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Fury of the Fur NFT Collection | 9671 FULL-BODY COLLECTIBLES created in 3D.

NFT’s STORY-DRIVEN Fury of the Fury Collection has 9671 FULL-BODY COLLECTIBLES that were meticulously modeled and created in 3D.

fury of the fur nft

Introducing The Latest NFT Collection, Fury of the Fur

The newest edition of the NFT Collection has been announced, and you will not want to miss it! This is Fury of the Fur – an exclusive 3D model collection that’s sure to be a hit. Below, you can learn more about these products.

Fury of the Fur NFT

NFT’s STORY-DRIVEN Fury of the Fury Collection has 9671 FULL-BODY COLLECTIBLES that were meticulously modeled and created in 3D.

In the NFT realm, FOTF has established a new milestone for rarity by acquiring more than 1,000 different traits. While each FuryTed is ready for the METAVERSE, we have even more exciting ideas for the Future of the FuryTed!

Short and long-form ANIMATED MOVIES; collaborations between brands and charity; merchandising; and more. We’d want the community’s input on what we should be focused on in each phase.

Fury of the Fur Story

Unconditional love, like priceless stones, is very hard to come by. It may appear like teddy bears and children have a long-lasting bond, but that doesn’t hold true as youngsters grow up and become enamoured with other luxuries of life.

It wasn’t a storm that swept the earth, but rather a whisper that was scarcely audible. When FuryTeds came together as part of a revolution, they wanted to find their masters and take back the land they had lost as children.

There will be changes in bears no matter how the youngsters change. More or less all of the above at the same time. The FuryTeds followed the children everywhere they went in the physical and mental realms, and even farther.

The teddy bear will always be a part of a child’s life!

Even a FuryTed will not be left behind.

Fury of the Fur NFT Roadmap

We are a group of Tech artists and software developers who are passionate about creating mindblowing superior Digital Art.

Over the past eight years, we have built designs tools, games that is used by TENS OF MILLIONS of users all around the globe.

While we’ve been featured in big media sites like The New York Times, and the App Store’s Homepage, gaining over 10 Billion Impressions.

We’ll be releasing a number of additional features for the Fury of the Fur NFT in the coming months. With this initiative, we want to maintain the momentum we’ve gained so far.

  • Animated Movie
  • Art Toys
  • Metaverse
  • Sandbox Hideout
  • Merch Store
  • WFP

About the Team and Our Vision

  • RXR – CEO
  • ODIN – COO
  • NASH – 3D Designer
  • HEMA – 3D Designer
  • BOWIE – 3D Designer
  • BJORN – Developer

Tech artists and software engineers that share a love for generating high-quality digital art are behind this project. The New York Times and the App Store’s homepage have highlighted our applications more than 10 billion times over the last eight years. More than a hundred million individuals across the world have benefited from our software and games. With our FOTF community, we’d want to develop even more of this type of buzz.

Rather than simply another NFT project, our objective is to push FOTF as far as we can in all feasible directions.


Join our amazing FOTF Community as our members are growing at a spectacularly fast rate, we are proud of having over 25,000 Members in our Discord Community.

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