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When you think that NFTs are just to stare at them on your computer screen, you’re wrong. There are a lot of NFTs that have a lot more stored in them than that. FLUF World has rabbits that have a liking for music rather than carrots. The project has steeped further into the world of music.

As music is not enough, FLUF world has events and Metaverse avatars in store for the enthusiasts that they are being impatient with to share it with their holders. Every FLUF World is a 3D animated rabbit NFTs, that are unique and bear no resemblance with their counterparts. With the floor price of 4.09 ETH and about 3.6k owners, the future of FLUF World is heading towards the positive and progressive side.

What is FLUF World?

FLUF World is a project that has 10000, 3D animated rabbits that are present on the blockchain as NFTs. The rabbits might forget their carrots but they won’t forget their beats. A dance and a soundtrack are all that they live for. Since the FLUFs are widening their horizons in the world they have landed in exotic locations. But no matter the location, they lighten it up with their party.

What are FLUFs?

FLUFs are the 3D animated rabbits that exist on the blockchain. They exist as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Every FLUF has been programmatically generated from 270 properties from 14 categories that are segregated to three degrees of separation that makes every FLUF unique.

This also excludes their expression, dance, scene, and soundtrack. The owners of FLUF can download their FLUF in MP4, GIF, and PNG formats. There are also 3D models of FLUF that are yet to be released. With the FLUF the holder will also have access to its full commercial rights.

The 3D rabbits also act as a pass for you to enjoy the exclusive content that the project offers to its holders. The holders can take the thrill of music, events, and soon Metaverse avatars. The project has a lot more to offer in the upcoming days.

The Story

The story of the origins of the FLUF World is as follows

The origin of the FLUFs is not quite determined. There are mixed beliefs or statements about how they came into being. There are opinions that they came into existence as a result of the deterioration of decades of animal experimentation. A theory states that they came from another planet or dimension. There are beliefs that they have been on the earth for millions of years and follow the lineage of homo sapiens and lagomorpha. So, there are mixed up opinions about their coming into existence and it is hard to separate facts from myths.

The only surety that we have is that after an event called “the wreck” which occurred around the 20th century, there was held a huge meeting of the fluffy creatures. These creatures came from far and wide places crawling through a connection of tunnels, the creatures made these holes over the time that they have been existing and are called “the underground”. The fluffs gathered in the “great tree” and since then there hasn’t been a bigger gathering of their species.

The creatures were diverse in colors, some were plain and simple but there were also extraordinary ones with colorful fur. As with their colors, they also have different personalities. Some preferred solitude while some had formed huge communities. They had adapted to their environments and the outcast ones had cuts all over them. The communities were formed based on similar external features and locations. Even though there were huge properties that segregated them they were united by their love for music. Every movement of the creatures seemed to have something musical in them, it could be that it was their means of communication in the Underground.

Seeing the situation of the world outside the Underground, the horrific nature of man, they decided to unite as one. Ignoring their differences, they united and formed the great fluffle, naming themselves FLUFs. Rumors are floating around that the name FLUF was an acronym but the purpose of the name has since remained a mystery.

The FLUFs then became determined to bring about a positive change in the world. They even went to the extent of vibrating shaking themselves and giving out positive vibrations or “good vibes”. But everything every effort they did went down the drain. Humans’ unending vices were too strong and they couldn’t do anything about it making the FLUFs hibernate in the late 20th century.

Although most of the fluffle went to sleep, there was a bunch of them whose determination hadn’t died down. Thumper, a stubborn FLUF took the responsibility of looking after his family. Scrooge McLuff was another FLUF who took the risk of going out into the world and started a business empire all by himself. A client of his told him about digital currency in 2009. Without any hesitation, he sold all his business and out everything in digital currency to help the fluffle. After a decade he bought an island with his wealth in a place that humans can never discover. He named the island FLUF World a utopia for all the FLUFs.

In the present world of late 2021, the world was in dire need of good vibes. So, Scrooge and Thumper realized that it was time for the fluffle to wake up.

When their eternal sleep broke up, their memory about who they were and with what motives they lived started to come back.

Now, what does the future hold for the FLUFs? Well, it’s up to the FLUFs themselves.


The guardian of the Great Tree, Thingies has been summoned. They inhabit the depths of the Underground. They weave a labyrinth of Mycelium all around the FLUF World.

Thingies are distinct and unique works of art. A trained AI developed thousands of abstract art, which serve as vibrant, eccentric furs for your Thingies. They were released to the Fluffle as a surprise gift and everyone can get their hands on them for free. If you have failed to catch the minting of Thingies, do not panic you can buy them on OpenSea.

The Story of Thingies

The Summoning

These peculiar creatures came into existence long before the fluffle had begun to dig a network of holes in the island. The Great Tree and the thingies are on par in terms of the time of existence. It is from the depths of the Earth that these creatures cropped up and got drifted towards areas with spiritual energy, so they became attracted towards the Great Tree and the labyrinth of mycelium beneath it.

The mycelium has been garnering the flufkind with longevity and a higher level of intelligence. So, the lifelong mission of the Thingies is to extend the reaches of mycelium towards the farthest distances possible. As time passed on the Thingies and mycelium had formed a symbiotic bond, the former supported the latter’s physical expansion and the latter supported the former’s cognitive expansion. Well, the cause that led to this remains a mystery, the Thingies henceforth became able to weave mycelium into their webs. Some theories state that the Thingies can activate collective consciousness owing to the mycelium or that they are the agents of the mycelium.

Thingies are packed with a lot of features but the outstanding one is their appearance. They are cute arachnids that are unlike their species and the fur that they have is breathtaking. Every single one of them is distinct as their fur is of alluring patterns as if they were painted on by master of old. This fur extends from their abdomen up to their legs and they might be the results of evolution for mating or to define their uniqueness. But there is not much known on how they mate currently.

They are creating art and with their art, they have contributed a lot to the world. Be it with their weaving of webs or whatever they scavenge.

Rumors were going around about them and their art brought a lot of confusion upon many. But these rumors were paid no heed and often thought to have been a figment of the hallucinations from mushrooms. But the Flufkind was constantly extending their connection of tunnels and the crossing of their paths was written in destiny.

In 2021, Professor Sparkenski or Sparky through his experiments activated a chain of events known as the Summoning. By this, the Thingies were persuaded to come out of their hiding.

The Professor had been researching about the mycelium network and that is what led to the Thingies. One of these critters has been visiting his lab frequently for quite some time. All the time when the critter came into his burrow he observed and noted its every activity before it went back to its hole. As they say, the third time’s a charm, on the third visit the professor goes to see the intelligence of the critter when it comes to using tools. As the supplies that it was carrying was too much to carry on one go, so with a scrap of cloth the critter made a sack. Then the professor immediately made a small satchel from leftover leather.

On the next visit, the professor gave the satchel to the critter and it took it with sheer happiness. Soon they became close. As it is with scientists the professor wanted to know more about them, about the secrets hidden within the hole that it went to. He set up a goal to learn their native language and communicate with the creature.

The professor then concentrated on his new interview for the following months. It was a miniature robot that bore similarity with the Thingies that was fueled by the organic energy harnessed from the mycelium connections. 

At last, when he granted life to his invention, the robot started to move on its own. When the Thingie came it was astounded upon seeing his mechanical friend. It showed friendliness with its gestures and the robot gave a positive response. Soon they began communicating with each other with squeaks and beeps. The professor was surprised at how quick the robot was on learning from the Thingie.

As they went towards a hole and disappeared, Sparky’s longing had been satisfied. He finally got the chance to see the fascinating world beyond the hole through a display that showed what the robot was seeing. He understood the relationship between the thingies and the mycelium as went their way across the mycelium labyrinth. As the tunnel came to an end there emerged a cavern enriched with mycelium energy. There were thingies all over the cavern. Each one had its distinct pattern and they were humming. Then through the robot, he gave away a slow hum that increased its intensity gradually. The Thingies responded by humming in the same way.

With the crescendo of the humming the Thingies gave out cheerful squeaks and after that scattered into the tunnels. Sparky had successfully given his message of partnership and peace for all Flufkind. Hence a bond was formed between the two species.

Then the next morning the Fluffle found an eccentric piece of art in the corner of their burrow which was a gift from their new fluffy partners.


The FLUF World is up for giving its owners a truly mesmerizing experience. They are developing a vast world full of features that center around art and music. This will become a thrilling experience for art and music enthusiasts. It offers a huge range of features to the holders of NFTs.


This is a very cool thing as you can give your NFT your own original story and name. The story that you give them will be displayed across all platforms.


With the NFTs, the owners will also get 3D-rigged FLUFs.


The team will generate voxel FLUFs to be used in the virtual world.


FLUF World is also up for helping the environment. All of the carbon footprints will be offset by at least 100% through their green-tech partner CarbonClick.


As FLUF World has the best focus upon music they are constantly trying to create more and more ear-catching original music. As the project progresses the owners will also be able to change the theme songs of their respective FLUF.


The team is coming up with a breeding utility. Breeding will result in the creation of Fluflets. These Fluflets will form a whole other collection.


The team has partnered with some musicians for online concerts that are exclusively for the fluffle community.


An online merchandise store is also in the line. With it, the FLUFs will be able to experience the real world as well.


The team also working with Altered State Machine with an aim to bring out the FLUFs into a wide range of games.


The project is not all for fun, the team will also be donating 10% of all profits to charities all over the world.


There is also come a liquidity pool with which the owners can stake their FLUFs and avail themselves of rewards.


As mentioned earlier, the NFTs come along with the commercial rights. Meaning the owners will have all the commercial rights of their NFTs.


There are also burrows that are being constructed. This is the team’s initiating step to building worlds.


Carrots are a worthwhile root as they are rich sources of beta carotene, fiber, potassium, vitamin K1, and antioxidants. So, the FLUFs will have carrots for themselves.


With all these extraordinary features the team is working on adding more. They value the community as much as the community values their FLUFs. So, the owners can expect future developments as they aim to constantly grow the FLUF World.

The Team

The Non-Fungible Labs constitute the team of the FLUF World and they are experts in NFTs. This was founded in 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a creative studio that is working on progressing a wide range of real-world applications for NFTs. They do this with a motive in the mind of encouraging the creativity of the world.

FLUF World is one of the most breathtaking NFTs that have been released. The 3D models along with their theme music, the owners are in for a treat. There are also promises about online music events, the owners get commercial rights and who doesn’t want to get their hands on the adorable Thingies. There are a lot of exciting things on the line that is yet to be released and when they are released FLUF World is sure to reach the top. They have managed to take the perks of owning an NFT to a whole another level.


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