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Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection | Set of uncompromising art shaped in 11111 NFTs was handcrafted by a young femme talent

ERC721 tokens are used to operate Femmes Bizarre, a collection of digital artworks on the Ethereum network. A young feminine artist created an uncompromising collection of art using 11111 NFTs. A trio of outlandish characters. It is possible to meet one’s destiny in several ways.

Fashion statements and eye-catching styles. Different perspectives and mental states. They have been brought to life by the creative desire. It’s up to each individual character to tell her own tale. Throughout the book, the Femmes Bizarre spirit permeates each story.

Femmes Bizarre NFT Story, Purpose

The heart of this narrative is a 17-year-old artist’s incredible skill and the belief in her. They used the utmost care while converting hand-crafted works of art into digital form. Maintaining their vigor. It’s up to you how you want to respond to it.

Here are the goals of this NFT Project:

  • To bring art to life in the minds of Femmes Bizarre fans. To infuse them with life by giving them a soul.
  • Replace existing characters in Metaverse with real-life individuals (such as those we see every day).
  • Create a new global art brand around the work of Salamandre, a young and very brilliant artist.

NFT Details & Features

The NFT has three female characters: Gangsta Wife Matilda, Wild Hunter Uma, and Secret Agent Baby Lilu. In addition to the more than 300 hand-drawn qualities, there are a number of very unusual ones as well (0,2 percent ). This number has the potential to produce many more than 11111 NFT pieces, but the Femmes Bizarre like the aesthetics of 11111 for some reason ( in sum 5).

NFT Roadmap

Journey to meet mysterious strangers and dive into Femme Bizarre world.

25% — First giveaway: 25 randomly picked Femmes Bizarre NFTs will delivered to wallets holding at least one Femme Bizarre.

50% — Second giveaway: 50 randomly picked Femmes Bizarre NFTs will delivered to wallets holding at least one Femme Bizarre.

Make sure you have a proper sound system to enjoy a special DJ-set made in collab with an iconic artist.

75% — Third giveaway:  75 randomly picked Femmes Bizarre NFTs will delivered to wallets holding at least one Femme Bizarre.

Collection of customized couture merch will be launched.

100% — Matilda, Uma, Lilu with Femmes Bizarre team will collect 100 NFTs of 10 promising NFT collections and make a great giveaway for existing Femmes Bizarre owners.

Chairity — sponsoring the project of chess classes for autistic kids.

announcement of Road Map 2.0

The Charity Effort

They have a strong belief in the importance of helping others, and in particular, charitable acts. Helping others is not only beneficial to the community at large, but it may also be personally fulfilling for those who participate in it. As a result, they’ve chosen to concentrate their efforts on a path that has a very personal resonance for this undertaking.

Many autistic youngsters have difficulty communicating on all levels. The whole professional life of artist’s mother is committed to helping these kids learn how to read, write, and speak, and she does all of this so they may have a happy and healthy life. They’ll make a decision on one of the three charities listed below to assist with the help of the neighbours.

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It’s critical to witness the results of your charitable contributions. So, they’ve opted for the most transparent in the industry. An enormous impetus for the improvement and advancement of living conditions for families with autistic children will be provided by the execution of these initiatives.

If you haven’t checked out the Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection, you should absolutely do so. Follow the official Twitter account at and the official Discord channel at to learn more about the fantastic NFT!


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