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Elliot Kid Danger NFT Collection | 5050 #NFT Passes Giving Exclusive Access to DAO, Cash Funds for Artists and Utilities to All Holders!

According to an investigation by DappRadar, the 100 best NFT collections collectively declined 15% of overall worth in the very same time in which the two most prominent cryptocurrencies plummeted almost 50%. It rated the list of 100 NFT collections by scaling the least expensive NFT throughout a collection by the total number of collectibles in a series.

While, NFT’s in 2021 have seen a stratospheric levels of growth with collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks having a floor price of between 80 – 120 ETH which means that the minimum cost purchasing one of those NFTs is $200,000 dollars!. From there, several thousands of NFT projects have sprouted out and one of the most exciting and prominent ones is Elliot Kid Danger NFT Collection.

Elliot Kid Danger NFT Collection

Elliot Kid Danger, the rapper, songwriter, music producer from Margate, England has started his very own NFT collections. For the past ten years, he’s been a travelling bassist with some of the top UK acts. While he was in lockdown, he lost his job as a musician, so he decided to start writing and releasing his own songs.

For Elliot Kid Danger, the traditional methods of releasing music—such as uploading to streaming platforms, paying bloggers, aiming for radio play, and posting embarrassing dancing videos to TikTok—never seemed like the appropriate fit for his work. In his opinion, it’s the same for a lot of creative artists who are unable to find a platform for their work while still getting compensated decently.

The NFT Details

Since then, he’s been using the NFT space for his work and has discovered an incredible group of people! A product that people want to connect with is more important than a picture-perfect Instagram post that looks good and gets likes.

Artists and listeners alike stand to gain enormously from this model, and there’s a feeling of community that he never experienced when he tried to just dump music into platforms and hope that people would tune in.

He’s created Elliot Kid Danger’s Vandal Corp, a crew of 700 vandals. That’s what this endeavour is all about. As a part of this year’s AAA Pass (Audiovisual Access Pass), you’ll have access to my next four releases, which are a combination of both music and artwork.

The Roadmap

Phase 1: Purchase a AAA membership

  • The plan is to release 5050 AAA Passes with unique and distinctive characteristics. If you’ve got a AAA pass token in your wallet, you can get access to any of the four music NFTs that will be releasing for a discount.

What is the process for obtaining a AAA membership?

According to the website, the first minting date will be on February 4th, 2022.

Passes for the first 500 people who register will be given out for free (MAX 3 per wallet).

Phase 2 – 1st Music NFT Release

  • The first ever music NFT will be released after all 5000 AAA passes have been sold. For each NFT, you’ll find a unique combination of musical and visual elements that will be impossible to find anywhere else in the world!
  • Prior to the general public’s purchase of the songs, AAA members will be able to buy them.

Giveaways and Benefits for Holders

Aside from NFT gifts in support of our wonderful community of musicians, writers, designers, and other creatives, he’ll also be awarding financial investments to deserving members of the local arts community.

Most impressively, he puts the community first in this endeavour, believing that his efforts would be meaningless without the support of a large and dedicated following. Because of this, he has included a clause in his smart contract that stipulates that he will pay the original miner 5% of all profits.


To assist other artists on the discord server expand and build their own collections and discover a new, sustainable method to make a fair price for their work, he wants to invest in them as the initiative grows and develops.

GET INVLOVED WITH Elliot Kid Danger NFT Collection

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