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Disney Star Wars NFTs, Golden Moments Collection on Veve

NFTs are coming up with new exciting releases. What can be more exciting than owning Star Wars NFT? Well, the NFT space is acquainted with Disney Star Wars NFTs, and it has been taken by storm. The series enthusiasts can own NFTs of the renowned Star Wars.

Let’s go over what the NFT collection is and what it beholds for enthusiasts.

Disney Star Wars NFTs

The Disney Star Wars NFT was released as a section of the Disney Pixar Golden Moments Collection. The NFTs feature a collection of the famed and distinguished robots of the series Star Wars, C-3PO, and R2-D2. The NFT project consists of 12,333 C-3PO and 8,333 R2-D2 NFTs. It was released on 11th November 2021 on the Veve app. Each NFT was on sale for $60 when it was released.


C-3PO or Threepio was built by young Anakin Skywalker and programmed for etiquette and protocol. C-3PO was a partner to R2-D2 and was part of an important moment of the movie series and epic battles. A fascinating thing about C-3PO is his knowledge of seven million types of communication which might even exceed that.

The 12,333 C-3PO NFTs were released on 11th November 2021 on Veve. The initial price of it the release was 60 GEMs and each GEM is equal to $1. The C-3PO NFT comes under the “Common” rarity.

R2-D2 NFTs

The R2-D2 NFTs were released along with C-3PO NFTs. A dependable droid from the Star Wars film trilogy is R2-D2. Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker were all served by it. R2-D2 is also a mechanic and an assistant to the pilot. Also, a friend of C-3PO.

8,333 R2-D2 NFTs were released on 11th November 2021 and they came with an “Uncommon” rarity. The initial price of the NFTs was 60 GEMs therefore $60 each.

What is the Disney Pixar Golden Moments Collection?

The Disney Pixar Golden Moments Collection is an NFT collection of the most renowned Disney movie characters of all time. The NFT collection features movies such as Iron Man, Wall-E, Star Wars, and many more.

The collection features a golden statue representation of Disney characters as NFTs. The Golden Collection drop will constitute new NFT drops throughout the year. All the NFTs can come with a rarity ranging from “Common” to “Ultra Rare”.

Therefore the collection is a commemoration of the renowned Disney characters. The golden statue NFTs are immaculate and owning one is a real deal.

How many Disney Golden Moments are there?

The Disney Golden Moments are a series of NFTs released by Disney featuring the best and most prominent characters in Disney Movies. These NFTs are golden statues of the characters and these NFTs have different levels of rarity.

Altogether 11 collections of Disney Golden Moments NFTs were released in the second week of November 2021. More collections were released as time passed on. Most of the NFTs from the collection cost $60 but the prices can vary according to the rarity.

The released NFTs are

  • C-3PO – 12,333 NFTs
  • R2D2 – 8,333 NFTs
  • Bart’s Skateboard – 6,333 NFTs
  • Homer and Bart – 12,333 NFTs
  • Elsa – 12,333 NFTs
  • Wall-E – 10,333 NFTs
  • Iron Man – 12,333 NFTs
  • Avenger’s Logo – 6,333 NFTs
  • Mickey’s Hat – 6,333 NFTs
  • Pizza Planet Truck – 6,333 NFTs
  • Walt and Mickey – 4,333 NFTs
  • Timon and Pumba – 13,333 NFTs
  • Winnie The Pooh and Piglet – 13,333 NFTs
  • Cogsworth and Lumiere – 10,333 NFTs
  • Flounder and Sebastion – 8,333 NFTs
  • Chip n’ Dale – 6,333 NFTs
  • Magic Lamp from Aladdin – 10,000 NFTs
  • Disney D – 10,000 NFTs
  • Lady and The Tramp – 7,777 NFTs
  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duck – 13,333 NFTs

Are Disney Golden Moments Collection NFTs worth buying?

This is a question with an obvious answer. Disney has been in this for years and has released significant movies which have left a mark in time. The unique characters introduced to us by Disney are incomparable. So, an NFT collection of prominent Disney characters is just awesome.

Just think! An NFT collection released by Disney Pixar of the most influential characters in its movies is magnificent. Owning an NFT of the collection is owning one-of-a-kind art pieces that will never come again. Also, the ones that have been released in the collection have doubled the value from their initial price.

So, owning an NFT of the Disney Golden Moments Collection is nothing short of a miracle. It is just magnificent to own one.

Where can I buy Disney Star Wars NFTs?

To get yourself a Star Wars NFT, you need to download the Veve app. This app is available on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS. Download the Veve app and then you have to add GEM coins to your wallet to buy Star Wars NFTs.

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Although, a 2.5% fee is applied for all the sales that take place on the secondary market on Veve. Also, a licensor’s fee of 6% on every sale of Disney NFT.


The Disney Star Wars NFTs is an immaculate collection of golden illustrations of C-3PO and R2-D2. It comes as a  part of the Disney Golden Moments Collection, which features more Disney characters. This collection is once in a lifetime chance to own an NFT of the distinguished Disney characters to exist. Well, download Veve, get some GEMs, and get your hands on your NFT.

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