometimes, even a message of hope.

Links to Artist NFT Works:

NFT Artworks

Zebra Scape

Links to the Artist Profiles

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