Fin Society Fables NFT Collection | 10,000 unique Fins Working Their Way to Becoming Stronger

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Fin Society Fables

The creative minds behind Finally Free Productions, a reputed and vetted tech company out of NY, have developed a new Ethereum based NFT project called Fin Society Fables. Their purpose is to let the world know who they are and why they intend to accomplish.

Fin Society Fables story begins with their ideations from their first initial creative meeting. Being in the tech field they decided that building this project had extreme potential seeing that they had all the necessary minds and tools at our disposal. Each member of the team possesses unique skills that can aid in the success of developing the Fin Society Fables Metaverse. They noticed a void in the underwater Metaverse and wanted to create a unique project that centers around that world. Their team is completely doxed and are responsible for the following at FSF:

Meet the Team Behind Fin Society Fables

Saj Zaman – Technical Lead, Creative Research and Community Engagement

Kat Raffa –  Lead Artist, NFT Artwork Design, Visual and Graphic Designer, UI/ UX Designer

Jack Spataro – Marketing, Partnerships and Community Engagement

Horton Denis – Project Management, Development Productivity and Quality Assurance 

Nick Bennet –  Creative Writer, Content and Strategic Research, Community Engagement

As Fin Society Fables continues to grow, we have established a defined Roadmap and Whitepaper giving our community insight on our overall vision. Our Whitepaper elaborates on the different NFT collections broken down into 3 Phases.

This includes 300 numbered GIFS (ancient digital slabs) from Phase 1, 5,000 hand drawn Male Fins from Phase 2 and 5,000 hand drawn Female Fins from Phase 3. We are also designing and developing a unique dating style Social App (utility) that directly correlates to the overall lore of the Fin Metaverse. Holders who have minted a Fin can match, go on dates, and breed, in order to have a chance at creating a one of a kind unique Fin that will allow them to access a deeper portion of the Fin Metaverse. We’re attaching some important links (including our most important asset – our Whitepaper)  below:


  • PRE-SALE – 12/3 – 6 PM EST
  • PUBLIC SALE – 12/4 – 6 PM EST
  • COST – 0.05 ETH


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