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Top 10 Facts About Fewocious NFT Artist

facts about fewocious NFT Artist

Fewocious is one of the most emerging NFT artists in the crypto world. What makes him the most rising and hot topic to seek for the young enthusiasts of the crypto industry? The crypto community is screamingly complimenting Fewocious these days. Let’s see what we have for you about Fewocious in this article.

The real name of Fewocious is Victor Langois. Fewocious, also commonly known as “Fewo,” has followed his passion since he gained consciousness. He is leading the NFT (non-fungible token) artwork mining technology on the Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency platform. This 18-year-old brat of Las Vegas has made millions out of his talent and passion for art. Since childhood, he has been a disturbed child because of an abusive household, so he left his parents and lived with his grandparents since he was 12 years old. The reason behind his success is his self-motivation to do work for his needs and wants.

Top 10 facts about Fewocious are listed as the following.

1. Hottest Young Star of NFT

Fewo’s young talent was loved by the people ever since he started it as a career. Due to his impoverishment, he scribbled and drew around to overcome his awkwardness in middle school, whereas other kids kept mobile phones and other gadgets. He soon realized that his talent could bring wealth into his life, so he created his website and started taking orders. He initially took $5 Commissions. Now, he has handsomely profited, as seen by his $95 sale in March 2020. Fewocious claims, “I was over the moon” after this big achievement was more than anything for him. It is a lot of money for him, and it surely makes him stand out from other NFT artists of the time.

2. Entering Crypto Industry

Fewocious was never familiar with the crypto world. He always thought it to be a scam only and did not believe in it at all. He started his digital art on a self-bought iPad in his high school and used an old laptop his grandparents gave him. He worked his ass off. Fewo says that “There was a shift in my personality. I drove myself a little bit crazy trying to draw as fast as I could.” A buyer at this stage got in touch with Victor months after buying a $95 painting and introduced him to the world of blockchain cryptocurrency and NFTs. He did not know his life was about to change, and it happened so.

3. Nifty Gateway’s Lead

It was February 2021 when Fewocious became the lead of Nifty Gateway, an NFT platform for digital art workers. He sold NFT’s worthing more than $4 million with two drops.

This partnership was made with a musician, Two Feet, and a sneaker collaboration, RTFKT Studios, that offered physical shoes with art embellishment. This was a great step for him to become the new frontier of the NFT renaissance.

4. SuperRare’s Lead

Another popular NFT platform is SuperRare. It promotes digital art as it is the marketplace for buying and selling many different artworks. He averaged himself in gaining around 5 ether ($7,320) per sale. One of the first Fewo’s art pieces to be sold on SuperRare was “I Feel So Lost.” SuperRare has made him create a lot of money in a very limited time which is big attainment.

5. Resident of Seattle

Victor has been working in Seattle in the United States of America for a very long time now. He has a house of his own and says that his house has become a complete art studio with an attached bedroom. He plays his music as loud as he wants and lives the life of his dreams. But he never settles for less and believes that there is a lot more to discover and achieve.

6. NFT Artist in Demand

Ferocious is the NFT artist in demand and has been gaining a lot of recognition in a very short period. His art is unique and different from others. Many recognized platforms like Nifty Gateway helped him become a star. Entitled “NYC Skyline,” a vibrant masterpiece, went into auction and brought $21,350 in Nifty Gateway. Initially, Anthony Pompliano and Jason Williams, the founders of the crypto hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, helped him gain recognition.

7. Gender Identity

Victor Lingois, aka Fewocious, found himself a transgender person who was a taboo of his time. He was not socially accepted. This made him work even more hard. This was why his parents never accepted him, and he had to put extra effort to gain recognition and demand in society. His grandparents also did not support him as his grandmother asked him to be a lawyer when he embraced his passion for them. Who knew this young entrepreneur could go this far?

8. Latest Project

The name of Victor’s latest project is “Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCIOUS) and This Is My Life.” It offers five different unique art niches that depict the phases of his life as he had a troubled transgender acceptance in society. The work will be offered at the Christie’s beginning 25 June. It is very close to Victor’s heart because it tells who he is, and it is very personal to him. This project relates to him, and the thing related to someone is the gist of their personality.

9. Victor Langois’ Inspirations

Victor got inspired by two major artists at the beginning of his career. He jokes that he got tricked into learning about fine art at age 12 from the cover art for Kanye West’s album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy showing George Condo’s work. More ideas were brought into his mind by Surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí. Daniel Johnston, the lo-fi hero, is also an inspiration for Fewocious.

10. $18 million Striker

In the past year, Victor has reported that he had cashed over eighteen million dollars. He does not believe that this amount has been made in a year all by himself. NFT sales have made him rich enough that no other platform could do so. Randomly going through YouTube and playing video games has made him innovative, and he went crazy rich victorious in less than five years.

This crypto artist teen, Victor Langois, aka Fewocious, has successfully gotten his art acknowledged. It is not just that, but he is one of the youngest and most successful NFT artists of the current time.

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