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‘Disaster Girl’ Sold Her Meme As an NFT To Pay Student Loans

Disaster Girl Meme NFT

Zoë Roth, the girl behind the meme called “Disaster Girl” just recently sold her meme as an NFT.

The meme started back in 2007 when he was very young and a photo of her was taken decisively where she is seen devilishly smirking in front of the camera and behind her is a house burning on fire.

Her photo was taken by her father, when he was actually trying to capture the house which was on fire. However, Roth somehow came in the photo and her father told her to smile. However, Ms Roth chose to just give a Devilish Look and from here, the “Disaster Girl” was born.

According to NY times, the fire was in a controlled condition which happened in one of the houses in her neighborhood in Mebane, N.C. Fire fighters even allowed children to hold the hose and help set the fire off.

Roth, sold the original copy of the “Disaster Girl” for $500,000 dollars USD. The meme sold for 180 ETH in an auction on the Foundation NFT marketplace on April 17th. The buyer of the meme is @3FMusic.

As with the NFT Culture and hype, the Original Creators of the NFT will still receive Royal Fees if the NFT resells again which is great news for Roth. This means that, if the “Disaster Meme” resells again, Roth will receive 10% of the sale Royalty Fees or commission profits.

What are NFT’s?

If you don’t know what NFT’s really are, NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Tokens. These are crypto-currency tokens based on the Ethereum Blockchain that can be an Original Artwork, Photo, Paintings, Music, Trading Cards Video or anything that is Digital. NFT’s however, are unique and different to each other, and they are irreplaceable as they cannot be duplicated or replicated.

This makes NFT’s really valuable for the Art Industry as Artists now have a way to make their Artwork more valuable and they are able to monetize their work using NFT’s. Any form of Digital Asset can be converted into an NFT, this is called “Minting” or “Tokenizing”. By doing so, the Digital Asset gets a Token ID and it’s information is stored in the blockchain. The information can be, the name of the owner, history of owners, description of the artwork or collectible and the prices it was sold for.

For more information on what are NFT’s and how do they work, Check these Articles below.

Whats Next?

Lately, in 2021, there has been a lot of things happening with NFT’s. Just recently, “Bad luck Brian”, a popular meme of 2012 sold as an NFT for $36,000 while the popular Nyan Cat meme, sold for $561,000 Dollars USD. Even many Instagram Influencers are getting into the NFT game, most notably, Seth Phillips, the guy behind the “Dude With Sign” Instagram Account, who has just recently dropped his NFT collection that was called “WTF is an NFT” NFT collection.

This means there’s lot more things that’s yet to happen in the NFT world. Most expected NFT’s that have yet to come out is from Music Artists. While, Bhad Bhabie has already dropped her NFT titled “Cash Me Outside” , and we are excited too see that other artists are going to drop.

The NFT hype is real and it’s only going get bigger and bigger and we are definitely seeing the world slowly getting adapted to Crypto and Virtual currencies. Let’s hope best for the future and with that said, do follow our blog, check our site for the latest news on NFT’s and Crypto Currencies.

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